Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7-Eleven gets big Digital Signage Network

In case you haven't read this on the dozens of other news sources and blogs that reported it yesterday, Japanese-owned international convenience store retailer, 7-Eleven, is launching an in-store digital signage network in over 6,200 7-Eleven outlets throughout the United States and Canada. Santa Monica, CA-based Digital Display Networks, Inc. has been contracted for the deployment.

At an estimated 190 million monthly viewers reached once fully deployed, 7-Eleven® TV, as its been branded, will definitely become one of North America's largest out-of-home digital networks.

Programming will include national and local entertainment news and weather, as well as exclusive content targeted to convenience store shoppers. Promotional content will include 7-Eleven Branding, advertising of their proprietary products and third-party brands, and specials.

Each C-store will be fitted with two LCD monitors with directional sound speakers so only the viewer will hear the content.

This isn't the first time 7-Eleven has tried in-store merchandising screens. The company had previously entered into a partnership with Next Generation Networks (NGN) to setup signage in 4,800 7-Eleven stores.

The contract was very one-sided--NGN agreed to pay $3 million in yearly partnership fees and it also included a clause that guaranteed 7-Eleven a payment of $150,000 if NGN failed to meet the 4,800-store minimum and the right to terminate the partnership with only a 30-day notice.

Unfortunately, NGN never accomplished that many installations and the contract was terminated. Hopefully, the same fate isn't in store for Digital Display Networks.

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  1. I am new to learning about digital signage, but this "page layout" is similar to what I just saw on a 50-60 inch screen at a new super walmart in my town.

    What is the leading software application/package to layout and program this particular 7/11 style page?

    People at my school do some basic work with FileMaker creating a projector that gets copied over to a mac mini running an hdtv over dvi, but I know that's not professional signage.