Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Labatt to expand in-store digital signage program

Labatt Breweries of Canada is planning to expand the number of "POD" digital signage merchandising units it started rolling out in selected Western Canadian retailers earlier this year from 200 units to more than 500 by early 2010.

The in-store digital merchandising program pilot, developed and managed by solutions provider, Digital Display and Communications (DDC), had very strong results in terms of influencing buying decisions and better controlling sales promotions in stores.

The all-in-one merchandising units themselves are based around a 32-inch LCD monitor and built-in media player. A rugged structure was engineered and manufactured by Blake Jarrett & Company which would allow the electronics to be pre-installed, survive shipping and the retail environment, and be plug-and-play so that when the unit arrives at a location, plugging it into a power outlet will cause it to log onto the network wirelessly and start displaying videos.

The content focuses on only one particular featured product (i.e. the product places on the stand). A web portal is made accessible to store owners so that templates can be customized and pricing can be entered for their particular store.

Here's a video of it in action:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Centennial College Offers Full-time Program in Media Engineering Design Integration

Centennial College, a community college in Toronto, Ontario, is offering a a unique post-graduate program focused on the design, production and management of new media media products.

The program includes application development and content creation for wireless devices, interactive museum and retail installations, and digital signage systems and networks.

The program is offered by the School of Communication, Media and Design and lasts 1 year / 3 semesters.

Visit the Centennial College website for more info.

Southcentre Mall installs digital signage as part of renovation project

As part of its $104 million renovation the Southcentre Mall in Calgary, Alberta included the addition of digital signage throughout the shopping center. Sharp Audio Visual was brought on to manage the network using the Omnivex software platform.

The main goal of the system is to provide better access to mall information and facility navigation, improve the aesthetic appeal and promote the retailers within the mall.

46” LCDs, touch screens and a large 3 x 3 video walls are strategically positioned throughout the mall at high traffic locations, including at customer service desks. Content will include shopper entertainment, wayfinding, advertising, and customer service information.

Future plans for the digital signage system include expansion into other areas of the shopping centre and exploration of further opportunities to promote retailers and other groups using mall space.

Monday, December 14, 2009

BBC, London 2012 Power Public Space Signage Network Capital Networks Software

The BBC, London 2012 and UK local town councils have chosen Capital Networks' Audience software platform to run their Public Space Broadcasting screens appearing in towns and cities across the UK. The Markham, Ont.-based company will also be handling the content management.

There are currently 20 LED screens up throughout the U.K., with 40 expected by 2012. The screens are mostly 100' diagonal LEDs supplied by Phillips and Daktronics.

Connected to the BBC's global broadcast network, the displays deliver a 24/7 schedule, simulcasting BBC 1, 2, 3 or 4 video programming with relays of major broadcast events, news, sport, music, and documentaries.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

PEI Liquor Control Commission uses ScreenScape Digital Signage

The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission (PEILCC) has chosen ScreenScape, developer of a web-based digital signage solution, to power its new in-store advertising service.

The PEILCC have been using ScreenScape-powered screen displays to test market the new advertising service and believe that they have been received well by their customers.

"It is quite remarkable how much they are noticed," says PEILCC CEO Brooke MacMillan. "The application of this technology is yet another way we can build upon the relationships we have with our partners and suppliers which helps us to meet our commitments as a truly superior retailer in a customer-centric service industry."

The PEILLC expects to roll out digital signage to another six of their locations in 2010.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Digital Signage Meets Art Installation at Tokyo Hermes

Here's a video of the new in-window digital signage at the Hermes boutique in Tokyo. In something a little reminiscent of installation art, the content of the screens is timed to a hidden fan that blows a Hermes scarf. No real marketing message but it still looks cool. Concept is by Tokujin Yoshioka Design.

Via Gizmodo.

Ian Dobson signs up with ADCENTRICITY

ADCENTRICITY, a digital out-of-home aggregator with offices in New York, Chicago and Toronto, has announced the addition of Ian Dobson as Senior Account Executive in Canada. His new role will entail managing corresponding between national agencies and Toronto-based brand accounts.

View Ian's LinkedIn profile.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

NEWAD promotes Jerrid Grimm

NEWAD's Jerrid Grimm was promoted to Vice President of Customer Service and reginal supervisor for Western Canada.

A former account executive at Pattison Outdoor, Jerrid has been at NEWAD for the last 5 years. He held the role since 2007 as Director of Sales for Western Canada. Based in Vancouver, he will oversee the activities of the customer service department and the advertising programs for indoor signage and event marketing departments in Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary.

Monday, December 7, 2009

$10.4 million Toronto billboard tax passes

A little less than a week after starting their 2-day meeting, the Toronto council approved the new sign bylaw and associated tax by a 25 to 16 vote.

As of next April, the new tax will fund the city's efforts to go after owners of illegal billboards and have them removed.

Although sign bylaw advocates wanted the earnings to be spent on public art or beautification projects, revenue will largely go into the general revenue stream.

BroadSign partners with DOmedia

BroadSign International, the Montreal-based SaaS digital sigange developer, has entered into an agreement with Columbus, Ohio-based DOmedia, so that any of the 230 digital signage networks powered by BroadSign can submit their ad space and audience data to DOmedia’s digital out-of-home media database.

DOmedia's power in numbers approach will give BroadSign-run networks visibility to a growing roster of registered agencies and advertisers who perform media-buying searches via DOmedia.com and allow smaller digital signage networks to become part of larger media buys at no cost.

This is DOmedia's first strategic partnership and integration on a software basis while BroadSign has made similar agreements with media aggregators such as SeeSaw Networks.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

CognoVision named CIX 2009 innovation leader

CognoVision was named as Canada’s "2009 Innovation Leader" at the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX). The Toronto-based developer of audience measurement solutions, was selected for their Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) platform that provides face detection and people tracking technologies to capture powerful business intelligence metrics for digital signage networks and retailers.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cozy Digital Signage Via Rogers HD

Looking to turn down the commercial / informational aspect of your digital signage and cozy-up your establishment? The Fireplace Channel on Rogers HD 575 could be just what you're looking for.

Via Mondoville's Dailystream.

Toronto Council Still at Odds over Sign Bylaw

The Toronto Council's meeting seems to have been slightly derailed. Planned for two days, the council has yet to make a decision on the new Sign Bylaw (and a plan to ensure girl's hockey ice time is equitable).

Mayor Miller and crew are expected to come to a decision today, but nobody's holding their breath.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toronto Sign Bylaw Vote Today

Voting for the new Toronto Sign Bylaw and associated $10+ million tax was postponed to today.

You read the full motion presented by Councillor Norm Kelly here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Maritime CTV Affiliate Airs ScreenScape Story

Interestingly, a local CTV affiliate broadcast in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, aired a story on ScreenScape Networks Inc., a software company based in Eastern Canada, and their "Web 2.0" digital signage solution.

I usually wouldn't expect this kind of story to run since its social relevance and popular interest is pretty low, and resemble paid advertisements more than journalism but I guess its good for the Canadian digital signage and DOOH industries.

Here's a video of the segment that aired on Live at 5:

Architectural Projection at UQAM

A little late, but a nice find by http://adnmontreal.wordpress.com, here's a video of a architectural projection on the Université de Quebec à Montreal promoting the 38th edition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, which ran between the 7th and 18th of October.

The installation was conceived by new media consultant and developer Playmind.

Projection architecturale : Festival du Nouveau Cinéma from playmind on Vimeo.

Toronto Billboard Tax Hearing this Morning

The voting on the new sign by-law and $10.4 million billboard tax being presented at Toronto City Council begins at 9:30am.

Last week the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) launched an outdoor advertising campaign that opposes the new sign by-law and billboard tax being presented at City Council. While an EKOS Research poll found that 70% of Torontonians support such a tax, OMAC believes it will cripple the outdoor advertising industry, and negatively impact the advertising and marketing community, local charitable groups and small business owners who earn important rental income from billboard signs.

We will keep you up-to-date on voting results as they come in.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

X2O Xpresenter now integrates with Delphi catering solution

Customers using X2O's Xpresenter digital signage software will now be able to import event data from Newmarket's Delphi, a sales and catering solution for the hospitality industry. The integration partnership is part of a new strategic alliance with PSAV Presentation Services.

Digital signage using X2O Media's Xpresenter platform can export data directly from Delphi, such as event information, meeting room information, and other announcements, limiting the need to rekey information and saving hotel staff time. This capability also ensures that the displayed data is posted in real time and is accurate.

Back in June, X20 and PSAV had worked together on the Hilton Bonaventure Montreal hotel digital signage.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toyo sets up digital signage network at tire retailers

Manufacturer Toyo Tires Canada Inc. has established a digital signage merchandising network in 79 O.K Tire retail locations across Canada. The network deployment and management is performed by The Data Works using the Scala software platform as the backbone.

Each store will have 1-2 LCD screens (32-42" NEC's) showing Toyo Tire and O.K Tire messages, interspersed with entertainment programming provided by AutoNetTV. The individual retailers, that pay a monthly membership and maintenance fee, will soon be able to put content specific to their location.

Toyo Tires Canada plans to expand their digital signage network to its 1600 resellers.

Monday, November 23, 2009

BroadSign updates Creator software

BroadSign has has announced an update to BroadSign Creator, their Web-based application that allows users to design custom content for playback on their digital signage networks.

Version 1.2, adds features such as a new customizable user interface, internalization, and Adobe Flash and video support. It also supports user-triggered content, a way to implement instant emergency messaging across an entire digital signage network.

A more granular user privilege and approval system, including automatic email notifications, has been added to allow network administrators to give content control on a local level but retain the last word on what actually plays on the screens.

Hilton Montreal Bonaventure gets digital signage for guests and conference attendees

The Hilton Montreal Bonaventure has implemented a bilingual digital signage system based on x2o Media's Xpresenter™ digital signage platform and their creative services, with installation and on-site management by PSAV Presentation Services.

The installation includes five 46-inch lobby displays providing information about the day’s schedule of events, real-time content such as weather, news, and flight information, and professionally designed video advertising. One of displays is touch-enabled that senses the presence of guests and way-finding maps to provide directions to meeting rooms and conference facilities.

The main conference area features two large projected screens that display sponsored content. Next to each of the 29 meeting rooms, a 15-inch display showcases content relevant to the event being held in the particular room. Each display also displays sponsored content.

WEBINAR: Developing Great Digital Signage Content

x20 Media is hosting a webinar with Vern Freedlander, their Vice President of Production, on how to develop great digital signage content. The webninar takes place Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 2:00pm eastern, so register soon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

CASE STUDY: Koodo Mobile Interactive Kiosks

If you're interested in learning a little more about the interactive kiosk solution provided by Adflow Networks for "no-contract" mobile service provide, Koodo Mobile, the Digital Signage Expo site has a nice case study describing the project.

Photo courtesy of ADFLOW Networks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

X2O Media’s Xpresenter™ Powers Striking, Informative Digital Video Wall at Novus International Inc. Corporate Headquarters

X2O Media’s Xpresenter™ Powers Striking, Informative Digital Video Wall at Novus International Inc. Corporate Headquarters

MONTREAL — Nov. 16, 2009 — X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for professional digital signage applications, today announced that Novus International is relying on its Xpresenter™ platform to create and display content on a digital video wall located near the main entrance of the company’s new St. Charles, Mo., global headquarters. The wall, one of the largest of its kind in the Midwest and a striking design element in the new building, comprises nine 46-inch monitors that create a visual representation of Novus’ corporate identity for customers, partners, and employees. Novus is also relying on Xpresenter to power a single-monitor at another entrance that displays updated information for employees.

“The wall is a valuable tool to pique visitor interest in our company, our products, and our work, and it also provides useful information to visitors and staff,” said Jeremy Lutgen, Novus International’s public relations manager. “A less obvious benefit is that it supports companywide cohesion because it educates our 300-plus employees about what’s going on outside of their own divisions. For example, we’ll have videos of our scientists attending conferences or at work in field offices around the globe or other remote locations.”

With clients in over 90 countries, Novus International provides health and nutrition products for livestock and companion animals. In 2008, the company built a 4,200 square meter, “green” (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Platinum-Certified) international headquarters with state-of-the-art design and structural features. In February, 2009, Novus approached X2O Media along with systems integrator Innovative Technology Group (ITG) of St. Louis, Mo., to develop the digital signage network, which was completed in June.

The wall’s nine Samsung flat-panel monitors, arrayed three-by-three in landscape mode, are configured with the three monitors on the left and three on the bottom displaying continually updated information such as stock and commodities quotes, international weather conditions, business news, and Novus’ product logos. The remaining four monitors, which form a square, are integrated to display still images from the countries where Novus operates, as well as video footage from recent events inside and outside the United States.

The single-monitor sign provides frequently updated information for employees such as traffic and weather reports, fitness center hours, menus for the cafeteria — and even St. Louis Cardinals baseball scores.

“This is the largest digital signage display wall we have done to date, but interest is high, and I’m confident we’ll be seeing many more projects like it,” said Mark Figurel, ITG project manager. “With its outstanding graphical presentation and ease of use, Xpresenter is a terrific platform. Add to that the versatility of digital signage itself, and you have technology that is suitable for an almost endless variety of uses.”

About ITG
Innovative Technology Group (ITG) is a full service audiovisual systems integration company based in St. Louis, Mo. ITG was founded in 2001 with a clear, unique, vision of partnering with the premier office furnishing company in the Mid-West, Color Art Integrated Interiors. From day one, ITG’s mission has been much more than providing technology. It’s about providing the seamless integration of architecture, furniture, and technology. ITG achieved Emerald Audiovisual Solutions Provider (AVSP) certification in 2007 from InfoComm International, the leading association in the audiovisual communication industry.
Please visit www.itgca.com to learn more.

About Novus International, Inc.
Novus International, Inc. is headquartered in metro St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. and serves customers in more than 90 countries around the world. An industry leader in animal nutrition and health, Novus’s products include ALIMET® and MHA® feed supplements, ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid, ACIDOMIX® preservative premixture, ADVENT® coccidiosis control, MINTREX® organic trace minerals, SANTOQUIN® feed preservative, MERA™MET aquaculture feed additive, AGRADO® feed ingredient, and many other specialty ingredients. Arenus (www.arenus.com) is a division of Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC (a subsidiary of Novus International, Inc.) that focuses on developing health and dietary supplements for the equine and companion animal markets. Novus is privately owned by Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. For more information visit www.novusint.com.

About X2O Media
X2O Media is a full-service provider of technology, network management services, and content services for professional digital signage applications. The company offers a wide variety of software solutions for digital signage and interactive networks of all sizes. X2O’s award-winning Xpresenter™ provides an end-to-end platform for the creation, management, and distribution of content at broadcast quality, and at a fraction of the time of other solutions. In addition to technology, X2O offers content design, acquisition, management, distribution, and monitoring services for digital signage networks. More information about X2O Media is available at www.x2omedia.com.

All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

For more information, contact:

Agency Contact:
Veronica Esbona
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 (954) 392-6990
E-mail: veronica@wallstcom.com

X2O media Contact:
Maria Porco
Tel: +1 408 988 8307

Monday, November 16, 2009

BroadSign VP of IT Leaves

Rumor is that Jimmy Abraham, VP of IT, Support and Deployment (that title is a little too long) at BroadSign has left or will be soon.

Via the DailyDOOH.

Navori opens office in Montreal

Navori International S.A., a digital signage software developer based in Lausanne, Switzerland, in an effort to break into the North American market, has announced the opening of a new Canadian office in Montreal, Quebec.

Navori is currently looking for a Director of Business Development and a Sales Associate to work at the Montreal office (click on the links for more info on the job offerings).

Peoplecount releases traffikcounts for Canada

Peoplecount, a Toronto-based Out-of-Home audience measurement firm, announced the release of its 2009 Canadian traffikcounts data layer. The new layer will give users access to 25,000 geocoded vehicle traffic counts in 80 Canadian markets. Individual markets or the nationwide layer can be purchased depending on your needs.

For more information or to purchase traffikcounts contact
Mike Latka , Manager, GeoMedia Services - 1-866-491-0616 Ext 223 (416 217-0600 Ext. 223)
263 Adelaide St W Suite 204
Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 1Y2

Saturday, November 14, 2009

CognoVision Named to the CIX Top 20 Innovative Companies of 2009

CognoVision Solutions Inc., a Toronto-based developer of audience measurement solutions, has been named as one of the CIX Top 20 Innovative Companies of 2009. They were selected for their Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) platform that provides face detection and people tracking technologies to capture powerful business intelligence metrics for digital signage networks and retailers.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Open Text, Edcom Multimedia Choose Capital Networks to Run Communications Network

Edcom Multimedia Products Inc, based in Kitchener, and their client, Open Text, an enterprise software company and leader in enterprise content management, chose Capital Network's Audience™ Software platform to create, manage and distribute content for their in-house digital signage solution. Open Text, with offices located world wide, needed the ability to distribute both company wide news as well as hyper local, location specific information to employees in corporate offices across 6 continents, 24hrs per day.

Initial installations have been completed in the U.K. and Canada. Screens are distributed throughout the public areas of the offices including lobbies, common areas and individual conference rooms. The multi-zone screens display a combination of company branding and local and international corporate updates, and automated data feeds provided by Capital Networks Limited, including world news, local news, and hyper local weather reports. A video zone displays a live broadcast feed controlled by satellite receiver along with other text and graphical content.

Canadian Winners at 2009 DIGI Awards

There were quite a few Canadian outfits and installations that garnered prizes at the 2009 DIGI Awards that took place at the Digital Signage Show in New York on November 10th. Digital Display & Communication, the only multi-category winner, picked up two awards for their work with Rogers.

Here the list of all Canadian winners:

Interactive Technology Roll-out:
2C Visual Communications For BC Children's Hospital

Best Deployment, Transportation:
iMediaT Digital For British Columbia Rapid Transit Company, SkyTrain

Best Content, Corporate Communications:
Digital Display & Communication for Rogers Communications' UR Music

Best Content, Advertising:
Digital Display & Communication for HYPE Campaign/Rogers Stores Canada

Best New Content Management Software/Premise-based:
Omnivex, for Moxie

Best New Audience Measurement Package:
CognoVision for the Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) system

Friday, November 6, 2009

VIDEO: Atlantic Lottery Lotto Max Augmented Reality Campaign

If you wanted to see what Atlantic Lottery's augmented reality campaign for its Lotto Max game looks like in action (we had reported on this last Monday), check out this video:

Toronto committee endorses billboard bylaw

Toronto's Planning and Growth Management Committee endorsed the city's controversial new harmonized sign bylaw late on Wednesday by sending it to the city council for a vote.

Representatives of the out-of-home advertising industry are deeply disappointed by the decision, and believe it is as an anti-business measure that could cause irreparable damage to the industry.

More information about the OOH tax issue is available at Media in Canada.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Matrox and X2O Media showing off their Digital Signage Solution at InfoComm China 2009

Matrox and X2O Media will demo their collaborative digital signage solution at
InfoComm China 2009, taking place November 9-11 in Beijing. The two Montreal-based companies combined the TripleHead2Go external multi-display eXpansion Module (GXM) with the Xpresenter digital signage platform to power a triple-monitor.

Matrox will also be exhibiting the Extio Remote Graphics Unit (RGU), Video Decoding Accelerator, and video display wall controller board technologies at Amara International Ltd. partner booth A7-04.

X2O Media Brings Digital Signage Solutions to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

X2O Media, a Montreal-based provider of software and services for professional digital signage applications, announced a new partnership with Hong Kong company Amara International Ltd. for distribution of its products in Asia. Amara will offer X2O Media’s suite digital signage products, including the Xpresenter platform, to its customers in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Wireless Ronin Reports 2009 Third Quarter Results

I won't rehash the results because you can read their full release here. They aren't doing as well as they would like but all in all not so bad--here are the main points:

  • Chrysler and KFC place software development orders
  • Gross margin continues to improve to 34% in third quarter of 2009 compared to 23% and 19% in second and first quarters of 2009, respectively
  • Cash burn of $2.3 million in third quarter of 2009 compared to $4.4 million in third quarter of 2008
  • Revenue remains negatively impacted by general economy and customers’ lack of capital for large digital signage deployments

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wireless Ronin Completes Digital Menu Board Installation at home of the Minnesota Wild

Back in September we posted on how Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. would be outfitting the St. Paul Xcel Energy Center with digital menu boards and now the installation has been completed.

The home of the Minnesota Wild has been outfitted with 89 RoninCast digital menu board displays throughout the facility’s concession areas including the main concourse, Treasure Island Resort and Casino Club Level and the upper concourse for the 2009-10 event season. Wireless Ronin’s Minneapolis Network Operations Center hosts the RoninCast network. Xcel Energy Center’s food service partner, Levy Restaurants, manages updates depending on the time of day or event taking place.

Picture via Wireless Ronin.

7-Eleven gets big Digital Signage Network

In case you haven't read this on the dozens of other news sources and blogs that reported it yesterday, Japanese-owned international convenience store retailer, 7-Eleven, is launching an in-store digital signage network in over 6,200 7-Eleven outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Santa Monica, CA-based Digital Display Networks, Inc. has been contracted for the deployment.

At an estimated 190 million monthly viewers reached once fully deployed, 7-Eleven® TV, as its been branded, will definitely become one of North America's largest out-of-home digital networks.

Programming will include national and local entertainment news and weather, as well as exclusive content targeted to convenience store shoppers. Promotional content will include 7-Eleven Branding, advertising of their proprietary products and third-party brands, and specials.

Each C-store will be fitted with two LCD monitors with directional sound speakers so only the viewer will hear the content.

This isn't the first time 7-Eleven has tried in-store merchandising screens. The company had previously entered into a partnership with Next Generation Networks (NGN) to setup signage in 4,800 7-Eleven stores.

The contract was very one-sided--NGN agreed to pay $3 million in yearly partnership fees and it also included a clause that guaranteed 7-Eleven a payment of $150,000 if NGN failed to meet the 4,800-store minimum and the right to terminate the partnership with only a 30-day notice.

Unfortunately, NGN never accomplished that many installations and the contract was terminated. Hopefully, the same fate isn't in store for Digital Display Networks.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zoom Media buys Gym Network

Zoom Media's UK division has purchased heath club network Gym Screen Media from Media 42 group for an undisclosed sum.

Gym Screen Media has digital screens in 160 venues, including fitness centers such as David Lloyd and Total Fitness, taking Zoom's national advertising network to 650 digital venues.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pixman Delays Filing of Financial Statements

Pixman Nomadic Media Inc. announced that the filing of its annual audited financial statements and MD&A for the year ended June 30, 2009 will be delayed beyond the limit of October 28, 2009. This comes after the early October announcement that the Montreal-based was performing some important restructuring of their activities.

The late filing is blamed on a delay in the preparation of an external reportan independent third party that is required in order to complete Pixman's annual financial statements. Pixman anticipates that the annual audited financial statements and MD&A for the year ended June 30, 2009 will be filed on or before December 4, 2009, soon after it obtains the aforementioned report.

Art & Copy Screening in Montreal

Art & Copy, a documentary film about the history and impact of advertising and creative, will be screening in Montreal between November 6th and 11th at Cinema du parc.

Art & Copy was awarded the Best Director prize for a documentary at the Atlanta film festival and was an official selection at both Sundance and Toronto Hot Docs 2009. The film is brought to you by the same directors that made Hype!, the mid 90's doc on Seattle's "grunge" scene.

Here's a synopsis and the trailer:


ART & COPY is a powerful new film about advertising and inspiration. Directed by Doug Pray (SURFWISE, SCRATCH, HYPE!), it reveals the work and wisdom of some of the most influential advertising creatives of our time -- people who've profoundly impacted our culture, yet are virtually unknown outside their industry. Exploding forth from advertising's "creative revolution" of the 1960s, these artists and writers all brought a surprisingly rebellious spirit to their work in a business more often associated with mediocrity or manipulation: George Lois, Mary Wells, Dan Wieden, Lee Clow, Hal Riney and others featured in ART & COPY were responsible for "Just Do It," "I Love NY," "Where's the Beef?," "Got Milk," "Think Different," and brilliant campaigns for everything from cars to presidents. They managed to grab the attention of millions and truly move them. Visually interwoven with their stories, TV satellites are launched, billboards are erected, and the social and cultural impact of their ads are brought to light in this dynamic exploration of art, commerce, and human emotion.

Atlantic Lottery using Augment Reality to get people dreaming of winning it big

Dave Haynes over at sixteen-nine caught this great use of Augmented Reality by Atlantic Lottery to promote their new "Lotto Max" game by picturing people in dream locations.

People walking by four storefronts across Atlantic Canada are caught on camera and are displayed on a rear-projection screen taking part in activities that are only possible post-Lotto Max win (although the image depicts somebody that seems to be sky-diving--something that's definitely possible without big bucks).

The project was executed by Volt, Time and Space Media, and Ad Dispatch.

Image via sixteen-nine.net

PEI using digital signage to promote tourism

Tourism PEI has partnered with ScreenScape, a PEI-based internet-based software provider, to implement digital signage that will promote tourism to the island province.

"With ScreenScape-powered screen displays now being used in venues throughout the world, we see a fantastic opportunity to use this service in PEI," said the Minister of Tourism, Valerie E. Docherty. "We'll also use the technology to deliver content to select venues across the Island starting with our Visitor Information Centers; with the intent to grow this initiative to include our community partners."

FORE! launches golf course ad network using Screenscape

FORE! Publications Inc., marketers of Caddy Card - a customized scorecard and yardage book for golfer, has chosen ScreenScape, an internet-based digital signage platform provider, as the basis of its new digital out-of-home advertising network it calls SynergyScreens.

FORE!'s new subsidiary will leverage many relationships they have already established in tourism and hospitality to rapidly deploy a screen display network starting with their existing roster of premium golf courses.

SynergyScreens can be managed centrally using ScreenScape's "Venue Networking" platform, but will also allow each member-venue to create and manage their local content as needed.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Onestop launches in-building ad network

Toronto-based Onestop Media Group is bolstering its out-of-home network, that includes assets in transit, retail, hospitality and education environments, with the launch of the Onestop Residential Network.

To take its advertising a little closer to "home", Onestop has partnered with seven major residential property owners including Park Property Management and Berkley Property Management and installed digital screens in the lobbies of their apartment buildings and condominiums. The seven companies own several hundred buildings in major markets across Canada.

The Residential Network uses the same format as Onestop's transit screens and is displayed on 22-32" LCD's installed between elevator banks. Screens are split between a video ad and entertainment content including news, weather and sports. Building owners will be allowed space to display information to tenants.

Currently, 30 buildings in the GTA are in the Residential Network but the number should reach 200 in 12 months. Installation in the rest of Canada will follow.

New Toronto sign by-law an assault on small businesses, advertisers and City finances

The following is a press release by the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada regarding the City of Toronto's proposed by-law on outdoor signs:

Recommendations developed without fair and proper consultation with Out-of-Home industry

TORONTO – October 28, 2009: The Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) today requested the City of Toronto sign by-law project team defer presentation of its draft by-law to the Planning and Growth Committee scheduled for Nov. 4, 2009 and enter into meaningful discussions with out-of-home media companies about an appropriate by-law. The City plans to arbitrarily impose a new by-law without proper consultation with the industry which includes new taxes, increased fees and the introduction of new fees and regulations OMAC believes are punitive, unrealistic and unfair. The draft by-law will severely damage the out-of-home industry, its many dependent stakeholders in Toronto and ultimately reduce income to the City in the form of rent and taxes.

The estimated $10.4 million tax being targeted at the outdoor industry is 25% higher than OMAC members total annual earnings of $8 million before deducting interest and taxes and three times the amount recommended in the 2007 Hemson Report. No economic basis for this tax has been presented and only 20% of the tax collected is for administration and enforcement of the new by-law. The tax is punitive and puts at risk thousands of jobs in the industry directly and indirectly. The Outdoor industry is surprised given that the Mayor has publicly stated there would be no new taxes.

The City of Toronto is the single largest beneficiary of revenue from the Outdoor industry. OMAC members contribute $36.8 million in average annual revenue to the City through current lease agreements compared to $28.4 million in annual revenue to all private property owners.

“We are disappointed the City sign by-law project team chose to shut the industry out of a proper consultative process and is pushing forward with new untested rules and new unsubstantiated taxes that may devastate the industry financially and put at risk significant revenue earned by the City of Toronto as well as many small businesses,” said Rosanne Caron, President of OMAC.

Since the summer of 2008, OMAC has attempted to work with the sign by-law project team to participate in developing a by-law that is best for all stakeholders. OMAC prepared and delivered three submissions on Oct. 1, 2008; February 13, 2009 and March 31, 2009 that detailed the issues that needed to be addressed and provided recommendations for resolution. Despite repeated requests, OMAC has not been given the opportunity to review these submissions, nor received feedback from the sign by-law project team. OMAC recently sent letters of concern to Toronto Mayor David Miller on September 15, 2009 and to the sign by-law project leader on October 5, 2009. Neither letter received a response.

“This is not a fair, open or transparent process,” said Ms. Caron. “We have attempted to dialogue with the City over the past eighteen months but have never received a response of any kind concerning our many submissions including an independent economic analysis of the proposed billboard tax.”

OMAC is requesting a deferral of one month to enable all stakeholders to properly review the proposed sign by-law report and for the Planning & Growth Committee to hold a special meeting in December to deal with the matter.

OMAC members represent 90% of the outdoor advertising revenue generated in the City of Toronto which includes industry leaders such as Astral Media Outdoor, CBS Outdoor, the Outdoor Broadcast Network, Pattison Outdoor and Titan Outdoor.

To read OMAC’s position on the City of Toronto’s proposed harmonized sign by-law and billboard tax, visit:

- 30 -

About OMAC
OMAC (www.omaccanada.ca) is responsible for promoting the benefits and effectiveness of out-of-home media to advertisers and advertising agencies. OMAC seeks to develop and implement new initiatives that serve as a resource
to the industry and increase understanding of out-of-home media.

For more information, please contact:

Alyssa Sotak
Optimum Public Relations

Rosanne Caron
President, OMAC
416-968-3435 ext. 108

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Join Capital Networks at the IBM - 2009 Retail Showcase Event

Partnered with IBM, Capital Networks Limited will be on hand at this year's Retail Showcase Event displaying a variety of retail digital signage solutions powered by Audience™ software.

Event Description:

As Retailers and CPG companies, you need easy access to information in real-time in order to have the right products available to the consumer at the right time and at the right price. Many companies have a mountain of data but lack the tools or the expertise to effectively gather, analyze and act on business intelligence data. Join us as we discuss the impact and influence of Business Intelligence on Retail and CPG companies.

Featured Speakers:

1 - Elizabeth Calder: Keynote Presenter and Published Author

2 - Jim Mulholland: VP of IT for Creativity (a Key Supplier of WalMart)

3 - Norma Wolcott: IBM Systems & Technology Group, Retail Store Solutions Business Line Executive, IBM Retail Innovation Center

4 - Dr. Hugh Phillips: Former Professor at McGill University (an internationally recognized expert on the Cognitive Psychology of Shopping)

To register please visit:

IBM Events - Agenda: 2009 Retail Showcase Event

For further information, please contact Jim Vair, Vice President Business Development.
T: 905 946-1122 ext 231.

About Capital Networks Limited
Capital Networks Limited is a privately held company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1991, Capital Networks is a respected marketing, integration and sales organization for all DiGiMATiON incorporated software products and a leader in the supply and support of advanced multimedia systems to communications companies engaged in cable television operation, broadcasting, direct-to-home and place-based media. Capital Networks has sold Audience™ software through authorized re-sellers into 14 different market segments including Digital Signage, Cable TV, Education, Corporate and Medical applications in 35 countries. Current clients include: OLGC - Ontario, York Region Police - Ontario, RCMP - Canada, N.A.I.T. - Alberta, Pan Pacific Hotels - Singapore, Bell Globe Media - Toronto, Cablevision - New York, Rogers Cable TV - Toronto, Outdoor Broadcast Network - Toronto, Cox Communications, United States Marine Corps, Electronic Arts - Canada, and many others.

About DiGiMATiON incorporated
Founded in 1982, DiGiMATiON incorporated designs and develops leading-edge Broadcast Multimedia software systems. Staffed by a team of highly experienced programmers the firm has undertaken many high profile coding assignments for some of the best known communications companies in the world. The Audience™ suite reflects a remarkably flexible product line widely accepted by leaders in a wide range of industrial, educational, broadcast, cable, digital signage, hospitality, military and medical applications.

Wireless Ronin Provides Kiosks & Menu Boards for Burger Studio

Minneapolis-based Wireless Ronin Technologies have expanded their relationship with food services company ARAMARK by providing the hardware and software for the digital menu boards and interactive ordering kiosks of their new Burger Studio brand of campus restaurants. Wireless Ronin also participated in the creative process.

It will be especially interesting to see the interface for the kiosks as they allow students to "build their own burgers". We will keep you up-to-date with pictures as they become available. Here's the complete press release:

MINNEAPOLIS – October 28, 2009 - Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNIN), a Minneapolis-based digital signage provider, announced today that its relationship providing digital signage solutions for ARAMARK has expanded to include its newly launched Burger Studio brand through its Higher Education division.

“Wireless Ronin has been working with ARAMARK on the concept for over a year. We provided the touch screen order kiosk, the digital menu system and participated in the creation of the menu and touch interface design which was based on the visual style created by ARAMARK,” said James (Jim) Granger, president and CEO of Wireless Ronin Technologies. “We are excited to see the positive reaction and press coverage regarding the initial roll outs such as the article written by Nation’s Restaurant News.”

Wireless Ronin provides the hardware and RoninCast® digital signage software for digital menu boards and touch screen ordering kiosks. The Burger Studio kiosks allow students to build their own burgers by selecting their choice of Angus, chicken or veggie burgers and customize them with over 30 topping options. As they make selections, the kiosk displays their burgers being built with their topping choices. Once the order is complete, the kiosk prints a receipt while another order receipt prints in the kitchen area.

ARAMARK Higher Education provides professional services to more than 600 colleges and universities throughout North America and launched Burger Studio™, the first brand created entirely by students, this fall at the University of Delaware, University of Hartford, Middle Tennessee State University and Missouri Western State University. ARAMARK plans to open additional locations through the remainder of 2009 and early next year.

Wireless Ronin has worked with ARAMARK over the past year providing digital signage solutions for multiple ARAMARK divisions including Healthcare, Business Dining Service, K-12 and Higher Education. Wireless Ronin has provided consulting, creative design, project management, custom development, training, installation and hosting through the Network Operations Center located in Minneapolis.

About Wireless Ronin Technologies

Wireless Ronin Technologies (www.wirelessronin.com) is the developer of RoninCast®, a complete software solution designed to address the evolving digital signage marketplace. Wireless Ronin provides clients with a complete, turnkey digital signage system which allows the ability to manage a digital signage network from one central location. The RoninCast® digital signage software suite allows for customized distribution with network management, playlist creation and scheduling, and database integration. Wireless Ronin offers an array of services to support RoninCast® software including consulting, creative development, project management, installation, and training. The company's common stock trades on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol "RNIN."

This release contains certain forward-looking statements of expected future developments, as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect management's expectations and are based on currently available data; however, actual results are subject to future risks and uncertainties, which could materially affect actual performance. Risks and uncertainties that could affect such performance include, but are not limited to, the following: estimates of future expenses, revenue and profitability; the pace at which the company completes installations and recognizes revenue; trends affecting financial condition and results of operations; ability to convert proposals into customer orders; the ability of customers to pay for products and services; the revenue recognition impact of changing customer requirements; customer cancellations; the availability and terms of additional capital; ability to develop new products; dependence on key suppliers, manufacturers and strategic partners; industry trends and the competitive environment; and the impact of losing one or more senior executives or failing to attract additional key personnel. These and other risk factors are discussed in detail in the company's Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, on March 13, 2009.


Holly Heitkamp

Marketing Specialist

(952) 564 - 3560


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Metro One Deploys Two Interactive Floors in Leading Shopping Centers

Metro One Development, Inc., a Concord, Ontario-based digital out of home media company, in association with Imagin8, announced that it has completed the successful deployment of StepOne, their interactive touch floor, in two leading high-end shopping centers in southern Ontario.

There was no mention of which malls in the release.

Vertigo save official

Recently we posted on how Toronto-based Vertigo Group may have been acquired by a firm called Digital Displays LLC. Today it was made official, Vertigo Group's digital assets have been acquired by TargetPath LLC founding partners Brad Gleeson and Scott Hix, in partnership with Chilin Technology, and created a new company Vertigo Digital Displays. Here's the full release:

October 27, 2009 –TargetPath LLC founding partners Brad Gleeson and Scott Hix, in partnership with Chilin Technology, today announced a new company, Vertigo Digital Displays, which has acquired the digital division assets of Vertigo Group based in Toronto, Canada.

The focus for Vertigo Digital Displays is on the continued development of advanced, engineered outdoor LCD display solutions first developed by Vertigo Group for the most sophisticated outdoor digital signage applications. Vertigo customers and projects include Titan Outdoor Chicago Rail project, Lamar’s Vancouver Rail Project, and Astral Media’s “Info-to-go” digital wayfinding pillars. Vertigo has over 10,000 advertising displays installed around the world with over 1000 of these digital. Vertigo was the first to introduce upgradeable displays that effectively enabled their customers to upgrade products as new display technologies emerge.

Managing the new company operations will be Ralph Idems (COO) and Chris Bolton (CTO), along with digital signage industry veteran Brad Gleeson, who will serve as the new company’s President and CEO.

“We are pleased and excited to be able to continue the development and delivery of the advanced display solutions first pioneered by Vertigo Group, under this newly-founded company,” said Brad Gleeson, CEO, Vertigo Digital Displays. “We have known Ralph and Chris for several years and have tremendous respect for the products and business they have built. With much of the original team returning, and with the support and encouragement of the previous company’s customers and suppliers, as well as our strategic investors at Chilin Technology and TargetPath, we are extremely confident in the future prospects for Vertigo Digital Displays.”

Vertigo Digital Displays’ products include the successful Vertigo Universal Outdoor Display, which is the integrated outdoor display deployed on Chicago commuter train rail platforms. Consisting of a modular design for ease of service and maintenance, and Vertigo’s revolutionary Environmental Control Unit providing reliable low power outdoor performance, the Vertigo Universal Outdoor Display is the first digital signage solution of its type to offer modular configuration designed specifically for deployment in harsh environments. The Universal Outdoor Display is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, is rated for temperatures from -20C to +50C and is IP65-rated for exposure to rain and harsh weather.

About Vertigo Digital Displays LLC
Vertigo designs, engineers and manufactures integrated media systems, including advanced display enclosures and digital display solutions, as well as world-class street furniture, transit shelters and digital information kiosks. Based in Toronto, Canada, Vertigo is one of the largest providers of innovative media display solutions to the largest outdoor media companies in the world. For more information, visit Vertigo group at www.vertigodisplays.com.

About Chilin Technology
Chilin Technology, founded in 1964 as part of the Chi-Mei Group, is a leading OEM/ODM design, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in backlighting technology, material sciences and LCD display systems. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, Chilin Technology delivers display innovation and value as one of the world’s most vertically integrated manufacturers of flat panel displays.
Chilin Technology at www.chilintech.com

About TargetPath LLC
TargetPath is a global business development and management consulting business specializing in display technology and digital media clients. TargetPath consultants partner with our clients to accelerate business growth and revenues through strategic planning, marketing and brand development, product strategy, channel creation and expansion, supply chain, logistics and service optimization.
TargetPath at www.targetpath.com

Vertigo Digital Displays
Kim Carpenter, 503-750-3685

Captivate Strengthens Office Tower Portfolio

The DailyDOOH reports that Toronto-based Captivate Network has signed many of its high-end Canadian office tower portfolio partners to long-term contracts through 2016 and beyond.

Captivate Network now operates approximately 9,000 elevator screens in 946 buildings across North America (1,500 of those screens in Canada).

Monday, October 26, 2009

November Digital Signage Mixer in Toronto

Toronto Digital Signage Mixer is set for Nov 17th. Sponsored by Samsung, mixer will be at www.sixstepsrestaurant.com, 6:30-9pm.

Teehan+Lax Digital Signage Demo Reel

Toronto's Teehan+Lax have a new demo reel showcasing their digital signage creative for Telus Mobility:

Digital Signage Examples from Teehan+Lax on Vimeo.

Ottawa Airport gets CBC News Network

CBC News Express, a Canadian narrowcast television network that is a joint venture between CBC Television and Clear Channel Outdoor, will be expanding into Ottawa International Airport. Clear Channel Outdoor Canada will be overseeing the project.

Previously, CBC News Express was available only in Toronto’s Pearson and Vancouver airports.

The narrowcast consists of news, weather, sports and entertainment news, in English and French, for 18 hours per day divided in 60 minute loops with ads representing one third of it. The content is displayed on 50” high definition screens, located throughout the airport, including key baggage claim and hold room areas and has the possibility of reaching 4.3 million passengers.

Clear Channel expects expansion into Winnipeg and Edmonton soon.

The only other network that is similar in the Canadian space is Astral Media's AéroTV at Montreal and Quebec City airports with approximately 6.4 million captive travelers.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flow Jamaica Chooses Capital Networks Software To Run Hotel Information Channels

Flow, a member of the Columbus Communications group of companies, is a telecommunications provider with a proven track record in developing and operating advanced broadband networks. Within Jamaica, Flow provides high quality digital and broadband services to both business and residential customers.

As an extension to the broadband services already being provided to Jamaica's numerous hotels, Flow is using the Audience™ software platform to offer hyper-local information channels to more than 14,000 hotel rooms across the country.

An impressive client list that includes the Ritz Carlton - Rose Hall Jamaica, the Hilton Kingston Jamaica and the Spanish Court Hotel are running the custom hotel information channels in guest rooms as well as various public areas throughout the hotel property. Channels are designed with the look and feel of each individual hotel in mind and content is customized to each hotels personal specifications.

The Audience™ platform is responsible for the creation, distribution and scheduling of content using a variety of templates and automated data streams. Headline news, hyper-local weather and general tourist FAQ's are combined with hotel events, schedules, restaurant info and airport flight information - updated automatically every 6 minutes.

The inclusion of Audience.Billboard™ allows designated hotel staff the ability to create, schedule and post content as easily as filling out a web form.

Beyond providing essential information to guests, the channels use a combination of still and video content for self promotion as well as generating extra revenue through paid advertising.

For further information, please contact Jim Vair, Vice President Business Development.
T: 905 946-1122 ext 231.

About Capital Networks Limited
Capital Networks Limited is a privately held company based in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1991, Capital Networks is a respected marketing, integration and sales organization for all DiGiMATiON incorporated software products and a leader in the supply and support of advanced multimedia systems to communications companies engaged in cable television operation, broadcasting, direct-to-home and place-based media. Capital Networks has sold Audience™ software through authorized re-sellers into 14 different market segments including Digital Signage, Cable TV, Education, Corporate and Medical applications in 35 countries. Current clients include: OLGC - Ontario, York Region Police - Ontario, RCMP - Canada, N.A.I.T. - Alberta, Pan Pacific Hotels - Singapore, Bell Globe Media - Toronto, Cablevision - New York, Rogers Cable TV - Toronto, Outdoor Broadcast Network - Toronto, Cox Communications, United States Marine Corps, Electronic Arts - Canada, and many others.

About DiGiMATiON incorporated
Founded in 1982, DiGiMATiON incorporated designs and develops leading-edge Broadcast Multimedia software systems. Staffed by a team of highly experienced programmers the firm has undertaken many high profile coding assignments for some of the best known communications companies in the world. The Audience™ suite reflects a remarkably flexible product line widely accepted by leaders in a wide range of industrial, educational, broadcast, cable, digital signage, hospitality, military and medical applications.

Pixman gets rid of CEO

Pixman Nomadic Media as part of their restructuring have let go of CEO Philippe Gribeauval.

Gribeauval has also given up his seat on the Board of Directors.

Company chairman Daniel Langlois will take the role of interim CEO while the position waits to be filled. A board sub-comity comprised of Valier Boivin, Daniel Langlois et Daniel Sawaya, will supervise the restructuring and the financial activities of the publicly held company.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tava touchpoints...released some news. I think.

Tava touchpoints, a Vancouver-based media company, posted a press release on Ooh-tv...the problem is, we're not exactly sure how any of it is news. The content of the release just seems to be points that should be on their website, promoting their service and products--and its really long. Sure they may be bringing emerging technology and services into retailing to help brand marketers communicate more effectively with consumers, just when those shoppers are making buying decisions, but who isn't saying that.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Vertigo may be acquired by Digital Displays LLC

Mid-September we had posted regarding Vertigo Group's financial woes and that they were possibly going out of business but, according to Digital Signage Today, they may be rescued. It seems that Digital Displays LLC CEO, Brad Gleeson, is planning to purchase the assets of Vertigo Group. Pending closing, a new company tentatively to be called Vertigo Digital Displays has been formed to continue to design and sell integrated indoor and outdoor digital display solutions.

Q4Media Gets a Booster Shot with the Selection of ScreenScape for the Delivery of Health and Wellness Information to Hospitals and Clinics

MedXTV and ScreenScape partner to deliver cost effective 'state of the art' communications and advertising network for the healthcare community

Toronto, ON, and Charlottetown, PE - October 19, 2009 -- ScreenScape Networks Inc., the leader in Venue Networking solutions announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Q4 Media Management and MedXTV for the provision of a comprehensive digital signage service for the healthcare industry in North America. MedXTV will be providing healthcare institutions with hardware, installation, content management and maintenance services. This innovative service will be offered by MedXTV at no cost to the participating hospitals. ScreenScape's sophisticated Venue Networking platform will be the engine that delivers relevant healthcare information and advertising content to MedXTV's viewers.

Gordon Woolnough, President and CEO of Q4 Media and MedXTV noted, "The healthcare industry was clearly looking for a creative and effective communications service to get critical information delivered to their facilities. MedXTV through its strategic relationship with ScreenScape now has a platform that makes the delivery of this information economically feasible. We are now uniquely positioned to deliver both industry related health and wellness information and product advertising from both local and national industry suppliers to the healthcare community at large."

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape commented, "Q4 Media has been involved in the digital signage industry for over a decade and is extremely familiar with the many digital signage options that were available to them for this important industry initiative. The selection of ScreenScape's Venue Networking service by Q4 Media Management is a strong endorsement of our technology platform and the strength of Venue Networking as the new vehicle for the delivery of content to venues of any kind. The healthcare community is a key vertical market for ScreenScape. We are confident that this partnership with Q4 Media and MedXTV positions us to deliver a cost effective, comprehensive and valuable educational service to the healthcare industry and the many patients they serve."

As a Network Marketing partner, Q4 Media and MedXTV will leverage the Internet based ScreenScape Venue Networking service, specifically the powerful group and community features of the platform. ScreenScape's sophisticated Marketing Group License provides MedXTV with access to technology that allows them to distribute, share or exchange content representing multiple brands and sources of industry information to any number of venues in their community or network. MedXTV will be able to instantly distribute relevant industry information or content to specific healthcare institutions or to the entire healthcare community at large. All participating institutions will also become active members of the ScreenScape community and as such have the ability to interact with any other members of the community as they
see fit.

Robert Gale of Gale Design will be responsible for the creation of the MedXTV content for this community. As a seasoned veteran of the digital signage industry with over 15 years of experience in the delivery of conventional digital signage services, Gale noted, "The simplicity and sophistication of the ScreenScape platform provides me with tools required for the creation and distribution of content that simply don't exist anywhere else in the industry. This unique blend of technology and service provided by ScreenScape makes it possible for MedXTV to deliver an economically viable solution to the healthcare community. Traditional digital signage solutions would be cost prohibitive in this budget constrained industry."

About Q4 Media Management
Since 1977 the principles and stakeholders of Q4 Media Management have developed one of the largest municipal advertising networks in North America. This network includes multiple media products from Transit System advertising, Dome Stadium advertising, Arena advertising, Community Centers, Hospitals, Restaurants and Airports. For more information please visit q4canada.com.

About ScreenScape Networks
ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. Members of ScreenScape form a community of venues interconnecting to establish a shared resource and a marketplace for exchanging content.

ScreenScape Networks Inc.
screenscape - at- screenscape.net
(902) 368-1975
P.O. Box 291, 133 Queen Street, 3rd Floor, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4 Canada

# # #

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rev's Entertainment Bowls a Perfect Game with ScreenScape's Digital Signage Platform

Bowling & Entertainment Center joins ScreenScape's Venue Network to launch 20 screen displays within their Burnaby location and plans to rollout additional screens to 5 other locations

Burnaby, BC and Charlottetown, PE, October 16, 2009 -- REVS Entertainment, announced the selection and deployment of ScreenScape's Venue Networking service for their Bowling & Entertainment Center in Burnaby. ScreenScape provides state-of-the-art platform for the promotion of their products, services and events. Revs Entertainment will also use the ScreenScape platform to extend advertising opportunities to other local community interests.

Richard Lazazzera, Business Development Manager for REVS noted, "The introduction of ScreenScape's Venue Networking service offers small businesses a simple, user friendly platform for all kinds of in-venue promotions. People come to Revs to have a good time, and the screen displays just extend our means of entertaining. We have contests and events going on all the time and now there's much more visibility for our customers into what's happening. The extra visibility has increased participation and sales."

"ScreenScape is uniquely positioned to provide businesses like ours with a cost-effective, feature rich service to promote our products, services, events and suppliers' products. We expect to see an increase in sales for the products, such as food and drink items that we have been promoting on our ScreenScape displays. As well as being a cost effective solution, it was simple to implement with over 20 screens in our Burnaby location." continued Lazazzera.

Beyond promoting products, services and events within a single venue, ScreenScape's community-based service allows venues to push their promotions and specials out to other venues in the ScreenScape Community, effectively extending their reach and visibility across a wide spectrum of independent venues.

"Our ability to reach people in other venues will certainly create awareness and help drive traffic to our Burnaby location. We are so pleased with this solution we intend to roll out the ScreenScape solution to our other 3 locations, Maple Ridge, Bowlero and RoseBowl and perhaps to our golf course Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club and Westwood Plateau Golf Academy." Lazazzera stated.

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape commented, "We are thrilled to have REVS Entertainment join the growing community of satisfied ScreenScape users. I know that Richard Lazazzera was particularly interested in finding a solution that would allow him to easily and cost effectively reach his customers with both their product and service message. ScreenScape will allow him to do just that for only $9.99 a month. It's a great way for REVS Entertainment to educate, entertain and inform their customers on all that REVS Entertainment has to offer."

About REVS Entertainment
REVS Entertainment is Western Canada's largest and most modern state-of-the-art bowling facility that specializes in group functions such as company & birthday parties, fundraisers and team building events. Taking great pride in the entertainment value, REVS offers a dynamic environment as the "cool place to be" for all your bowling entertainment. In addition to our great bowling facility we offer outstanding food choices such as our New Vibe Pizza and Kansas City Bar-B-Q Shack that offers award winning Southern Smoke-House Barbecue. REVS Entertainment also owns and operates Westwood Plateau Golf and & Country Club and the Westwood Plateau Golf Academy.

About ScreenScape Networks
ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. Members of ScreenScape form a community of venues interconnecting to establish a shared resource and a marketplace for exchanging content.

ScreenScape Networks Inc.
(902) 368-1975
P.O. Box 291, 133 Queen Street, 3rd Floor, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4 Canada

Lorrie Jollimore
(902) 368-1975

Clicking is so 90's

because clicking is so 90s! from andreaslutz on Vimeo.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oyster House Serves Up ScreenScape Digital Signage to Entertain Their Customers

Burlington Oyster House joins ScreenScape Venue Network to entertain their customers and discover additional advertising revenue

Burlington, ON and Charlottetown, PEI October 15, 2009 -- Jake's Grill & Oyster House announced the selection and deployment of ScreenScape, an Internet-based Venue Networking solution, for deployment at their Burlington location. ScreenScape's members form a community of screen displays for sharing content within an open venue network. The ScreenScape platform will allow Jake's Grill to extend advertising opportunities to other local community interests.

Jamie Myers, owner of Jake's Grill noted, "The introduction of ScreenScape's Venue Networking service offers us a simple, user friendly platform for all kinds of in-venue promotions, such as our weekly specials and upcoming events."

"ScreenScape was very easy to implement, and already customers are taking notice. The content we have running on the screens is entertaining, and it's really helping promote our catering services, specialty items and supplier's products as well. We are very pleased with the service and at $9.99 a month it's very affordable for small business." continued Myers.

ScreenScape's Venue Networking approach allows members to promote their content in a community and add new lines of revenues through local advertisers. In keeping with their connection to the Burlington community, Jake's Grill & Oyster House also plans to use their screens to help promote local charities and community events.

"Our ability to reach people in other venues will certainly create awareness and help drive traffic to our Burlington location. We are so pleased with this solution we intend to add additional screens within our restaurant." stated Myers.

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape commented "Jamie was particularly interested in finding a solution that would allow him to reach his customers easily and cost effectively with both their product and service message. ScreenScape will allow him to do just that for only $9.99 a month. It's a great way for Jake's Grill to educate, entertain and inform their customers on all that they have to offer."

About Jake's Grill & Oyster House
In 1985 Burlington resident Jamie Myers (The Big Oyster!) built & opened this popular restaurant and remodeled it in 1998 to become Jake's Grill & Oyster House. The popular restaurant features market fresh oysters from the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans. Jake's offers the area's best selection of fresh fish & fine shellfish, and steaks that are hand cut from fresh Canadian AAA aged beef and grilled over a natural hardwood fire. As well as being a popular restaurant Jake's Grill provides a Catering and Event Management service.

About ScreenScape Networks
ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. Members of ScreenScape form a community of venues interconnecting to establish a shared resource and a marketplace for exchanging content.

ScreenScape Networks Inc.
(902) 368-1975
P.O. Box 291, 133 Queen Street, 3rd Floor, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4 Canada


Thursday, October 15, 2009

VIDEO: Interactive Window Promoting Dusk TV

Here's a video of an interactive rear projection in a store-front window in Toronto by Media Merchants and Gridcast Media promoting the rebranding of Canadian specialty cable channel Scream to DUSK:

Astral Media Outdoor's Digital Boards Coming to Toronto, Vancouver

Astral Media Outdoor is expanding its Digital Network and setting up LED properties in Vancouver and Toronto.

Astral inaugurated its digital network with 14' x 48' LED billboards in ten locations on key highways in greater Montreal last Spring. The digital boards display six static advertising messages rotating in 10 second intervals that can adapt to the time of day. The boards can also provide an important service to the community through AMBER Alerts and safety advisories.

Nine 10’ x 34’ LED boards are planned for Vancouver’s Digital Network, located on the highways near the Burrard Bridge, the Lions Gate Bridge in West Vancouver, the Second Narrows Bridge in North Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Highway between Vancouver and Whistler.

The Vancouver boards are to be located on many Squamish First Nation lands and are expected to pump millions of dollars into their coffers.

Toronto's network will start off with three 14’ x 48’ digital boards, two on the Gardiner Expressway and one on Finch Avenue.

The new Digital Network properties are expected to be fully operational by early December.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First Nations Community creates digital signage network to educate and inform

Kanenhariyo joins ScreenScape’s Venue Network as Affiliate Partner to create the world's first Screen Display Network aimed at the First Nations Community

OHSWEKEN, ON and CHARLOTTETOWN, PE - (October 13, 2009) Onkwakara Inc. and Digital Smoke Signals has chosen ScreenScape, an Internet-based Venue Networking solution, as platform provider for their First Nations media network. Digital Smoke Signals has purchased a ScreenScape Affiliate License allowing them to create a community news and advertising network using ScreenScape’s Internet-based service.

“The deployment of ScreenScape throughout the First Nations community will be a vital step in strengthening sustainable economies. The First Nations community has always been recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit. The adoption of a community-based platform like ScreenScape is a testimonial to the progressive thinking of Digital Smoke Signals in support of First Nations commerce. ScreenScape allows us to display up to the minute information such as news and current events, as well as provide a channel for our advertising partners to reach a targeted audience.” said Seth Lefort, of Onkwakara Inc.

Onkwakara Inc. aggregates and distributes news and ad content to the First Nations community of screen displays. The screens will be supplied by Digital Smoke Signals and will be located inside arenas, bingo halls and community centers.

“It’s very easy to populate the screens with content that is relevant to local residents. The ScreenScape platform allows us to speak to and represent the many audiences and voices in our diverse community. Additionally, ScreenScape will assist venues to target the many visitors frequenting locations within the community such as retail stores. Sharing our content within the ScreenScape Community communicates to a large audience.” Lefort continued.

A ScreenScape Affiliate License can be used to develop a screen display network that spans organizational boundaries. This allows for the distribution of messaging and advertising content to all screens within a network. While drawing upon a network partner’s centralized content distribution capabilities, each individual member can create and manage customized local content.

Kevin Dwyer, ScreenScape President and CEO stated, “We’d like to welcome Onkwakara and its subsidiary, Digital Smoke Signals to the ScreenScape Community. ScreenScape’s Internet-based approach and unique business model provides Onkwakara and Digital Smoke Signals with a simple and cost effective way to manage community-based content across a wide variety of venues and allows them to develop their own customized network within the ScreenScape Community. We’re delighted to be working with Onkwakara and Digital Smoke Signals to establish a presence within the First Nations Community.”

About Onkwakara Inc.

Onkwakara Communications & Consulting Inc. provides First Nations communities with a voice. Onkwakara, a Mohawk word meaning "our story" gives a fresh First Nations perspective to the news and current events within our communities.

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. ScreenScape uses Internetworking principles and social media techniques to build collaborative marketing networks. Compared to traditional Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising technologies these networks of interlinking screen displays offer new opportunities for collaboration and commerce at dramatically reduced costs.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Infopresse's annual media guide now available

The publishers of Infopresse, the monthly marketing, advertising and communications magazine, have released the Guide des Médias 2010. In its 18th edition, the guide provides listings of all the companies and an overview of the advertising and media industry in the province of Quebec.

The publication is produced in collaboration with the Conseil des directeurs médias du Québec.