Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Vision Of The Future of DOOH

This ain't the out-of-home of yesteryear with some hand-painted murals, snake oil salesmen, and kids handing our printed flyers, this is a vision of the future. Well, not so distant future as nothing in the video below isn't being done today (except for the pod-like floating taxis), but not with this kind of ubiquitousness. Structural projections, crystal-clear digital billboards, in-window displays, and directional sounds are everywhere in the short clip below created by Vancouver Film School student Andres Jose Vergara. It makes you wonder if that really will be the future of out of home media, especially since many cities of enacted bylaws prohibiting out-of-home billboards.

A Vision Of The Future - Vancouver Film School (VFS)
envoyé par VancouverFilmSchool. - Court métrage, documentaire et bande annonce.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tmtfactory Uses Broadsign Software To Expand Digital Signage Business

Digital signage network operator TMTFactory is expanding its market presence using BroadSign’s software platform. Following the selection of BroadSign as a software provider in 2009, the company has acquired several big clients including Barcelona Airport/JCDecaux, bank Cajasol and Catalana Occidente (insurance firm).

TMTFactory currently operates digital signage networks and creates content for more than twenty customers in Spain, France and Latin America.

The list of TMTFactory’s high profile networks also comprises Telefónica, Alsa (a long-haul bus line company), GOTV (Aerobus), Aena, Farggi (restaurants), CICAR-Medina Cabrera (car rental), TUGSAL (urban bus lines), BBVA (one of the major Spanish banks), and Barcelo Hotels Cancun (Mexico), etc.

CEO Daniel Urruchua said one of the key factors contributing to TMTFactory’s rapid growth is the cost-efficiency and scalability of the software: “Since we switched to BroadSign, we no longer worry about maintaining the network infrastructure. We can fully focus on operating digital signage businesses for our clients and fulfilling their unique content needs, especially in large networks.”

"Broadsign's software enables us to personalize each project with an efficiency that we could not find in any other systems. The newly released Broadsign 8 has made a giant leap in unifying the different requirements of digital signage, POS, interactive kiosks and info terminals on one single platform. The open architecture, intelligent concepts and the ease of use put BroadSign well ahead of their competitors," added Mr. Urruchua.

TMTFactory has been awarded numerous prizes for best installation design in various digital signage projects, including a TotalMedia award for “the best installation indoor” for GoTV and a DISI award for “best communication and corporative channel” for Catalana Occidente.

Both TMTFactory and BroadSign are partnered with BlueFox – a major global provider of content feeds for digital signage.

“TMTFactory is a seasoned veteran of the European digital signage industry and they are constantly perfecting the creative concepts for their networks. It is rewarding for us to see that they can benefit from the rich functionality of our platform,” said Brian Dusho, CEO of BroadSign International.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

UPDATE: Onestop wants to move Toronto School DOOH to full rollout

About a year ago, we wrote about how Onestop Media had been chosen to pilot digital signage screens for the Toronto District School Board and now they want to take it to full rollout according to the board's Administration, Finance and Accountability Committee agenda. Sixteen-Nine has a nice recap here.

Matrox launches new Mura MPX display wall controller boards

Matrox Graphics Inc. today announced the new Matrox Mura™ MPX Series display wall controller board line-up for collaborative display walls and matrix switcher/scaler installations. The new Mura MPX Series cards combine traditionally separate input and output cards onto a single-slot, PCI Express x16 Gen 2 board, leveraging 64 Gb/sec full duplex data transfer to display full frame rate, HD video input channels. The MPX Series output/input boards feature highly flexible, universal input channel support for both digital and analog video (HD, SL-DVI, RGB/VGA, Component, S-Video, and Composite), plus capture and display data sources at full RGB888 image quality with zero compression. System integrators can easily add multiple MPX output/input boards within a single system and incorporate MPX video capture cards for high-volume, analog video input deployments.

Universal Output/Input Boards:

  • Mura MPX-4/0 (4 outputs, 0 inputs)
    • Part number: Mura-MPX44F
  • Mura MPX-4/2 (4 outputs, 2 inputs)
    • Part number: Mura-MPX42F
  • Mura MPX-4/4 (4 outputs, 4 inputs)
    • Part number: Mura-MPX40F

Analog Video Input Boards:

  • Mura MPX-V8 (8 inputs)
    • Part number: Mura-MPX44F
  • Mura Mura MPX-V16 (16 inputs)
    • Part number: Mura-MPXV16F

The ultimate building block for control room video walls, digital signage, and corporate presentation environments, Mura MPX Series includes an updated SDK, including API software—backwards compatible with the existing Matrox PPX/VPX Display Wall Series—plus a new network API with integrated media input/output control for a quicker time to market. The ideal add-in board for display wall controllers, Mura MPX Series can also be integrated within switcher/scaler solutions, providing all-in-one switching, signal conversion, scaling, and de-interlacing capabilities, eliminating the need to purchase separate solutions.

"System designers and integrators will be impressed by the performance, image quality and scalability that Matrox Mura MPX Series has to offer," says Helgi Sigurdsson, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. "Designed with both outputs and inputs on the same single-slot card to take full advantage of the duplex nature of the PCIe x16 bus, multiple MPX add-in boards can easily be combined in a single system to build large-scale video wall and matrix switcher/scaler solutions."

Matrox will be showcasing the Matrox Mura technology at Integrated Systems Europe 2011 in Booth# 11F48, Hall 11, from February 1-3 at the Amsterdam RAI.

The Matrox Mura MPX Series display wall controller boards will be available in Q2/Q3 2011. Development kits will be available in February 2011.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Banque Laurentienne gets creative with its video walls

Banque Laurentienne contracted Montreal-based digital signage firm VIF Télé to design and install unique video walls in the shape of the bank's corporate logo at their new financial services centers.

Measuring in at 10 ft. × 10 ft., the video wall is composed of six screens placed in a fanned pattern and partially occluded to recreate the shapes of the six "stems" of Banque Laurentienne's logo. Each screen can have its own message or be used as a whole to create a uniform message. The wall is powered by technology provided by Montreal firm iGotcha Media.

Currently, two walls are up, in Ste-Foy and LaSalle. The design of the new service centers also features digital signage at the service counter where a screen is embedded to inform clients on the banks different products, as well as at each advisor's desk.

VIF Télé also conceived and implemented digital screen columns in the new Station Carrière (Career Station) location of Banque Laurentienne, inside the subway station Berri, in Montreal. The screens and interactive kiosks invite passers to the career center, to inquire about employment opportnities at the Bank.

"The use of dynamic screens is now part of our strategy to not use paper or cardboard displays in our new branches. VIF Télé's expertise allowed us to implement this innovative project which aims to give a very contemporary image to our stores," said Sylvain Mantha, Assistant Vice President Marketing of Banque Laurentienne.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mood Media and Encore Software Bring Wheel Of Fortune and Other Well Known Games to Interactive Retail

Mood Media Corporation, a Toronto-based in-store media specialist that uses music, visual and scent media to help its clients communicate with consumers, announces today that its retail point of sale division, Somerset Entertainment, has partnered with Encore, Inc. (Encore).

Encore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, to launch Sony Online Entertainment’s multi-million selling Wheel of Fortune® games to its increasingly popular casual games retail program.

Under the agreement with Encore, Wheel of Fortune®, Hoyle® and other well-known Encore games will be sold through Mood’s interactive displays at retail, which allow customers to sample the games via interactive video before purchasing.

"We are excited to bring the Wheel of Fortune PC game, based on one of America’s most enduringly popular television shows, to our broad network of interactive displays at over 23,000 retail locations," says Lorne Abony, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for Mood Media. "Our agreement with Encore further enriches our casual games offering, enabling us to offer a wider and better product selection for our customers and an even more unique program for our retail partners."

"We are pleased to be partnering with Mood Media. By participating in Mood’s innovative casual games offering, we are improving Encore's retail reach to our core 35-55 year old female audience," said Cal Morrell, president at Encore. “We are confident that Mood’s casual games program will capitalize on the impulse purchase and be a great success at retail."

Monday, January 24, 2011

And the DIGI goes to...

Congrats to digital signage software developer X2O Media and Mediavation, a provider of print and electronic advertising, branding, and creative services, on their 2010 DIGI Award for their digital signage deployment at Canadian retailer Mark’s Work Wearhouse. Now in their The awards are selected and presented by Digital Signage Magazine and The Digital Signage Group.

X2O Media worked with Mediavation, one of Mark’s Work Wearhouse’s ad agencies, to bring to life the agency’s creative concept of presenting product innovations as part of a dynamic “faux newscast.” This concept is complete with faux news anchors and weather presenter, catchy over-the-shoulder stills and video, crawls, graphics, and branding elements, all against the backdrop of a faux news studio.

Shoppers entering the store see on-screen video that engages them with the professional look of a major news network and serious news presenters. However, it communicates product information and innovation with comic imagery, including graphics, branding elements, and images delivered by X2O, and humorous crawl script, developed by Mediavation. X2O Media staff combined their experience in graphics and in news broadcast production to give the whole presentation a newsy feel with a fun approach.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Haivision Releases Furnace™ 5.8 IP Video System

Haivision, the leading provider of the most advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions, today announced the availability of its Furnace™ 5.8 IP video system with features that support advanced integration, security, and control capabilities for IP video recording and distribution.

Furnace 5.8, coupled with Haivision's Makito™ HD H.264 encoder and the Furnace's patented InStream™ player, supports end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption, assuring the highest level of protection for video assets. A related development is InStream's support of the complete HD H.264 HD toolset, enabling digital broadcast channels to be streamed live through the Furnace architecture.

To further the effectiveness of enterprise-wide integration of Furnace, release 5.8 supports a feature called Intelligent Publishing. After recording a video segment, users can now automatically make that video available securely to authorized users according to established metadata. The recording (NVR) process can be executed through the Furnace user interface or through an extensive and secure Application Programming Interface (API) if integrated third-party control systems are employed. With Furnace 5.8, the system's standard-based API is further extended to allow granular integration with its popular Command and Control module, an enhancement that gives administrators exact control over InStream players and Stingray™ set-top boxes.

Haivision's Furnace is the only end-to-end system for HD H.264 live distribution, recording, playout, and video-on-demand. It is used extensively for IP video within education, medical, military, media and entertainment, and enterprise markets.

Astral takes control of all digital ads at Montréal-Trudeau International Airport

Astral Out-of-Home, a subsidiary of Astral Media Inc., has announced that it expanded its advertising network at the Montréal-Trudeau International Airport with the addition of 80 new AeroVertical digital faces to the hundred digital faces already in place. I stress the new because...well, they aren't exactly new. The AeroVertical network is Astral's takeover of the existing 40-inch vertical panels located throughout the airport's domestic terminal. It seems that either Bell and Clear Channel (the previous managers of those screens) have either given up on the airport or the airport decided to consolidate the media assets in their building.

The existing media assets run by Astral, AeroTV & PasseportMedia, are quite different than the new AeroVertical network. The AeroVertical network is advertising-only with a 90-second broadcast loop shared by a maximum of six advertisers with 15-second spots. Its 40-inch vertical screens are mainly located throughout the airport's domestic terminal.  In contrast, the AeroTV flat-screen television network - located in the flight departure area - features programming focused on entertainment and leisure; and the PasseportMedia screens - located in the flight arrival area - broadcast rich visual content, supported by text or graphics (ed. I'm not sure what that means either but I think I remember seeing screens at the airport with LED tickers).

The change does make more sense in the perspective of the media buyer. You no longer need to think which screens are which and owned by who, so media buys become easier. That said, I've heard that business in the airport, such as restaurants, have been denied the freedom of contracting their own firms to install non-advertising digital signage screens.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VIDEO: Location Based Digital Signage Content

Here's a look at how Destination Shuttle Services uses Omnivex Moxie and Omnivex GPSLink software to trigger location specific content on shuttle buses traveling between LAX and 13 surrounding hotels.

Friday, January 14, 2011

QUICKY: Omnivex at the Golden Globes, Astral has solid Q1, and more...

Omnivex Corporation will be part of this year's Golden Globe Awards pre-show events taking place in Beverly Hills, Calif. Omnivex, through a partnership with Send A Message Inc., will be providing a unique multi-purpose digital media kiosk for use at the Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet Style Lounge, hosted by Secret Room Events, on January 14.

PRI's North American Digital Signage Index.

Astral kicks off Fiscal 2011 with a solid first quarter performance: 7% increase in revenues, 5% increase in EBITDA, 11% increase in net earnings and 9% increase in basic EPS2.

The 2011 edition of the Art by Chance “ultra-short film festival” returns this May, with films being shown on more than 20,000 public screens around the world. For its third outing, the festival has partnered with Neo-Traffic (formerly Neo Advertising Canada), the Canadian Health Media Network, and Bar Channel. All venues are in the province of Ontario. Organisers say the festival will achieve the largest audience ever for a public art event.

Grant Sign Service announces new name and new look - Media Resources International, also acquire Hamilton Digital Designs Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of electronic indoor and outdoor LED displays for the sports and entertainment industry.

The Top 10 DOOH Operators of the Year according to Ooh-tv. Sadly no Canadian networks.

A contact lense that displays images on your retina.

Display technology trends and predictions for the commercial digital signage market...LED, autostereoscopic 3D, and entry grade screens.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

QUICKY: Rouge wins court case; Christie launches managed digital signage service

After two years of battling out in the Quebec courts, Newad's injunctive proceedings against Rouge Media Group were more.

Christie brings end-to-end digital signage solutions to the retail marketplace and are showing them off at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Expo more.

Here's a really cool use of Christie MicroTiles by LG Electronics at CES 2001:

LG Electronics CES-2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Omnivex demoing software at the NRF

Omnivex digital signage in a Bell boutique

Omnivex Corporation, a provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, will be exhibiting at the National Retail Federation (NRF) trade show taking place in New York City, January 10 & 11. Omnivex will be featuring a variety of technologies for the retail industry and demonstrating the many ways that digital signage can be used to enhance the in-store customer experience. Omnivex software has been used extensively to manage different applications for digital signage in the retail environment, all with one integrated platform.

Omnivex Moxie digital signage software offers retailers the ability to distribute information and communicate with customers more effectively, helping to engage them at the point of purchase. Unlike other software providers, Omnivex is known for their ability to make content on the screens more relevant to viewers by utilizing both internal and external data to determine what content to display on the screens. Customers benefit from a more personalized shopping experience, while retails are able to realize a better ROI from their digital out of home advertising network because they are reaching customers with the right information, at the right time and place. Omnivex software is used at Bell stores in Canada to manage interactive and passive digital signage point of purchase network

Moxie software has exceptional video playback and graphic handling capabilities, so content displayed is vibrant and captivating, drawing in viewers while enhancing the overall aesthetic of the surrounding environment. Moxie automates many of the processes associated with maintaining large digital signage networks and allows content to be managed remotely, reducing operating costs.

Additionally, with its advanced functionality for managing advertising networks, Moxie makes creating, scheduling and tracking content simple. The software has the ability to manage complex playlists, by associating meta-data with content assets and predetermined rules for where and when those assets should play. Proof of play logs can be generated by the software for ease of billing.

Omnivex will also be exhibiting how retailers can benefit from the integration of technologies such as RFID, lift mechanisms and barcodes to trigger content displayed on the screens. Moxie offers the ability to dynamically change the information displayed on the screen from the regularly scheduled content to content about a specific product a customer is interested in.

The most recent developments in self service technologies and interactive kiosks will also be on display in the Omnivex booth at NRF. Omnivex powered interactive kiosks incorporate advertising space and touch screen capabilities to create a truly multipurpose platform with a broad range of applications. For retailers, kiosks can be an invaluable marketing tool as well as an information center, where customers can search for store locations, product information, hours of operation, etc. Similarly, Moxie has built in functionality for creating and managing interactive wayfinding content on touch screens to serve as an additional customer service aid by providing both convenience and accessibility.

The NRF showcases the latest in technology trends for the retail industry. The show is celebrating 100 years of market leadership with industry experts and service providers from around the world in attendance. Visit Omnivex in booth 2753 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center on January 10 & 11 to learn more about how digital signage can enhance the retail experience. For more information about the NRF, visit

Digital Signage for the hearing impaired

HNN today announced that they are using ScreenScape, a "community-based" digital signage provider, to launch a hearing health care network that will link the hearing clinic directly to the patient in the US, Canada and abroad.

With more than 25 years in the hearing healthcare industry, Robert J. Oswald, Director and Founder of HNN commented “Digital signage is brand new to this space, and the benefits couldn't be more significant today. HNN is helping hearing healthcare professionals to strengthen brand and hearing awareness, as well as, increase revenues. Simply put HNN acts as 'Your Silent Partner' by engaging and informing the patient prior to their clinical examination.”

HNN, in partnership with ClearSounds, the premier provider of assisted hearing devices plans to deploy HNN into hundreds of clinics in 2011. ClearSounds has already begun accepting subscribers and timing couldn’t be more relevant as the hearing care industry moves into the digital era.

“Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin all have great government programs to help subsidize the cost of assistive devices. Part of our efforts is to create awareness within these regions and offer this type of technology to improve efficiency and education and ultimately bring more cohesiveness between the clinics external marketing initiatives and the patient experience internally.” commented Brad Dodson, Director of Business Development for ClearSounds Communications Inc.

“With ScreenScape we have a flexible easy to use platform that allows us to grow our network rapidly. Healthcare professionals can participate in a model that allows them to choose how much airtime they want to use for local promotion and how much airtime we provide with revenue sharing through advertisements.” continued Oswald.

President and CEO of ScreenScape, Kevin Dwyer stated, “With ScreenScape, HNN has a cost effective partnership to address the needs of hearing health care providers and their patients. With a flexible local based advertising model they have created a great service for both the advertisers and the clinic operators. ScreenScape makes it easy to entertain patients while they wait, and it's encouraging to see a business model surface based on our platform that allows network operators to increase awareness using relevant content to precondition and educate new or existing patients as to the world of hearing health care.”

Audience digital signage saving grace of fire dept. information channel

World Media Net & Affiliates LLC, an authorized reseller of Audience digital signage and broadcasting software was awarded a contract to provide Fire Rescue TV clients a brand new means of receiving in house daily news in relation to the Fire & Rescue industry. The initial digital signage in house network will be offered to both United States & Canadian agencies.

The new Fire Rescue TV digital signage network will provide 24 hour information and news directly related to the Fire and Rescue industry. Fire Departments, Rescue Squad Departments, Military and Government Fire Departments, Airport Fire Departments , Offices of Emergency Services and Hospital Networks are expected to sign on to the new service.

Fire Rescue TV is based in Hampton Virginia. A secondary production studio in the Washington DC area is expected to be on line summer 2011. New Fire Rescue TV clients will be provided a commercial series 42 inch digital LCD screen, content playback system and professional installation services. Fire Rescue TV will provide viewers with an extensive library of videos, breaking news throughout the day and an in-depth look at the latest firefighting tools and trends affecting US & Canadian First Responders.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lyle Bunn recognized with Honorary Doctorate

The Digital Signage Expert Group (DSEG) today recognized Lyle Bunn with their honorary “Doctorate of Digital Signage” for his contributions to the ongoing advancement and development of the Digital Signage industry through education.

Alan Brawn, Co-Founder and Chair of the Digital Signage Experts Group Program said, “Lyle Bunn is an industry visionary whose work in Digital Signage project definition and planning has been extremely valuable in clarifying project processes, defining a project road map and navigating critical success factors.”

In presenting the recognition Brawn noted that “Lyle Bunn has advanced the industry through focusing a bright light of attention on digital signage and publishing almost 200 industry articles and whitepapers in numerous industry and business publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and the National Post. He has provided education to business and communications professionals at every major industry event and helped shape conference education programs through his advisory roles. He has helped honor those deserving of industry wide recognition by serving on the judging panels of the DIGI and POPAI award programs. We honor the work and the man.”

Lyle Bunn said “I feel privileged by this recognition from Digital Signage Expert Group, an industry organization that is so key to the digital signage industry. By providing impartial, agnostic, and vendor neutral education for supply professionals and end users who seek foundational knowledge and professional recognition, DSEG plays a vital role in getting the industry the respect of the outside world that it so richly deserves”.

The Digital Signage Expert Group established the honorary “Doctorate of Digital Signage Award” program in recognition of individuals who have gone above self-interest and volunteered selflessly their personal time to advance the digital signage industry as a whole in a meaningful way. Lyle Bunn is the first recipient of this honor. Nominations are accepted by the DSEG Board of Advisors who vote on the nominees to be so honored.