Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lyle Bunn recognized with Honorary Doctorate

The Digital Signage Expert Group (DSEG) today recognized Lyle Bunn with their honorary “Doctorate of Digital Signage” for his contributions to the ongoing advancement and development of the Digital Signage industry through education.

Alan Brawn, Co-Founder and Chair of the Digital Signage Experts Group Program said, “Lyle Bunn is an industry visionary whose work in Digital Signage project definition and planning has been extremely valuable in clarifying project processes, defining a project road map and navigating critical success factors.”

In presenting the recognition Brawn noted that “Lyle Bunn has advanced the industry through focusing a bright light of attention on digital signage and publishing almost 200 industry articles and whitepapers in numerous industry and business publications including USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and the National Post. He has provided education to business and communications professionals at every major industry event and helped shape conference education programs through his advisory roles. He has helped honor those deserving of industry wide recognition by serving on the judging panels of the DIGI and POPAI award programs. We honor the work and the man.”

Lyle Bunn said “I feel privileged by this recognition from Digital Signage Expert Group, an industry organization that is so key to the digital signage industry. By providing impartial, agnostic, and vendor neutral education for supply professionals and end users who seek foundational knowledge and professional recognition, DSEG plays a vital role in getting the industry the respect of the outside world that it so richly deserves”.

The Digital Signage Expert Group established the honorary “Doctorate of Digital Signage Award” program in recognition of individuals who have gone above self-interest and volunteered selflessly their personal time to advance the digital signage industry as a whole in a meaningful way. Lyle Bunn is the first recipient of this honor. Nominations are accepted by the DSEG Board of Advisors who vote on the nominees to be so honored.

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