Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canada Olympic House uses Christie display wall tech

Christie® today announced its partnership with Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade’s (DFAIT) “Invest in Canada.” Christie has provided two striking digital displays featuring Christie® MicroTiles® and Christie Entero LED rear projection cubes at Canada Olympic House in Trafalgar Square.  Operating from July 27 through August 12, in addition to being the Canadian Olympic Committee's space for athletes, their friends and their families, Canada Olympic House hosts business leaders and government dignitaries and showcase Canada’s leading industries and businesses. Christie is among the select technology companies invited to participate.

As a world leader of visual display technologies and solutions, with manufacturing in Canada, Christie’s partnership with DFAIT at Canada Olympic House in London includes a large lobby display of up to 37 Christie MicroTiles and four 72” diagonal Entero cubes, the world’s first LED-based ultra-high resolution projection display system, for the Business Club, site of numerous networking events throughout the month.  Both displays show a video and graphical montage highlighting Canada’s leading sectors and landscapes. Float4 Interactive is providing the interactivity kit to allow multiple users to interact with the displays.

Business leaders, government dignitaries, world-class athletes and executives from all over the world are expected to attend the various events to be presented at the facility.  This includes a special Information Communications Technology (ICT) day on August 6, put on by Invest in Canada in association with the Financial Times, as well as a technology showcase organized by
Invest Ottawa on behalf of the Consider Canada Alliance.

“From award-winning games and visual effects, to digital cinema and e-commerce, to wireless and mobile applications, Canada is an important player in the global economy,” noted Kathryn Cress, vice president of Global and Corporate Marketing at Christie. “As a major contributor to Canada’s technology revolution with manufacturing facilities in the Waterloo Region, Christie is proud to bring its expertise to Canada Olympic House to help further the country’s strategic expansion upon the world’s digital stage.”

According to the government of Canada, Canada's digital industries are a robust and rapidly advancing sector, with 32,700 companies, more than half a million employees, annual revenues in excess of $162 billion and annual exports of $26 billion in 2010. Profiling these activities is part of the government’s economic strategy to create conditions for businesses in Canada to succeed on a global scale. At Canada Olympic House, senior policy-makers and global business leaders will inform potential investors about Canada's ICT sector, its key areas of growth, as well as the challenges and emerging investment opportunities.

“As a leader in the ICT sector, Canada long ago recognized the importance of fostering innovation and creating the right business environment to attract world-class companies to our shores," said International Trade Minister Ed Fast. "With our low taxes, strong and stable economy, significant research and development incentives, and highly-educated workforce, Canada continues to be a premier destination of choice for foreign investors. Christie's revolutionary digital cinema technology and powerful visual displays highlight how Canada's competitive strengths and economic vision benefit a global audience and drive economic growth here at home."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colombian digital signage network selects BroadSign

Colombia's leading digital signage network operator, Enmedio Comunicacion Digital, has elected to deploy BroadSign's industry-leading technology platform across its networks with plans for significant growth in the coming months.

Enmedio Comunicacion Digital operates advertising and corporate networks in Colombia's most prominent cities. Its advertising arm, Enmedio Advertising Networks, has deployed over 1600 digital displays in more than 830 high-traffic venues across the country. Enmedio Corporate Networks, a managed services network, runs 150 screens for high-profile companies such as Citibank, Dupont and Coca-Cola. Together, its two business units reach over 28 million people monthly across a wide range of venue types such as office buildings, banks, shopping centers, airports, hotels, hospitals, gyms, bars, restaurants, universities, hair salons and spas.

Building on its success and driven by innovations in the fields of mobile convergence and interactivity, Enmedio is now set to expand to 2000 digital signs by the end of 2012 and well over 6000 displays by 2015.

"BroadSign's superior segmentation capabilities allow us to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time," said Enmedio CEO, Sebastian Obregon. "Their automation platform means our people can focus entirely on growing revenue rather than trying to solve technology problems," he added.

"We are excited to welcome Enmedio to the BroadSign family and look forward to supporting their endeavors in the coming years," commented BroadSign CEO, Brian Dusho.

"Our relationship is yet another testament to the strong ties that bind us to the South American market. We are proud to see Enmedio carry the BroadSign banner as they undertake their significant expansion efforts," he concluded.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/07/24/4654698/enmedio-comunicacion-digital-chooses.html#storylink=cpy

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cinemas Guzzo wow cinema-goers with MicroTiles

Two Christie® MicroTiles® displays are stopping moviegoers in their tracks when they walk into the Cinemas Guzzo IMAX® theater lobby at the Mega Plex Marché Central 18 in Montreal. Les Cinémas Guzzo (“Guzzo”), one of Canada’s leading independent chains and the largest privately owned cinema chain in Quebec, has more than 151 screens in 12 theater complexes.

The eye-catching displays – one in a 6 high by 11 wide archway, and the other centered just past the archway in a 3 wide by 6 high array – draw audiences into the theater itself with captivating content produced by Arsenal Media, who specialize in digital content creation and concept development with Christie MicroTiles. Once customers walk under the arch, the interior Christie MicroTiles wall greets them with a large movie poster with movie trailers playing inside the poster.

Vincenzo Guzzo, executive vice president, Cinemas Guzzo, was immediately impressed with Christie MicroTiles.

“I saw them for the first time at CinemaCon 2011 and I had never seen something so bright, crisp and sharp – and those are the most important things for me,” he said. “Arsenal Media produced some very interesting and complex content that runs on the MicroTiles. Everyone loves it and, in particular, the younger crowd who has said it’s really cool. The MicroTiles makes a lot of people just stop and take a minute to look at the whole display. Once they walk through the arch, they stop and stare again at the movie trailers playing inside the movie poster.

“The Christie MicroTiles, out of all comparable products, are probably the best because not only are they so bright and crisp, they can they be built into irregular shapes and are practically seamless.”

For visually appealing displays, Christie lobby advertising solutions – including Christie MicroTiles – offer high brightness, high-resolution technology that captivates audiences with lifelike, vibrant colors.  Combining the strengths of both DLP® and LED technology, Christie MicroTiles can reproduce 115 percent of the NTSC color gamut and exceed standard LCD flat panel color output by more than 50 percent. Christie MicroTiles automatically self-calibrate for color and brightness with built-in sensors monitoring each LED’s performance. Throughout the life of the display, each tile detects its neighbor and adjusts its image to optimize the overall presentation.

“Our company did the consultation for the construction and electrical work necessary, plus the actual installation and calibration of the MicroTiles,” said J.P. Berardini, branch manager, Genesis Integration, Inc. “Guzzo wanted an archway because they want moviegoers to feel like they are walking into ‘an experience,’ not just a movie theater. Genesis helped create a 3D-like experience with both the archway and the interior array and it works because of the MicroTiles.”

“This installation is a perfect fit from both a shape and strategic perspective,” said Angela Tanzi, vice president of operations, Arsenal Media. “We supported the configuration concept by leveraging shape and creating content that generated a very impactful point of focus for the arch. When customers enter the GUZZO-IMAX theater, they recognize right away that they’re up for an enhanced visual and cinematic experience.”

In November 2011, Les Cinémas Guzzo (“Guzzo”) announced that all its screens, support and services were converting to digital with Christie. The contract includes the Christie CP2000ZX, Christie CP2000-SB, Christie CP2210, Christie CP2220, and Christie CP2230 projectors. The agreement also includes the upgrading of 27 screens to the Christie CP4220 and Christie CP4230 4K projectors. The conversion will be completed in the spring of 2012.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

NYC Street Artist Hacks OOH with Faux Computer Messages

Jilly Ballistic, self-proclaimed as most well-known street and subway artist in New York City, created a series of "hacks" where he affixed faux-computer and handheld device messages or interface elements on out-of-home advertisement boards

The targets of his "commentary" ranges from highly commercial Hollywood films to beers but really is bashing advertising itself. 

Here are a few more examples but you can see them all, including his series of wheat pastings featurint gas masks, on Jilly Ballistic's tumblr.

Friday, July 6, 2012

University of Portsmouth Broadcast Students Break New Ground Using Audience Software

Students from the University of Portsmouth located in Hampshire, England, have broken new ground by being the first undergraduates in the country to produce and air four hours of live television coverage. The record performance required professional skills and endurance and was produced using two NewTek TriCaster production units, and Audience as the broadcast platform.

The 46 students and four staff from the School of Creative Technologies BSc Television and Broadcasting course ran a four-hour magazine style show which aired on the BBC Big Screen in the city Guildhall Square and was streamed live across campus and on the internet. Their mission was to promote and celebrate the work of fellow students in the University’s faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.

Course tutor Charlie Watts said, “As far as we know, this has never been done or even attempted in higher education in this country before now. I'm ecstatic with the end result. We have been building up to this moment for five years, and I'm so proud of the students that we actually pulled it off and broadcast consecutive programmes over the four hours. This year has seen us launch the CCi TV website that streams the TV channel content 24/7, and also provides video on demand displaying over three years of work.”

The broadcast transmission was broken into sections with Watts, TV manager Lou Appleby and Principal lecturer Gary Bown overseeing the students' showcase programmes, which included work from Art, Design and Media students and the BA Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise students' fashion show broadcast live to the BBC Big Screen.

Gary Bown said, “The final year show is a great opportunity for all levels of the TV and broadcast course to work together, and students of all levels did a fantastic job of producing and transmitting the show. Knowing we were being shown live in the city Guildhall Square added a little to the pressure, but we specialize in working without a safety net, and we also have 100% trust in our Audience broadcast server. It’s reassuring to know that we are connecting to another Audience system when we collaborate with the BBC, and both servers performed flawlessly and helped make the whole show look great!”.

The School of Creative Technologies BSc Television and Broadcasting course of Portsmouth University purchased their first Audience broadcast server system in March 2007 to broadcast a 24/7 TV channel and to televise the yearly graduation ceremony. The original idea was for the parents of foreign students to have the opportunity to see their child's graduation day from abroad.

The course in TV and Broadcasting is academic but vocational in nature. The main goal is to be able to give students firsthand experience in live broadcasting, a crucial component to their studies.

Watts remarked, “This live show will be hard to top for a while. The BBC trusted us implicitly to broadcast acceptable and professional content, and we owe a big thank you to Portsmouth City Council for their continued support of our presence on the Big Screen, and for the investment they have made to make it such a major asset to the city. We know other universities around the country cannot believe our students produce live programmes every week, and now they will have to try and comprehend how we have managed to produce four hours of live TV from two separate locations while also transmitting all around campus and to the web. The fact that we could even attempt such a thing was all thanks to the NewTek TriCasters, and the Audience platform supplied by Capital Networks. This kit delivers time and time again.”

Thursday, July 5, 2012

VIDEO: Canada Day 3D Water Show for 2013 Nissan Altima

In celebration of Canada's 145th birthday, Nissan Canada presented an awe-inspiring 3D holographic water show in four cities across Canada last night. With shows in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, thousands of spectators were delighted by the innovative spectacle that showcased the new 2013 Nissan Altima.

3D Water Screen Projection technology uses a submerged nozzle that sprays a thin fan of water onto a screen that works by diffusing light and projects the image towards the audience.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pattison Onestop launches 'The Ad Shop'

Pattison Onestop (the digital division of Pattison Outdoor Advertising) has today announced the launch of the industry changing Ad Shop. With the launch of The Ad Shop (www.adshop.ca), Pattison Onestop has emerged as the only out-of-home company in Canada to offer its portfolio of digital properties online.

The Ad Shop is a strategically engineered solution to support small and medium sized businesses, with limited budgets, to gain access to thousands of digital advertising locations, available coast-to-coast.

Through the Ad Shop, Pattison Onestop has eliminated the traditional barriers that have historically limited smaller businesses from buying out-of-home/billboard media. Now, from just $ 2 dollars a day, a small/local advertiser can buy the specific Pattison Onestop media location(s) that are relevant to them.

“Its easy, highly-targeted, and extremely cost-effective for all types of advertisers” says Michael Girgis, President of Pattison Onestop. “Through the Ad Shop, our commitment is that no campaign or advertiser is too small to have a powerful advertising program that’s uniquely relevant to them”.

From the purchase of a digital media campaign in one geo-targeted subway station or shopping mall, to the purchase of 50+ Residential high-rises located within a 10-kilometer radius from an advertiser’s retail-location; the Ad Shop is an unprecedented new solution for advertisers to reach their customers like never before.

Once advertisers select their preferred media locations, they enter the Ad Shop’s proprietary Content-Development-Module. The CDM enables advertisers to browse and select from hundreds of creative templates, at no additional cost. Advertisers choose the templates that appeal to them and within minutes, lock and upload their own, custom advertising message.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

kenna adds Location-Based Digital Media and Mobile Solutions with Adcentricity Partnership

TORONTO, Ontario – (July 3, 2012) – kenna, a member of the MDC Partners group is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with Adcentricity that will add location-based digital media and mobile solutions to its arsenal of proprietary integrated technology tools.  By applying strategic and analytical models and leveraging technology, kenna helps clients determine who the right customers are, build sustained, profitable relationships with them and deliver tailored and relevant experiences that drive incremental revenue.

Adcentricity gives kenna a point of differentiation in a key channel—digital out-of-home media—an area that holds tremendous promise for enhancing customer relationships.  Their proprietary, location-based digital platforms provide additional points of communication which will help kenna’s clients get found in today’s hyper-connected world.  Adcentricity’s key platforms are AdCentral, which delivers targeted messaging through strategically-placed digital screens and AdMobile which is a mobile shopping platform that provides shopping tools, location services, content management and analytics.

“Choosing the right technology partners is crucial for us,” explains kenna Chief Operating Officer, Paul Quigley.  “Finding and leveraging best in class, third party platforms that will drive our clients’ top and bottom line growth is an important element of what we do.  Partnering with Adcentricity gives us a faster, better and more cost-effective way for us to provide location-based mobile solutions to the North American marketplace.”

“Location-based digital media is growing rapidly thanks to the wide array of channel options available to connected, on-the-go consumers,” said Doug Woolridge, CEO of Adcentricity.  “According to Juniper Research, revenue generated through mobile location-based services could grow to more than $12.7 billion by 2014.  We are very proud to work with a marketing solutions firm of kenna’s calibre, and are confident their clients will benefit from this relationship.”

About kenna
kenna is a marketing solutions agency that combines creativity, analytics and proprietary technology to create meaningful, profitable and sustainable connections with people.  Kenna’s innovative solutions help their clients accelerate the sales cycle, optimize customer value and become more efficient and productive.  Current clients include Nissan, Wrigley, BASF, CIBA, Sonos, Tervita and MBNA.

About Adcentricity
Adcentricity provides location-based marketing platforms and solutions that drive shopper marketing and consumer engagement based on a person’s physical location.  Key products include:  ADCentral which features three key services ADVenue, ADTarget, and ADFormat; and ADMobile, which allows advertisers to deliver and measure targeted and personalized offers and advertising to their highest potential consumers along the path to purchase.  Adcentricity has worked with top agencies and brands including Toyota, American Express, General Motors, Samsung and P&G among others, and has strategic partnerships with The Nielsen Company, Polk, Computer Sciences Corporation, PwC and more.  Adcentricity is headquartered in Toronto, with offices in New York and London.  For more information visit www.adcentricity.com.

Digital Signage #fail: Pron on a bus schedule

This Danish bus operator (I believe it is a private one) was caught red-handed using a Windows-based platform to run its digital signage. As you can see from the #fail picture, some one (Hacker? Disgruntled employee?) exploited an unregistered installation of TeamViewer (note: there is a license fee for commercial use) to open up an instance of a browser and view Redtube, a free pron website.

This is like a triple-whammy of digital signage #fail. How embarrassing.

[Via reddit user ZuberMario]