Friday, April 29, 2011

Use of Omnivex Digital Signage Software Expands to FIDS Screens at Vancouver International Airport

Omnivex Corporation, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, has announced that Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has expanded their use of Omnivex software throughout their facility to include YVR’s flight departures and arrivals information displays, and their gate information display screens, in addition to the many existing wayfinding and entertainment screens managed through Omnivex software. YVR signed an agreement with Omnivex for a site license to manage all of their visual displays at the airport facilities in June 2009 in preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In total, the network now includes approximately 1,300 screens.

Vancouver International Airport began using Omnivex digital signage software in 2005, primarily for an informational and entertainment based visual communications network. The original deployment consisted of various types of content, including dynamic multi-lingual wayfinding, entertainment displays and traditional digital signage. Following the success of the Omnivex powered displays, YVR decided to replace their existing flight information management provider with Omnivex software to manage all of the screens in the facility. "Omnivex software has given YVR the ability to manage their entire display network in-house, eliminating the need for third party management services," said Jeff Collard, President, Omnivex. Collard continued, "The expanded use of Omnivex software to include the management of YVR's flight, baggage and gate informational displays has reduced operating costs and provides greater flexibility over what YVR can do with the visual communications system."

The ability to quickly distribute real-time information is essential in an airport environment where things can change in an instant and the delivery of information to passengers is vital to the success of their journey. Omnivex software is used by many airports because of its ability to easily manage a large network of screens by automating many of the processes associated with running a real-time information system. "YVR needed a software system that could interface with their existing databases and automate much of the work associated with maintaining an accurate, visually captivating, real time digital signage network in a fast-paced environment," said Doug Bannister, CEO & Director of Software Development, Omnivex. The software has the ability to automatically display appropriate content, specific to each location, time and audience, through data updates. The instant that information changes in YVR’s flight information database, the Omnivex software will pull that information, format it and display it on the appropriate screens, all without any additional input required by the network operator.

Vancouver International Airport is Canada’s second busiest airport. The airport has sixty-one gates throughout their connected International and Domestic terminals and is served by seventy airlines, including scheduled carriers, charters and cargo carriers. The airport employs the latest technology and offers more than 160 shops, services and restaurants to provide first class customer service to passengers and airport visitors. Last year, YVR saw a significant increase in the number of travelers using the airport, since Vancouver hosted the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. To ensure that the airport meets the growing demand for air travel and continues to be developed as a premier global gateway and economic generator for British Columbia, Vancouver Airport Authority is currently undertaking a $1-billion construction project to expand their service offerings. The digital signage system at YVR is one way the airport is ensuring they will meet the needs of the thousands of travelers using the airport. The airport has plans to deploy several hundred new displays on the network in the next 12 months.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Digital Signage Used to Engage Seniors and Provide Them With Important Educational Information

X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for professional digital signage applications, today announced that its Xpresenter™ Xe Dynamic DS digital signage solution is powering the Age.Net senior health and wellness digital delivery system at the Parkway Senior Center in Utica, New York, part of the Oneida County Office for Aging & Continuing Care. With Xpresenter Xe, Age.Net is able to provide important information on nutrition, chronic disease self-management, health care planning, and much more to seniors. The solution also keeps seniors up to date with real-time weather and news tickers.

Installed by VIZIONefx, a New York based provider of digital communications and content delivery systems, Age.Net provides visitors to the Parkway Senior Center with a specialized channel for important educational content. Currently, Xpresenter Xe is powering one screen in the center’s main gathering area, with plans to incorporate screens in all lounges, facility-wide. The Parkway Senior Center, part of the Parkway Community Center for all ages, is a pilot site for what will be a digital signage network that spans several senior centers, daybreak facilities, and Office for Aging & Continuing Care senior community outreach locations. This will allow sites to share information easily, providing significant cost savings while engaging seniors through a centralized platform.

“For the Office for Aging & Continuing Care, flexibility in content scheduling was a major requirement for Age.Net. Too much information on the screen at one time can be overwhelming to senior viewers, so they needed a digital signage solution that made it simple to segment content,” said Matt Oswalt, President of VIZIONefx. “We chose the Xpresenter Xe Dynamic DS solution because it provides this flexibility with robust scheduling features, making it very easy to schedule content so that it is conveyed and received in the right way, allowing it to resonate fully with seniors. Currently, we are managing content, but it will ultimately be a shared responsibility, with the Office for Aging & Continuing Care uploading content through X2O’s easy-to-use Web portal.”

“Age.Net is a unique project that utilizes cutting-edge digital signage technology to engage seniors. The system went live on Feb. 25, and the response has been overwhelming. In a short time, it already is proving to be a fun and important resource for seniors that they are very excited about,” said Dr. Kathleen Bishop, Consultant on Aging for the Oneida County Office for Aging & Continuing Care. “The system will only grow more valuable with time as the network expands and also incorporates inter-generational and cross-network connections for a focus on lifespan aging. We are very excited to work with VIZIONefx and X2O Media to bring its benefits to people of all ages across the county.”

Available in three cost-effective versions, Xpresenter Xe is a professional digital signage system for users who don’t require the full range of features found in X2O Media’s enterprise Xpresenter digital signage platform. Powered by X2O’s exceptional graphics-rendering technology, the Dynamic DS edition displays high-resolution videos and images, 3D animated logos, crawling tickers with real-time news and weather, and real-time alerts for emergencies or other announcements. Any day-to-day updates to the on-screen content can be made quickly and easily via a Web-based control screen.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Capital Networks Powers MTS Flood Watch Channel

Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS), a full service communications provider for business and residential customers across Manitoba, is using the Audience software platform provided by Capital Networks Limited to broadcast their newly launched Flood Watch 2011 channel.

MTS TV customers can rely on Flood Watch 2011 to get up to date coverage on the current flood in Manitoba.

MTS chose the Audience software platform to manage and distribute the content for the channel.

Channel 31 on MTS's Classic and Ultimate TV services will include real-time news and public service announcements from the Province of Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg and the City of Brandon. Programming will include news stories and video footage from the Winnipeg Free Press and Brandon Sun plus photos submitted by viewers.

"We feel it is important to provide Manitobans with timely and accurate information regarding the flooding in Manitoba," said Kelvin Shepherd, President, MTS. "Not only will our customers be able to stay up to speed on the latest flood developments, but they will be able to watch the river rise by viewing our MTS Rivercams which have been set up along affected waterways throughout southern Manitoba."

MTS Ultimate TV customers can watch up to six live Rivercams simultaneously by tuning into MTS Ultimate Picks on channel 1016 and selecting "Flood 2011". Viewers may also contribute to the coverage by submitting flood photos to channel 31.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zoom Media wins their case against Rouge

Quebec’s Superior Court has issued a permanent injunction against Rouge Restobar Inc. and its president, Martin Poitras, as well as anyone working for the organization, requiring them to take
down all advertising banners located in 49 establishments of the province of Quebec and Ontario where the installed banners were in violation of exclusivity rights held by Zoom Media Inc.

Zoom Media awaited the verdict since 2007 when it filed a lawsuit against Rouge. The dispute was in regards to the installation of banners by Rouge in establishments where Zoom Media owned exclusive media rights for all indoor advertising within the premises. It was proven that Rouge was aware of these exclusive media rights for each contract, that these rights were valid and that they applied to all of Zoom Media’s competitors, including Rouge Resto-bar Inc. The Court has concluded that Rouge and Martin Poitras were aware of the nature of these exclusive media rights and that they wilfully acted illegally by violating them.

The Court has ordered Rouge Resto-bar Inc. to take down all banners or other advertising material belonging to them from the establishments within 30 days. “I am very satisfied with the verdict and am pleased that the efforts we have put in creating strong ties with our Resto-bar members for the past 20 years are protected by our media exclusivity rights, rights which cannot be ignored by other operators who attempt to operate illegally in our venues”, stated François de Gaspé Beaubien, President and CEO. “We offer an uncluttered and captive environment for our advertisers and we will not deliver anything less.”

Groupe VIVA adds over 500 Couche-Tard's to its media portfolio

Groupe VIVA and Pinpoint Media Group are proud to announce the conclusion of a sales agreement which Groupe VIVA becomes the exclusive representative for all advertising sales of the digital display network for Couche-Tard stores across Quebec. The agreement also covers advertising inventory available in other Canadian stores operating under the Mac's banner.

Present in over 550 stores in Quebec, the digital signage network can reach more than 3.5 million consumers each week. The network takes the form of digital screens positioned near the point of sale and refrigerators in each store. This type of media network can be a great fit whether its local advertisers who want to cover a specific geographic area or national advertisers who want to reach a specific target audience.

"We are very pleased to partner with Pinpoint Media Group. Our media offering, that already includes digital advertising inventory for La Cage aux Sports, Sports Experts, Mr. Muffler in addition to our proprietary media Viva Urban, has increased considerably with the addition of Couche-Tard's network. Advertising investments in such media will experience a major boom and VIVA Group is positioning itself to become a must for advertisers and agencies, "said Pierre Gendron, CEO at Groupe VIVA.

"It was important for us to partner with a predominant player in the Quebec market to maximize the value of our investment in the Couche-Tard advertising network" said Enmanuel Rumbos, President of Pinpoint Media Group.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Canadian Digital Signage: Friday, April 8th, 2011

-- reports that the Toronto high school hallway TV network run by Onestop Media is still up for debate.

-- RTown Communications have partnered with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. to install their Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS 3.1) software into RTown's 346 location network of hotels, resorts, and retail outlets.

-- Zoom Media introduces ClubCom´s FlexCast interface.

-- TurboTax, an Intuit Canada product, launched an outdoor campaign at Dundas Square in Toronto. The signage features a TurboTax Refund Ticker that continuously updates to show the estimated amount of money that Canadians who use TurboTax will be refunded this year. The outdoor ticker campaign will run until May 2. Intuit worked with MediaMath to create it, AdHoc worked on the creative, and DDB Canada did the media buy.

Facebook messages sent to digital billboards for Lucky Penny Wines
Lucky Penny, a new premium wine by Casella Wines (the Australian company that makes Yellow Tail), launched a brand awareness campaign that allows people to send a message of encouragement through Facebook that will end up on an Astral Media outdoor digital billboard found at 5 busy intersections in Vancouver. Toronto-based creative agency Open is managing the digital/outdoor brand awareness campaign.

Zoom Media Introduces ClubCom´s FlexCast Interface

Zoom Media & Marketing, the world´s largest fitness digital media company, recently introduced its patented "FlexCast" digital media interface for deployment across its 3,000 health clubs worldwide.

FlexCast was released through its ClubCom division at the recent 2011 IHRSA fitness convention held in San Francisco and marks the latest innovation in Zoom´s ongoing leadership in managing club communications and media programs in health clubs around the world.

FlexCast is one of the world´s most advanced and intuitive content management interfaces for customized digital media networks. Simply by having operators identify their entertainment preferences and product and service offerings, FlexCast dynamically renders digital programming that is completely customized to audience preferences and the business needs of operators. FlexCast integrates control over sight, sound and motion (television) programming as well as digital signage.

For operators of fitness centers, FlexCast merges content rich programming with extraordinary ease of use as it can be managed anywhere from the individual club level to the regional or national chain level.

In addition to its easy interface, what makes FlexCast unique is the unprecedented array of content it offers to gym operators - everything from overhead music entertainment, member education programming, club communications, and health and safety information to club promotions.

"Zoom and ClubCom recognize that in-club communications need to be tailored to the venue and also be easy to use," said Kevin Steel, Ph.D - Principal of Communication Consultants, WBS. "You can tell by the way it is laid out that it reflects years of research and expertise in how to manage a fitness facility."

"FlexCast is inherently intuitive," claims KT Remus, Senior Director of Marketing at Urban Active. "In just a few minutes, our club´s digital programming is fully customized on an ongoing basis to support our product and service offerings allowing us to enhance the member experience and increase the connection with our customers."

In the last two years, Zoom has grown its health club digital network by over 50% to over 3,000 venues. The company plans to continue adding new clubs rapidly while upgrading its current accounts. "Customer response to FlexCast has been outstanding," said Tom Lapcevic, President of ClubCom. "FlexCast is the result of years of development and reflects our immersion in the health club industry."

FlexCast also allows for media programs involving sight, sound & motion and digital signage. "With our national and local media sales organizations, and our extensive experiential marketing services, Zoom offers club operators world class advertising programs in addition to state of the art club management capabilities," said Dennis Roche, President & COO of Zoom. "FlexCast is an exciting offering that cements Zoom´s position as the most dynamic media operator in this space."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Everyday Heroes Festival: A Canada wide festival of one minute eco-films for Earth Week

The Everyday Heroes Festival is a 10-day public film festival with a national scope, reaching over two million viewers a day. Unique in North America, the festival plays on Onestop TTC screens in Toronto, and on screens in Ivanhoe Cambridge shopping centres across Canada. All official selections will also be featured on the Everyday Heroes Festival website.

The 2nd annual Everyday Heroes film festival will take place From April 15 - 24, 2011. Each year, at the same time as Earth Week is celebrated around the world, we will showcase truly unique and wholly creative one minute eco-films. We know that important acts of eco-heroism, both large and small, are happening every day, all across the country, and we will be sharing those stories with 2 million Canadians.

Submission is free. We accept submissions from all Canada-based filmmakers, young and old, established and aspiring. All films screened are silent and exactly one-minute in length.

This year we are asking filmmakers to consider one of four thematic categories: Activism, Conservation, Education, Great Ideas.

Each year we invite a Guest Jury to select the final films and organize them into our thematic categories. This year our jury consists of Kathleen Mullen, Brenda Longfellow, Sharon Switzer and Jed Goldberg. See our Jury page for more information.


Everyday Heroes plays every 10 minutes on the network of 300 TTC subway platform screens in 60 stations across the Toronto. The festival also plays once every 5 minutes on screens in 35 Ivanhoe Cambridge Shopping Centers in communities across the country.


Finalists are also featured on the Everyday Heroes website, where viewing and voting takes place during the festival. Films continue to be available year-round, which means that there is an ever-growing library of films from past festivals. We encourage viewers to rate and comment on all the films in our collection throughout the year.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Digital Signage Jobs: BroadSign Looking For National Sales Director

BroadSign International Inc., a digital signage software developer based in Montreal, Quebec, are looking for a National Sales Director for North America. The DailyDOOH has a full description of duties and responsibilities or you can email Skip Beloff (  for info or to apply.