Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear City Canada displays a message to your city on a billboard

If you can fit your feelings for your city in 140 characters, Pattison Onestop want to share it with the rest of Canada on a billboard as part of a new public art project.

Tweet a 140 character letter to your city using @DearCityCanada. All letters deemed acceptable will be displayed on mall screens across Canada for two weeks this June, reaching five million people a week. The best letters will be displayed on outdoor digital billboards across Canada this summer, and of course letters will be retweeted via the @DearCityCanada account. You start your tweet by indicating your city. For example “@DearCityCanada Dear [name of your city] …”

The participating billboard cities are: Vancouver, Surrey, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Sudbury, Kitchener, Hamilton, Toronto, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton, and Halifax.

Only letters to the digital billboard location cities will have a chance of being seen in those cities. Other Dear City letters will have the opportunity to be seen in malls across Canada. Letters to Quebec cities must be in french due to language laws.

Co-Produced by Pattison Onestop and Spacing Magazine, Dear City Canada is part of Art in Transit, Pattison Onestop’s ongoing arts and culture programme, presenting thought-provoking projects that enhance our shared environment and transport city-dwellers, if only momentarily, out of Canadian's daily routines.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

BroadSign celebrates 10th Birthday with major revision

Digital signage software maker BroadSign International, LLC celebrates its tenth anniversary with the release of a powerful new version of its SaaS platform. BroadSign X offers further enriched functionality combined with more simplified workflows and a greater degree of network automation.

The BroadSign X software version follows the introduction of BroadSign Xpress, the company’s first Android media player hardware. BroadSign Xpress matches the full functionality of PC playback devices at a tiny fraction of the price, thus drastically reducing the cost of network deployment. Networks that wish to use the Android player must upgrade to the BroadSign X network management platform, available to existing client networks free of charge.

Among other significant enhancements, advertisers can now spend budgets more efficiently using BroadSign X’s “campaign goal” feature, which allows for a campaign to stop automatically once the desired number of ad runs, impressions or viewer interactions have been achieved.

“We always aim to absorb the latest developments in digital signage technology and anticipate future trends,” says BroadSign CEO, Brian Dusho. “Our latest products, the BroadSign X platform and BroadSign Xpress Android player, reflect this approach. The practical outcome is that every new product of ours makes DOOH media space more accessible to advertisers,” he added.

The new BroadSign X platform also boasts features such as simple screen control, RS 232 device control API, export package check-sum, day part API and TCP triggers, as well as broadcast-like video transitions.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Drawing on a 120-foot video wall

This project by Adrià Navarro + DI Shin let three artists draw with their iPads on the 120' x 11' Laser Phosphor Display video wall at the InterActive Corps (IAC) building in New York. Here's the video:

inkscapes from Adrià Navarro on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Scotiabank MicroTiles at Yorkdale Mall

Cineplex Digital Solutions, with the help of JERW, provided a great looking and very creative video wall using Christie MicroTiles at the new flagship Scotiabank branch in Toronto's Yorkdale Mall.

The MicroTiles above the entrace of the store feature a very unique design where certain tiles are extruded from the wall and create a dynamic 3D effect.

This overview by JERW gives a nice look at how to design content for MicroTiles, especially if they're placed in a very unconventional layout like the Scotiabank installation.