Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Montréal’s subway system adds more screens

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and COGECO Métromédia will set up Métrovision digital screens in the whole of Montréal’s subway system to provide its clientele with an increasingly better access to information. The deployment will be carried out in two phases, each covering 26 stations, from June 2013 to Summer 2014.

The screens will display useful information for passengers such as the hour and the destination of the next subway train, the status of the subway service, and instructions in case of an emergency.
There are currently 116 screens in 16 metro stations. At the end of this new initiative, 223 more screens will be installed, for a total of four screens per station – or two by platform – as well, more screens will be added at the Jean-Talon and Snowdon stations.

« The STM provides more than 900,000 commutes in its subway system. Customer satisfaction is directly linked to the quality of the information provided and to its availability. By equipping all of its subway stations with digital displays, the STM once again proves its continuing commitment to improving its own practices to better meet the needs of commuters », said Mr Michel Labrecque, Chairman of the Board.

« We have been one of the first industry players to commercialize a digital display network, stated Claude Lamoureux, Vice-President and General Manager of COGECO Métromedia. This deployment is part of the move toward digital media already in progress and will reach all of the users of Montréal’s subway system every day. Métrovision also provides a new and diversified programming that we will happily share with all of the clientele ».

The STM, the entity responsible for installing the infrastructure to accommodate the displays, is carrying out this project within the Réno-Systèmes phase 3, a program jointly funded by Transports Québec. COGECO Métromedia provides the display equipment as well as content management and system maintenance.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

BroadSign International joins OAAA

BroadSign International, LLC, provider of digital signage software and services, has joined the ranks of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), a trade organization that represents over 800 member companies and more than 90 percent of the country’s OOH advertising revenue.

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising revenue rose 4.2 percent in 2012 compared to the previous year, accounting for $6.7 billion, based on figures released by OAAA. The increase in revenue highlights the industry’s positive revenue growth for 12 consecutive quarters.

“Out-of-home continues to perform well year after year and it remains one of the fastest growing advertising media,” said OAAA President & CEO Nancy Fletcher in the OAAA member newsletter. OAAA’s revenue estimates include billboard, street furniture, transit and alternative advertising, as well as digital platforms for advertising spending.

Market studies indicate that the digital component is a primary reason for the OOH industry’s steady and rapid growth. Many experts think that it is only a matter of time before more OOH advertising assets convert to digital.

“As digital increasingly drives the success of many OAAA member companies, we feel that we can greatly benefit from the research, tools and networking opportunities within the organization,” said Brian Dusho, BroadSign’s CEO. “Since our platform already powers some of the world’s largest and most successful digital outdoor networks, we will be happy to share our vast expertise with the community,” he added. 

BroadSign has been providing software-as-a-service for digital signage networks for 10 years and now powers the largest connected aggregate of digital out-of-home screens. The company recently released its latest software platform, BroadSign X, which offers further enriched functionality, simplified workflows and greater network automation. This year also brought the introduction of the BroadSign Xpress player, a low-cost Android-based device that is an efficient tool for static signage vendors looking to venture into digital. 

BroadSign will be exhibiting at the upcoming OAAA/TAB National Convention & Trade Show in Los Angeles at the J.W. Marriott at L.A. LIVE. Convention registrants can sign up for a meeting with a BroadSign representative at the event by clicking here.

Dot2Dot Communications ignites OAAA/TAB National Convention in L.A.

Dot2Dot Communications, developer of media management software Ad Manager, and Canadian sole distributor for Scala digital signage software pulls out all-the-stops for grass roots client base—Out of Home. As a member of the OAAA for over 18 years, Dot2Dot has worked with most leading Outdoor operators gaining insight and incorporating best practices for their enterprise solution, Ad Manager. As part of this years’ Convention Dot2Dot will be showcasing an impressive line-up of new product functionality for both traditional and digital Out of Home media. They’ll also be bringing to life new ways for consumers to connect with signage via mobile devices using some of the latest outdoor screens provided by Vertigo Displays and LG. Ad Manager highlights include: • Demographic targeting for network operators to tailor media buys, • A link to TAB Out of Home Ratings data for audience measurement, • Automated proposal generation, • Detailed performance reports, • Remote lighting control that saves valuable time and money, • And, a refresh on their connected platform to generate buys for all media types using one contract with one invoice and a single source of POP. “We’re excited about this years’ OAAA/TAB National Convention, their theme ‘ignite’ plays right-in to the amount of innovative developments and momentum Dot2Dot has on the go,” said Nancy Biglow, Marketing Manager, Dot2Dot Communications. “We’re also thrilled to be a major sponsor of the event as the creators for the Official Mobile Site –” You can visit Dot2Dot at the OAAA/TAB National Convention for a hands-on look at their new product features.

Torontonians transported to the Yukon in OOH videos

In mid-April Outside the Cube, the Agency of Record for Tourism Yukon, employed a unique marketing approach to break through the advertising clutter in Toronto. “Toronto is a key market for Tourism Yukon but making an impact through all the noise can be a challenge, so rather than just telling Torontonians how great Yukon is, we wanted them to actually feel it,” said Dee Enright, Lead Strategist of the account and President and CEO of Outside the Cube. “We wanted to create an experience and have them share that experience. The kind of awe that we see when people come to visit.” The agency decided that contrasting the pristine wilderness, northern lights, midnight sun, culture and iconic drives of Yukon to the urban soundscape of Toronto was the way to go. Using projection mapping that included film and sound, Outside the Cube worked with Media Merchants to secure high profile locations and develop stunning Yukon Portals that would transport people from their regular surroundings. “We developed six videos, each of which represents a pillar of our Yukon tourism product. They were about 40 seconds each so they only provided a small taste of what we have to offer. The portals were surrounded in a display of Northern Lights and included the sounds of paddling, dog teams, First Nations drumming and silence. They were a stark contrast to the street lights and sirens of Toronto,” said Enright. “It was amazing to see people stop in their tracks, record the videos on their phones, take photos and share them. For that short time period we allowed them to feel what they could feel if they visited Yukon.” The campaign ran for three consecutive nights in such high profile locations as outside the Air Canada Center before, during and after a Leafs game, on The Esplanade on a busy Friday night when a Blue Jays game was on and bars and restaurants were overflowing, and then on Saturday at the busy corner of Young and Gould. The locations were chosen based on research that indicated where the segment that Yukon Tourism targets spends their time, and which activities they enjoy. The release of the video compilation that captured some of the reactions of passersby is being shared on their YouTube channel and on a number of platforms online. To view the video, click here.