Friday, April 27, 2012

AsomaTV Switches to BroadSign Digital Signage Software

AsomaTV, an operator of several digital signage networks in Spain, has deployed BroadSign's Software-as-a-Service at all existing networked locations and will be using the platform for future installations from now on.

The migration from legacy software has involved 110 screens in 15 major shopping malls, most of which are located in Madrid. AsomaTV has also converted 30 of its 250 gym locations from static advertising to BroadSign-powered digital signage and is planning to complete the conversion in 2012, intending to expand the network to 500 gyms by 2014.

At the moment, AsomaTV is also conducting pilots for future digital signage networks in Spain's largest private hospital group and in a Catalonia-based drugstore cooperative uniting 300 pharmacies.

In addition to running their own networks, AsomaTV acts as an outsourced operator of several corporate digital signage networks across Spain.

CTO of AsomaTV Robain de Jong says that BroadSign's automation-focused functionality was a welcome relief after "five years of micromanaging playlists, manual troubleshooting and the lengthy, painful process of installing and configuring players at new locations." By contrast, BroadSign technology made it possible for AsomaTV to migrate their entire mall network to the new software remotely, in just one day, and allowed the company to drastically cut down the time spent on scheduling and monitoring campaigns.

"BroadSign gives you peace of mind," said Robain de Jong. "You just know it works. And no matter what the requirements of your customers are, BroadSign allows you to meet them. We are no longer afraid of remote installations. We configure client players in our operations department, then we ship them to the client and we know that as soon as they plug them in, everything works."

AsomaTV's content loops in the shopping mall network are 90 seconds long, comprising 10-second advertising spots targeted for each location. The four-minute loop in the gym network is a mix of advertising, location-specific messaging and "infotainment" feeds.

The network has numerous repeat advertisers, with such brands as Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Telefonica, Orange, Vodafone, Subway, McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken among them. Campaign effectiveness surveys have shown up to 20% increase in sales for some of the categories of products advertised.

The average Cost-per-Thousand-Impressions (CPM) on AsomaTV is 2-5 euros. The network runs both national and local campaigns, and advertising sales are handled by a third-party media rep as well as by the in-house sales force.

AsomaTV's high-profile locations give their advertisers exposure to affluent segments of densely populated markets of Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and Bilbao.

According to AsomaTV, showing the capabilities of BroadSign software during demos to corporate clients has helped the company win a number or contracts for operating their networks. The ability to generate accurate proof-of-play reports has also played an important role in winning over advertising-based networks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Legends Entertainment District Timelapse Video

Recently we wrote about how X2O's Xpresenter digital signage platform is powering the Legends Entertainment District’s extensive digital LED network in downtown Phoenix. Legends District have posted a time-lapse of the area and great digital signage. Check it out below.

Friday, April 20, 2012

COMB releases new software to put OOH data at planners, buyers and sellers’ fingertips

The Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB) released today new software for planners, buyers and sellers of out-of-home advertising media. The COMB Data Report now resides on over 1,000 Canadian media industry desktops enabling users to quickly see the complete perspective of COMB-approved OOH media product across the country. Planners can choose from over 250 markets, 38 indoor and outdoor OOH products, and 16 OOH media companies collectively representing close to 80,000 outdoor and indoor advertising faces or screens. The software, developed by RJA, has been designed to allow planners to see just the data they need by building their own reports. They can sort by numerous variables including indoor network, OOH media company, region and market population, to ultimately see the number of ad faces and the average market exposures (circulation) for the various OOH product types. “This overview capability right at our fingertips saves agencies significant time and lets us instantly see the OOH landscape in our clients’ target areas”, reports Sheri Metcalfe, VP Co-managing Director at Jungle Media and Chair of COMB’s Board of Directors. “We love data efficiency and COMB’s new tool delivers!” The COMB Data Report joins COMBNavigator® 2012 version, the outdoor advertising planning analysis and reach-frequency tool launched in November 2011, to create a COMB data suite. The software is easily installed with software and data updates occurring automatically. This eliminates ‘version hassle’ and ensures planners, buyers and sellers are always using the latest data. New data releases occur in April and October of each year.

Friday, April 13, 2012

VIDEO: Viva Video-wall at l'Aubainerie

Here's a video-wall setup by Groupe VIVA for Quebec retailer L'Aubainerie in Greenfield Park, a Montreal suburb. Its in a 4 × 3 configuration, so not a standard 16:9 setup, and is powered by BroadSign's digital signage software.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

X2O Media's Xpresenter Helps Energize Downtown Phoenix With Broadcast-Quality Digital Signage

X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for real-time visual communication applications, today announced that its Xpresenter™ digital signage platform is powering the Legends Entertainment District’s extensive digital LED network in downtown Phoenix. For the unique 55,000-square-foot outdoor marketing and entertainment district, Xpresenter is being used to display targeted broadcast-quality content  from the Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, and their content partners on full-color, full-motion LED boards, in addition to live news, weather, and more for scrolling tickers.

In an unprecedented partnership between two professional sports teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns teamed up to create the Legends Entertainment District to energize downtown Phoenix, attract visitors, and keep them in the area longer before and after events. Spanning from the US Airways Center to Chase Field, a key feature of the district is a state-of-the-art digital LED network that keeps visitors entertained and updated throughout the area, while creating advertising revenue and providing outdoor marketing opportunities for Legends’ partners.

“Content management is a vital aspect of our LED network,” said Stacie Roberts, Director of Operations of the Legends Entertainment District. “It is essential that our staff be able to update content quickly and easily to capture the attention of visitors, in addition to having the ability to target different content to the appropriate LED boards. To meet these needs, we chose X2O Media’s Xpresenter digital signage platform.”

Among a mix of static and custom signage, two massive LED tickers on the Jefferson Street parking garage grace the corridor between the US Airways Center and Chase Field. Xpresenter is delivering five different types of live content to the 4-foot by 125-foot displays —sports from around the country, news, entertainment, business, and weather. The tickers feature additional full-color, full-motion, LED running content such as ticket information on upcoming games for the Diamondbacks or Suns; dates for upcoming concerts in the Legends Entertainment District; or paid content from partners such as Anheuser-Busch, APS, Chevrolet, Fox Sports Arizona, Fry’s Food Stores, Cox, FIAT, Arizona Rattlers, Gila River Casinos, and more.

There are three 50-foot towers located outside Chase Field and the US Airways Center, each featuring three 13-foot by 22-foot LED boards, in addition to top and bottom LED halo rings. The towers display 30-second content segments from each facility’s respective team, the Legends Entertainment District, and content partners, and the bottom halos also feature scrolling tickers. In addition, a giant 35-foot by 73-foot LED board, dubbed the “Big Board,” is featured on Chase Field’s façade and displays District content.

“The Legends Entertainment District has been a huge success, and Xpresenter has certainly played a central role in achieving that,” added Roberts. “The platform provides the ease of use and targeting capabilities we require, in addition to displaying broadcast-quality content. Furthermore, X2O is providing the RSS feeds that automatically populate tickers with real-time weather, scores, and more. We look forward to working with the company as we continue to grow and add more functionality to the network.”

X2O Media’s Xpresenter is an end-to-end platform designed to make creating, managing, and distributing broadcast-quality digital signage content on networks of all sizes available to all. Xpresenter’s patented authoring module allows Microsoft® PowerPoint® users to produce compelling content that incorporates animations, video clips, and real-time data sources — all within the PowerPoint interface.

Matrox Graphics Announces New Distribution Opportunities to Meet Growing Multi-Display Graphics Demand in India and Pakistan

Matrox Graphics Inc., a leader in specialized multi-display graphics solutions, is now actively seeking additional distributors in India and Pakistan to promote and market Matrox’s full range of multi-display graphics solutions. Founded in 1976, Matrox leverages 35 years of industry-leading expertise to deliver reliable, high-quality, multi-display graphics cards, external adapters, KVM extenders, and video wall controller boards for use in countless professional markets. These include finance, digital signage, medical imaging, manufacturing, factory automation, security, government, and enterprise computing.

“Matrox is excited to announce new distribution opportunities in India and Pakistan,” said Samuel Recine, Director of Sales -- America and Asia Pacific at Matrox Graphics Inc. “With customer demand increasing for our specialized IT and Pro AV products, Matrox is pursuing the opportunity to team up with established distributors to meet the multi-display-technology requirements in these two growing markets.”

Matrox Graphics offers the most extensive line of reliable multi-monitor solutions, including M-Series and Epica graphics cards, DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go external adapters, Avio and Extio KVM extenders, and Mura video wall controller boards.
  • Matrox M-Series and Epica multi-display graphics cards deliver an optimal combination of fanless designs, low power consumption, exceptional 2D image quality, high MTBF, and flexible desktop configurations.
  • Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go external multi-display adapters connect up to two and three additional monitors, respectively, to Mac and PC notebooks and workstations.
  • Matrox Avio and Extio KVM extenders separate keyboard, video, mouse, and multiple monitors from the computer by up to two kilometres (6650 feet) via a single fiber-optic cable.
  • Matrox Mura video wall controller boards uniquely feature both outputs and inputs on a single-slot PCIe x16 Gen2 design, and can be combined with other Mura boards within a single system to drive increasingly high-density, Full HD video walls. 

Haivision Makito HD encoders earn JITC certification

Haivision, an industry leading provider of advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions, today announced that its Makito™ SDI and Makito Air™ high definition H.264 encoders have received Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification — a U.S. government designation that guarantees interoperability of fielded systems, and ensures products comply with U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standards for encoding Full Motion Video (FMV) for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance applications (ISR).

The certification is granted only after JITC labs have performed exhaustive tests to validate compliance with the DoD Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP). Many DoD programs require both MISP compliance and JITC certification to ensure end-to-end interoperability with other FMV processing, management, and exploitation systems in use throughout the DoD and the intelligence community. Without JITC certification, customers have no way of knowing whether their encoded video will work with the entire FMV ecosystem currently deployed.

The Makito is Haivision’s flagship HD encoder and has been used widely throughout the DoD in support of global ISR applications in both airborne and ground applications. The Makito is the first and only JITC-certified H.264 encoder capable of 1080p60 resolutions, achieving Motion Imagery Standards Board’s (MISB) recommended practice for HD video distribution and acquisition — MISM Level 12 from RP 9720. As such, the Makito is uniquely and ideally suited for today’s advanced sensor technology.

With the commercial Makito and the ruggedized Makito Air reaching JITC and MISM Level 12 compliance, Haivision is the first and only company to achieve JITC certification for both airborne and ground-based encoding applications.

“Haivision made a company commitment to the ISR community in 2008,” said Mirko Wicha, CEO of Haivision. “We are constantly focused on increasing the capabilities and applications of our low latency, metadata friendly, full motion video systems.”

“We take our responsibility to this user community very seriously,” said Andy Vaughan, vice president of U.S. federal sales for Haivision. “Haivision’s U.S. federal team has worked diligently with ISR customers to ensure that our solutions meet their needs for mission-critical applications. JITC certification allows our customers to deploy field-proven, low-risk, off-the-shelf technology both on the ground and in the air.”

The JITC certification process validated several of Makito’s important features, including very efficient compression of SD/HD video per SMPTE specifications (CBR); KLV metadata insertion via serial, Ethernet (UDP), and SDI/VANC; and frame-synchronous KLV metadata support per MISB Standard 0604. The testing also confirmed that Makito supports very flexible encoding configurations for low bit rate applications, and HiLo-Streaming™ for multiple bit rates from the same video source.

The Makito Air is a DO-160-rated version of the non-ruggedized Makito board. Makito-SDI is available as a stand-alone appliance or can be installed in a 1-RU, 6-slot chassis, giving customers the best density and price performance available on the market.

Monday, April 2, 2012

X2O Media Names Sean Shaughnessy as New Executive VP of Global Sales

X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for real-time visual communication applications, today announced the appointment of Sean Shaughnessy as the company’s new Executive Vice President of Global Sales. In his new role, Shaughnessy is responsible for managing all aspects of the company’s sales efforts, including working closely with X2O’s channel partners and customers worldwide.

Shaughnessy comes to X2O from Arrow S3, where for the last seven years he served in a variety of senior leadership positions — including Senior Vice President of Sales — and was responsible for revenue targets ranging from $75 million to $200 million. Previously, he has held the positions of Vice President of Eastern Regional Sales at Standard Register and Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Williams Communications.

“This is a great time to be joining X2O Media,” said Shaughnessy. “The company has experienced significant growth and has introduced a number of innovative solutions that keep it at the forefront of the visual communications and enterprise TV markets. I look forward to leading our sales efforts as the company continues to move forward.”

"We are very excited to welcome Sean to the X2O Media team," said X2O Media President and CEO David Wilkins. “He has a wealth of experience in executive sales roles with large companies, and we are confident that his leadership skills will play a significant role in X2O’s continued growth."