Thursday, September 19, 2013

ADCentricity announces some new partnerships

ADCentricity has enhanced the inventory of digital media networks to include two new network partnerships, now totaling over 85 partnerships across Canada and the US.  ADCentricity has also further enhanced its online location at while moving physical locations to Toronto’s Financial District at Bay & Adelaide.

ADCentricity’s most recent partnerships are unique categories to add to the existing inventory. These digital location-based advertising networks are MedTV Network and Vizimo Digital.

“MedTV Network has partnered with The Toronto East General Hospital to implement a digital signage solution to improve customer experience, increase brand recognition, enhance communications and demonstrate responsibility and community involvement.  Customer surveys suggest that digital screens are viewed more frequently than brochures (63% of customers view screens as opposed to less than 10% for brochure panels), helping engage customers in conversations.  Customers also perceive digital media as being modern and innovative reflecting on TEGH as one of the leaders in their industry defining customer experience”, says MedTV.  The network operates 42 screens throughout the hospital providing an average of 2, 016 daily impressions.

Vizimo Digital’s Noticeboard Condo Network is a network of digital location-based screens available in condominiums, rental properties and lofts across the GTA. The screens strategically placed in lobbies, near the elevator and in the mailrooms; high dwell and traffic areas and reaching a key demographic of adults aged 18-44. “We are excited at the opportunity to be the leading provider of internal communication for residential properties around the GTA and beyond. We are always looking to the future, and periodically we change our network, and it's content on a frequent basis to keep things fresh for our viewers” said David Perelman, Director of Business Operations at Vizimo Digital. Noticeboard Condo Network boasts approximately 150 ad plays per day with loop lengths of 7 to 10 minutes reaching 40,000 viewers per month. Noticeboard Condo Network is an elegant solution to condo communications.

As for ADCentricity online, “ADCentricity’s website updates make use of simple navigation, providing as much information on our products and services as possible while maintaining a visually engaging theme. We’ve also made the website a source of industry related information. Stats and infographics are available for download by all visitors” said marketing communications officer Curtis Champion. See it for yourself at

ADCentricity is excited to expand on its already robust list of venue categories, growing relationships with new and existing networks, and ultimately increasing the available inventory to further accommodate any and all client request in the DOOH world.