Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pattison Onestop launches 'The Ad Shop'

Pattison Onestop (the digital division of Pattison Outdoor Advertising) has today announced the launch of the industry changing Ad Shop. With the launch of The Ad Shop (, Pattison Onestop has emerged as the only out-of-home company in Canada to offer its portfolio of digital properties online.

The Ad Shop is a strategically engineered solution to support small and medium sized businesses, with limited budgets, to gain access to thousands of digital advertising locations, available coast-to-coast.

Through the Ad Shop, Pattison Onestop has eliminated the traditional barriers that have historically limited smaller businesses from buying out-of-home/billboard media. Now, from just $ 2 dollars a day, a small/local advertiser can buy the specific Pattison Onestop media location(s) that are relevant to them.

“Its easy, highly-targeted, and extremely cost-effective for all types of advertisers” says Michael Girgis, President of Pattison Onestop. “Through the Ad Shop, our commitment is that no campaign or advertiser is too small to have a powerful advertising program that’s uniquely relevant to them”.

From the purchase of a digital media campaign in one geo-targeted subway station or shopping mall, to the purchase of 50+ Residential high-rises located within a 10-kilometer radius from an advertiser’s retail-location; the Ad Shop is an unprecedented new solution for advertisers to reach their customers like never before.

Once advertisers select their preferred media locations, they enter the Ad Shop’s proprietary Content-Development-Module. The CDM enables advertisers to browse and select from hundreds of creative templates, at no additional cost. Advertisers choose the templates that appeal to them and within minutes, lock and upload their own, custom advertising message.

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