Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pinpoint Media, iSIGN partner to enhance Couche-Tard/Mac's network

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. have announced that Pinpoint Media Group Inc., a Toronto based digital signage advertising network provider servicing 1,400 convenience stores in Canada has partnered with iSIGN to enhance its network.

iSIGN's Interactive Marketing Solution ("IMS") 3.0 software will be embedded into the Mac's/Couche-Tard convenience store chain's digital signage network in Canada, commencing January 4, 2011, in Quebec first where it has over 85% of the market share in the convenience/gas retail market. Installations will follow in Ontario where it has a 65% share of the market and Western Canada, where it has a 60% share of the market.

The addition of iSIGN's patent pending proximity based interactive advertising solution will expand the reach of all signage advertising content to mobile phones, capturing shoppers' response and allow for real time analysis. Pinpoint will be the first major advertising footprint to include "Business Intelligence" data gathering to its advertising clients.

The Pinpoint network consists of 5,200 digital signs/faces and is contributing and influencing the $8 billion in annual transactions from up to 1.5 million daily customers in Pinpoint enabled locations.

Once all signage is embedded and advertisers request activation of the IMS 3.0 software, annual revenues of just over $8 million will be generated by iSIGN's monthly licensing fees. The embedding is an automated process, performed remotely, as is the activation which will be done throughout the network to engage advertisers.

"In 2011 Pinpoint Media will be the largest digital signage footprint offering all brand and service advertisers our iSIGN powered interactive messaging to mobile phones in proximity of each location to increase consumer awareness and spontaneous purchases in the Mac's/Couche-Tard chain," said Alex Romanov, iSIGN's Chief Executive Officer. "This will increase sales and revenues for the stores, the advertisers and Pinpoint."

"This will be a very unique ROI opportunity for our advertisers and will be instantly measurable as all signage is embedded and the IMS 3.0 software activated for advertisers," said Enmanuel Rumbos, President of Pinpoint Media. "This is something that ad agencies and clients alike are constantly looking for in this emerging medium."

"Advertisers on the Pinpoint signage network will be able to receive real-time feedback to each advertisement sent to shoppers' phones from every sign in each location," added Mr. Romanov. "Currently our IMS 3.0 software has demonstrated the ability to interact with 150,000 or more mobile devices per month from a single unit and we look forward to the volume of data we will capture in a chain with millions of customers monthly. Pinpoint's advertisers will be the beneficiaries of large volumes of confirmed responses to each advertisement. This is a marketer's dream."

Both executives were unanimous to add "that Pinpoint's network will have the instant advantage of being able to interact with millions of mobile phones per month, resulting in possibly the largest digital data gathering system to date, provided by and proving the power of location based interactive proximity advertising utilizing Bluetooth(R) enabled technology which is free of cost to consumers, doesn't impact their privacy while providing virtual real time feedback to clients for analysis for the planning of future planned marketing campaigns.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Haivision partners with Panasonic for hardware, software bundling

Haivision Network Video, a Montreal-based provider of intelligent IP video networking solutions and the current distributor of CoolSign digital signage software, has partnered with Panasonic Solutions Company to create a complete digital signage solution for businesses that is easy to purchase, install and operate.

The solution combines Haivision's CoolSign digital signage software platform, pre-configured on a powerful media player PC, and Panasonic's professional LCD displays. This bundled digital signage package offers businesses unmatched quality, easy to specify ordering, simplified delivery, exceptional value with competitive pricing, pre-configured, CoolSign player license certificate plus a two-year parts and service warranty.

"Panasonic and Haivision are collaborating to ease the adoption of digital signage," said Rick Albert, VP Sales, Professional Display Solutions. "Our partnership with Haivision will open up new opportunities for delivering quality digital signage solutions to specific vertical markets via the CoolSign software."

The software will initially be bundled with Panasonic's LF20 Series Full-HD LCD displays, the 47" TH-47LF20U and the 42" TH-42LF20U, the company's brightest LCD models for retail signage. These displays are distinguished by a wide range of professional features, including high image clarity, a slim design, and light weight. This combined solution will drive business initiatives in signage venues such as shopping malls, public transportation, quick-serve restaurants and other commercial facilities.

"Panasonic and Haivision are strategically aligned to present value-added propositions in our focus markets," said Mirko Wicha, president and CEO of Haivision. "The time has come for simplification in the signage segment and we are excited to partner with Panasonic towards this end."

The bundled solution will come in four SKUs, two of which include a wall mount with vertical or horizontal orientation. All four SKUs are available immediately.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

H&M hit and run campaign

Last month, Swedish retailer H&M promoted its new Lanvin collection with a hit-and-run style media campaign created by H&M Canada's MAOY, MediaCom in Toronto. In this secret campaign, where details were kept from global headquarters until the last minute, a tight timeline forced the OOH portion to be digital.

Digital billboards in Toronto, such Yonge-Dundas Square, Montreal and Vancouver, and the screens of the One Stop network were used in the campaign. The digital ads featured a countdown banner at the bottom that ticked off the days, hours and minutes until the collection became available.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Capital Networks launches Audience 4.0

Capital Networks Limited, a global provider of broadcasting and dynamic digital signage content creation and management software, has launched a major new version of Audience with a powerful, flexible HD solution for high quality broadcast content and digital signage displays. Packaged with an enhanced graphic interface and more video and animation support than before, the new Audience platform produces displays powerful enough to engage with today's public which is exposed increasingly to HD content.

Growing awareness of HD programming can be attributed to major sporting events, as well as the expanding HDTV home market. According to Informa Telecoms and Media, by 2014 the number of homes watching HDTV worldwide, will surge to 276 million. As a result, more and more digital signage and DOOH broadcasters want to ensure the images people see out of their homes - in sporting stadiums, shops, restaurants, airport lounges and other public places - match the quality that people are exposed to in their homes.

Jim Vair, Vice President of Business Development at Capital Networks commented, "Like it or not, increasingly digital signage messaging will be judged by the public against what they see in their homes. Digital signage content producers who lag behind the growing public appetite for media rich, high definition presentations run the risk of being left behind. The same is perhaps more true of broadcasters, as they approach the out-of-home world, they must ensure that their digital signage efforts are of the highest quality because they have their professional brand to uphold."

"Since 1991 we've supplied creation and content management software and support services to the demanding Broadcasting and Cable Television industries. More recently, we've developed our products and support to bring the same level of professionalism to the rapidly expanding Out of Home / Digital Signage industry. Audience 4.0 is the new platform for professional media enterprises based on 19 years of customer feedback and support. It delivers reliability, scalability, flexibility - and the highest quality images. This is what our customers want," Jim Vair added.

Audience 4.0 also features new scheduling developments. These enable smart, enterprise level scheduling, so that users can target specific playbacks by demographic locations. A large restaurant, for example, might want to promote certain dishes in certain cities or towns - or even an individual restaurant - where they are most popular. With Audience's advanced scheduling, they can now run these offers automatically, without the need to spend time on separate programming. This ensures that the business can display relevant local information, but retain consistent national branding.

Other key new features of Audience 4.0 include:

• Support for Windows 7

• Enhanced video file support - Including SD and HD, MPEG4 and MPEG2

• Broadcast quality MNG animations builder - ideal for companies that don't have animators on staff but want animation within a show

• Full alpha channel flash support

• 3D effects and transitions

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glasses-less 23 inch HD 3D LCD

Eizo is showcasing a glasses-free 23 inch HD 3D LCD screen called the Nanao at the Fukuoka December 1st to the 3rd. The 1080p panel uses a proprietary system with a directional backlight that causes a disparity in the time the stereoscopic image reaches your eyes creating the 3D effect. Aberrations such as Moire are not present since no lens or barrier is used.

The 3D effect is at its best at a viewing angle of about 1 meter, but the the horizontal stereo tolerance is about 65mm so you need to pretty much be looking at it straight on.

Its a heavyweight for a 23 inch panel coming in at 35lbs and, as you can see from the image above, quite bulky. In a world of sub-1 inch bezels, the Nanao looks a little awkward. Suffice it to say, I don't see it doing too well in the consumer.

Source: AV Watch

I could be interesting to use this in retail digital signage although its size would limit it to a small aisle end cap.

Its unclear what the MSRP will be but it will likely be pricey.