Friday, October 29, 2010

Omnivex Up For 2010 Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Award

Concord, Ontario's Omnivex has been selected as a finalist in the ISV/Software Solution of the Year category for the 2010 Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Awards. The eighth annual IMPACT Awards recognize excellence within the Microsoft technology partner community in Canada as well as the innovative solutions and value they deliver to customers.

“Technology partners are at the core of Microsoft’s business and we’ve always relied upon their commitment to infinite possibilities to provide the foundation for delivering truly innovative solutions to the marketplace,” said Corinne Sharp, National Director, Canadian Partner Network, Microsoft Canada Inc. “We are pleased to celebrate the outstanding solutions of industry leaders like Omnivex at the Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Awards.”

Omnivex was chosen as a finalist for ISV/Software Solution of the Year for their digital signage content management software product, Omnivex Moxie. The system is able to differentiate itself because of its highly flexible design and ability to update content automatically while delivering relevant, timely messaging to targeted audiences. Moxie has been built around a data-centric model to add relevance to content being displayed, and allow customers to use digital signage as a visual communication medium rather than just a digital poster. Omnivex strives to provide customers with the most powerful software tools to effectively communicate their message, with the least amount of work, regardless of industry or application.

“We are pleased to receive this recognition for our focus on product development and innovation," said Doug Bannister, CEO and Director of Software Development at Omnivex. "We strive to develop the best possible products for our customers and are honored that Microsoft has named us as a Finalist for the IMPACT Awards."

Omnivex, along with other technology partner winners and finalists in each of the award categories, will be honored at an award ceremony in Toronto on November 9, 2010.

For a list of all 2010 finalists, and more information on the Microsoft Partner Network IMPACT Awards, please visit

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bare Naked Ladies Sing Song About PRN?

Last night, PRN held its annual Upfront event in New York. According to the DailyDOOH, the Bare Naked Ladies were on hand to play a few songs, including one about the digital place-based media company. I did a quick search to see if I could find some video footage but, unfortunately, PRN is way too close to pron and Bare Naked...well, you get the point. Anyone have a video link?

Newad Rebrands And Expands

If you haven't visited Toronto-based Newad's website recently, they have a completely new look (it even uses some new-fangled CSS like @font-face). Art director Didier Lortie hired Martin Beauvais, a creative designer of international renown, to re-cast their visual identity. The original Newad logo, the target image, has made way for a new logo representative of a graphic signature that will now be present on all Newad communication tools. The corporate website also features multiple case study results alongside interactive video presentations. To introduce their new branding, Newad will be visiting major marketing agencies and hosting informative cocktail receptions in several Canadian cities.

Newad is also launching four newly integrated marketing solutions that incorporate all key success elements for any marketing campaign, including Indoor advertising, Experiential Marketing, Publishing and the Web. In regards to their digital out-of-home side, Newad  plans to deploy an additional 4,000 new units to its current 550 high-end digital boards over the next three years across its three targeted networks: RestoBar, Campus and Sport. During the next few weeks, 400 new digital boards are already scheduled to be installed in various prestigious locations across Canada.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arbitron Completes First Audit of BroadSign Digital Signage Proof-of-Play System

Arbitron Inc. has released the results of the first full audit of the proof-of-play component of BroadSign's digital signage software using its Portable People Meter(TM) (PPM(TM)) technology. BroadSign International is a leading worldwide provider of software for managing digital signage (digital out-of-home) networks.

The audit determined the overall proof-of-play accuracy rate of 99.64%. The results were obtained by processing over 210,000 commercial plays detected by PPM devices, which were placed for several weeks at locations operated by multiple BroadSign-powered digital signage networks in the U.S. and Canada.

For the purposes of the audit, Arbitron randomly selected a sample of screen locations with various configurations that included both "audio" and "no audio" programming and screen-level and player-level reporting.

The audit involved the following digital signage networks: Anuncio Digital Media (, Seen My Ad (, Mediplay ( and Neo-Traffic (

"There has been a lot of progress lately in developing audience metrics for digital signage. However, screen audience numbers mean little to advertisers if you cannot prove first that their ads played as scheduled," says Brian Dusho, chief executive officer of BroadSign International. "By having Arbitron audit our proof-of-play reporting system, we are giving our client networks an added level of confidence in the accuracy of their campaign reports, which helps them justify ad rates and negotiate with advertisers."

George Brady, vice president, Out of Home Services, Arbitron Inc., said, "For this new medium, our Portable People Meter technology provides an auditable proof-of-play system that equips digital out-of-home networks with an independently verifiable means of ensuring that advertiser's schedules are played as contracted."

Arbitron's survey marks the beginning of the series of annual audits to be conducted for BroadSign International. The PPM technology-based proof-of-play audit by Arbitron replaces manual monitoring of screens with advanced technology, making the task of verifying advertising compliance more affordable for digital signage networks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Squamish Nation Starts Digital Billboard Network In Vancouver

In an effort generate revenue for its members and maximize the financial performance of their real estate, the Squamish Nation of British Columbia awarded a management contract to Allvision Canada Company, a company that specializes in optimizing the performance of outdoor advertising assets on public and private properties. Allvision was brought in to represent the Nation on all Reserve lands, with the goal of developing a digital billboard network.

“In this the first of its kind in Vancouver, Allvision led the most significant sign development project throughout Vancouver in conjunction with the Squamish Nation,” said Toby Baker, Chief Operating Officer and Project Negotiator for the Nation. Mr. Baker continued, “Allvision identified potential billboard locations and participated in a Canadian Environmental Assessment Screening on behalf of our Nation to ensure the respect and integrity of our lands and our presence in Vancouver. We could not be more pleased with how the project turned out.”

After a competitive bidding process, the contract to operate the digital sign network was awarded to multi-media communications company Astral Media. Allvision negotiated leases and permits between Astral, the Squamish Nation and Indian and Northern Affairs.

"Considering the publicity associated with the sign project, Allvision developed and managed a public relations strategy consistent with the sentiment and priorities of all parties," said Blair Murdoch, President of Allvision’s Canadian operation. "The new displays developed on Squamish properties have brought a tasteful, contemporary and cutting-edge technology to Vancouver."

"The network will generate a $50 million revenue stream for our people over the term of the agreement, which will be used for community projects, education, parks and recreation," said Bill Williams, Chief of Squamish Nation. "Allvision has always been respectful of our values and traditions in the work they have done for us."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Omnivex Digital Signage Software Used to Manage Unique Photo Kiosks

Omnivex Corporation, a Concord-Ont.-based provider of enterprise-level software for digital signage networks, announced that their software is being used to manage photo kiosks located in hotels and at tourist attractions. In partnership with Send A Message, Inc. and Fujifilm's "See Here", Omnivex is providing the software platform for the touch screen interface and backbone management of the system.

The Send A Message (SAM) kiosk is a multi-purpose digital media kiosk which provides hospitality properties with a powerful tool that delivers a unique set of services while providing several revenue opportunities. SAM's easy to use personal media workstation allows users to quickly upload photos from their digital cameras, create customized postcards and print them on high quality photo paper. In addition, they can directly access Fujifilm's "See Here" photo website for uploading their pictures for online storage, or creating photo gifts that can be ordered directly from the kiosk. Revenue is generated from the kiosk through the sale of on-screen ad space and by charging users a fee for creating their customized postcards. All of the functionality of the kiosk can be managed remotely through Omnivex digital signage software. Fujifilm North America installs and maintains these units for Send A Message, Inc.

"Our digital media photo kiosk packages a stunning technology design with a simple to use application that enables guests to create unique photo postcards with their personal media in just minutes," says Kristen Tsitoukis, president & CEO of Send A Message, Inc. "Omnivex software has enabled us to provide a more all encompassing system to our customers," said Tsitoukis.

The system has recently been deployed at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown and the Renaissance Orlando at Sea World. Omnivex value added reseller, Digisplay, brought all of the different aspects of the project together to combine the strengths of each of the companies involved into one unified solution. "Omnivex software was invaluable for the success of this system because it allowed us to incorporate advertising space along with a touch screen interface and the ability to print the postcards," said Jim McNeal, president, Digisplay, LLC. "As this system is rolled out to more locations, the network management functionality will be of paramount importance, as we plan to manage this system for Send A Message, Inc.'s hotel customers," he concluded.

The system can be seen at the upcoming Customer Engagement Technology World trade show or the International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show, starting November 10, 2010 at the Javits Convention Center, in New York City. For more information, visit

Friday, October 8, 2010

QUICKY: Happy Thanksgiving from Digital Signage Canada

Ah, at last a long weekend. We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving filled with Turkey, stuffing, football and whatever else you have to be thankful for.

Here's some long weekend reading for you:
  • Christie is participating in The Communitech Hub (The Hub) in Kitchener, Ontario. The Hub is a digital media innovation center aimed at fostering collaboration and creativity among established companies and start-ups to enhance Canada’s position in the digital age. Read more...
  • The CBC has expanded its CBC News Express broadcast service (a joint venture with Clear Channel Outdoor) into Fredericton International Airport. The video news content is created by CBC editors and delivered with Audience, Capital Networks' digital signage platform. Read more...
  • Onestop Media Group provided TTC commuters with some digital distractions during Toronto's Nuit Blanche. Read more...
  • Tweeters showed Toronto some love by tagging messages with #xoTO that were then displayed on architectural projections during Nuit Blanche. Read more...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

OVAB interviews Brian Dusho

Outdoor Video Advertising Bureau Europe interviewed BroadSign CEO, Brian Dusho, on aggregation, or the concept of standardizing and packaging ad space from multiple DOOH networks to make media buys easier for agencies. Brian expands on the concept, the difference its had on the market, how it benefits media planners and networks, and what's missing.

BroadSign have developed BroadSign Open, a secure web services API to open up BroadSign Administrator functions to non-BroadSign software and automate activities based on third party systems such as ad sales portals and billing systems. This past July, they also announced an Open API integration between their platform and rVue, Inc.'s demand-side platform for planning and buying Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) media.

Read the full interview on the OVAB site.