Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haivision Expands European Sales Team

Haivision Network Video, leading provider of the most advanced video networking, digital signage, and IP video distribution solutions, today announced three key appointments that significantly expand the company’s European sales and engineering presence. Peter Gambirasio has been appointed the company’s sales director for Benelux, Southern Europe, and the Nordic region. New hires Heidi Michel and Justus Rogmann will both serve as sales engineers for EMEA markets.

“The EMEA team has expanded considerably this year, and combined with our Dubai office opening in 2010, this growth represents a substantial sales and support investment for the EMEA region,” said Richard Brice, vice president EMEA, at Haivision. “Given Peter’s leadership skills and experience working with customers across EMEA markets and the increasing sales and technical resources afforded by Heidi and Justus, we’re well positioned to continue our dramatic growth internationally.”

Gambirasio joins Haivision with more than 20 years of experience in developing and managing sales and marketing teams in high-tech markets. Over his career, he has provided consulting services through his own company, Gambi, and held executive sales and management positions with companies including CyberTech, a Dutch manufacturer of telecom equipment, and Alias Wavefront, a manufacturer of 3D graphics software. He holds a master of engineering degree in electric technology, earned at the University of Amsterdam. Gambirasio speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, and German, and is based in Amsterdam.

Heidi Michel, an engineer specializing in media technology, is responsible for Haivision sales throughout Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking region of Switzerland. She graduated from the Ilmenau University of Technology and has completed vocational training at the esteemed Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology. She will join Justus Rogmann, who also comes from the Ilmenau University of Technology, where he spent 10 years working with the Electronic Media Science Foundation while completing his bachelor of technology degree. He is the newest member of Haivision’s systems engineering team, which supports all Haivision clients throughout the EMEA region. Both Michel and Rogmann are based in Erfurt, Germany.

Monday, March 28, 2011

IdeaLAB Let's Merchandisers 'Unplug' with Battery-Powered Displays

ideaLAB Innovation Corp. from just outside Toronto in Woodbridge, Ontario, is allowing retailers to cut the cord on their digital signage displays with a line battery-powered displays. Available in two models, the BP24 and BP40, are display kiosks with integrated 24" and 40" LCD displays respectively that will run as long as 14 hours between charges.

Other than the obvious selling point of getting rid of unsightly cords, the stands offer many other features such as heavy-duty wheels with electronically actuated brakes, a custom-configurable look, LED back-lighting, a built-in media player, an optional interactive touch screen overlay, and the ability to plug-in and run on AC or DC power.

OMAC Restructures Membership

The Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC) has announced changes to its membership structure to encourage other OOH companies as well as agencies, advertisers and suppliers to join the association.

”OMAC has played an important role in marketing the OOH industry and is a central resource for information on OOH media,” said Karen Nayler, Leader; Mindshare Canada and President; CMDC. There is a significant benefit for an OOH company to be a member of OMAC. It increases their visibility among busy media planners and buyers and as an OMAC member they can contribute to the development of new OOH initiatives.”

The new membership structure now offers two classes of membership for OOH companies: ‘Full Membership’ and ‘General Membership.’ While the benefits are similar for both membership classes, the primary difference is that ‘Full Members’ have the right to appoint a representative to the Board of Directors and their annual fees are significantly higher.

In addition, advertising agencies, advertisers, educational institutes or OOH suppliers can now join OMAC as an ‘Associate Member’.

”The changes in OMAC’s membership structure and fees make it accessible for both small and large OOH companies to join OMAC,” said Rosanne Caron, President; OMAC.

Since its formation in 2005, OMAC members have invested over $4 million on research, education and other programs to advance the OOH industry.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Version of iSIGN Software Gives Advertisers More Tools to Create Content and Analyze Consumer Interactivity, Combines Mobile with Digital Signage

iSIGN Media has released a new software update for its interactive marketing solution that is being rolled out across North America by convenience stores, shopping malls, sporting arenas and entertainment venues. Included in the latest version, IMS 3.1, are expanded analytical tools and an online content-creation platform. Users can create their own coupons, campaigns and messaging on the fly at no additional cost. The results include immediate interaction with consumers that can be measured in real-time.

Improved Analytics, Business Intelligence Create Better Outcomes

IMS 3.1 allows users to better identify and evaluate the effectiveness of iSIGN's marketing solution through improved discovery and reporting functions. Continuing its commitment to existing IMS users, iSIGN's proprietary software has been updated to include the discovery of latest models of mobile devices. IMS 3.1 will automatically identify over 90% of today's models without any interaction with mobile devices and phones themselves.

Loyalty Program Support

The expanded IMS 3.1 now supports loyalty programs: retailers can attract new members, and identify existing members whenever they are discovered by the IMS system, as well as record the time spent in a retail environment (or specific location such as a department of a store, restaurant, mall, etc). This data can be used to support a point system whereby members are rewarded based on their discoveries (responses) and dwell times (time spent at a location), or for targeted advertising to members.

Content Creator

New to IMS 3.1 is the Online Content Creator. Users can create and manage their own advertising content quickly and easily for delivery to mobile devices. In just minutes, users can create ads, vouchers, coupons, loyalty program invitations or any type of mobile advertising content. This dynamic platform streamlines the instant usability and customizability of iSIGN's IMS platform.

For more information about IMS 3.1 or to learn about the company's solutions, please contact iSIGN's Director of Media Relations, Vanessa Horwell at or 305.749.5342 ext. 232, or visit

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Newad Chooses Scala Software for Indoor Network

Newad, a Montreal-based Indoor, Experiential Marketing, Publishing and Web advertising network operator, has chosen the Scala 5 and Ad Manager software solution to manage their indoor advertising network.

Scala's digital signage software will manage more than 20,000 digital and classic Newad boards in more than 2,500 establishments across Canada. The network delivers an impressive 36.5 million impressions per week to its “Young and Affluent” target audience.

The Scala Ad Manager and Scala 5 software solution has been integrated with both traditional and digital media to manage and schedule ads, provide billing and leasing capabilities, and deliver a proof-of-performance report at the end of the day.

Newad's new generation of digital boards boast a 22-inch high-resolution LCD screen with full stereo sound, and broadcasts 15- to 60-second audio/video loops almost instantaneously. Loops are interspaced with exclusive content clips designed for the target market’s lifestyle and interests (music, video, fashion and events, for example). The boards can be programmed with RSS feeds or HTML to integrate new information or update campaigns.

Onestop Acquired by Pattison Outdoor

Toronto-based digital out-of-home network operator Onestop Media Group has become a division of Pattison Outdoor Advertising Inc. (of the Jim Pattison Group), Canada’s biggest out-of-home media company. Pattison Outdoor acquired Onestop in an effort to lead the Canadian out-of-home marketplace and to offer a broader range of digital solutions for advertisers to reach their audience using digital networks and dynamic media technology.

Onestop has already taken over the content management role of Pattison Outdoor's Business Elevator Network and Calgary Airport digital business. The two companies had already been working together in the mall sector.

The acquisition does not include Fourth Wall Media, a digital and interactive agency specializing in Online, Digital Signage, and Kiosk creative production services, which continues to be 100% owned by Michael Girgis, co-founder and President of Onestop Media Group, and the other original four partners.

Last we heard from Onestop, the Toronto District School Board had voted against expanding the school digital signage pilot project.

(Via Onestop Media Group, DailyDOOH)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

X2O Media’s DSE 2011 NITRO video wall demos

X2O Media demoed an interactive video wall at DSE 2011 that allowed attendees to interact with its new NITRO graphics platform. Combined with Simbioz’s Touchless Interactivity technology, users navigated the content with a touch-less control screen.

NITRO technology includes Channel-in-Channel capability, which allows several overlapping channel layers, and 3D support.

The software was displayed on a four-screen, thin bezel video wall. The content looked sharp and very fluid, especially since it was interactive. My only gripe is that in the video carousel (see below) the main selected icon on the interface was right underneath the horizontal bezel. If you're designing content for video-walls, you should always take the bezels into consideration, but I guess the content was created for single screens and re-purposed.

Video Carousel:

Twitter Cube:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IntraOne Offers Technology Implementation and Content Services to Members of ScreenScape

IntraOne Marketing, a a national design marketing company based in Toronto, Ontario, now offers tailored ScreenScape services to their clients.

"Our goal is to deliver end to end services from concept and vision, to display appliances and installation, to effectively managing your network." said David Douglas, CEO of IntraOne. "ScreenScape's network-centric design has strong advantages over other solutions we've recommended in the past. From an implementation standpoint we can deploy a network for our clients very quickly, and from a content services standpoint, the group license allows for precise deployment of content throughout the network - all of which helps our clients to achieve a faster ROI."

IntraOne offers the added benefit of content creation along with technology implementation giving customers a full-service experience.

"We offer creative services, design media, movies and write effective messages for our clients. This is crucial in the world of digital display advertising where often the concept helps to motivate a buyer at the point of sale. Highly creative images will help increase sales and get your customer to yes. We see the need to help our customers in both of these areas. ScreenScape gives us a very effective tool to help our customers get up and going in the digital signage space without friction, and also allows for precise content distribution no matter what size of network." continued Douglas.

"As an online service ScreenScape depends on partners like IntraOne to offer customers a 360 degree marketing solution," said ScreenScape President and CEO, Kevin Dwyer. "Their work with Wakefield Canada, for example, shows that they can add value both in the deployment of screen displays and in using ScreenScape creatively to serve the marketing goals of Castrol Motor Oil in Canada."

iBurger's Interactive Ordering Table

In (not so classic) "As seen in Japan" or "Microsoft Surface promo video" fashion, iBurger, a new high-end fast food restaurant in downtown Montreal, Quebec, is changing the way you order your food by integrating an interactive touch screen into their tables.

The touch tables allow patrons to visualize the menu and wine list, see what's happening in the kitchen, get a bio about the company or tidbits on hamburgers and ultimately order their meal. When you're done, you can pay the bill with it and even call a taxi.

Although similar products like Microsoft Surface exist, the $3000 high-tech tables were conceived and developed by the restaurateurs. The process took a year but went that route because they wanted to make sure it would pass the tests the eatery's visitors would bring forth like spilled wine, hot plates and the dreaded dropped knife from a few feet above.

Strangely enough, the idea for the touch menu tables came from a previously employed waiter. One would think the new technology to be a waiter-job killer but owners Frank Roche and Alexandre Maher disagree. They have just as many waiters working at other restaurants to greet patrons, share their order experience and get allergy information.  

iBurger's Facebook page has some pics and a video (you need to be logged in). has a video (in French) also.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bermuda CableVision Launches New Community Channel Using Capital Networks Platform

Bermuda Cablevision recently launched a new community dedicated information channel using the Audience software digital signage platform provided by Capital Networks Limited.

The Community Channel has been inserted over CableVision's former Channel 100 and is now available to all subscribers. Viewers will find an array of information provided by automated data feeds including international news, local news, local weather, community notices and upcoming events, as well as video content provided by CableVision.

CableVision is also inviting community organisations around Bermuda to submit news and announcements that would be of interest to the public.

CableVision General Manager Terry Roberson says, "Our intention, going forward, is to build a closer, more personal relationship with our customers and these new communications tools will help us achieve that goal while offering greater convenience for our subscribers".

COMB expands measurement to TTC Subway Digital Screens

The Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB) is embarking on its first measurement study of TTC Subway Platform Digital Screens in conjunction with Foundation Research Group of Toronto.

Over 1,000 intercept interviews will be conducted at 69 subway stations during the month of March to establish exposure variables boarding and exiting trains.

TTC Subway Platform Digital Screens are an out-of-home product of the Onestop Media Group, a new COMB member.

COMB selected the Foundation Research Group (FRG) through a competitive RFP process due to its extensive experience with intercept research. FRG’s large network of professionally-trained intercept interviewers has been deployed for extensive in-field research projects for numerous Canadian transport authorities and transit commissions.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Capital Networks powers Army medical center digital signage

World Media Net & Affiliates LLC, an authorized reseller of Capital Networks Limited has installed a public information system and emergency broadcast alert network for the DeWitt Army Medical Center located at Fort Belvoir Virginia.

The multi-zone display screens are located in public areas within several buildings throughout the base. Channel content includes hospital and military news and events, current weather conditions, public service announcements, contact information and a video zone displaying a local digital cable feed.

Hospital and military news is updated daily using Audience Billboard by the DeWitt Army Medical Center Public Affairs department. Additional content is kept current using a variety of automated data feeds with World Media Net managing the content from its Alexandria VA offices.

The network also serves as an integral component of Fort Belvoir's emergency alert system and is able to provide up to the second information during emergency situations ranging from fire alarms to hostage situations.

World Media Net & Affiliates LLC provided installation and training services as well as the Audience software platform responsible for the creation of the show and the management and scheduling of content.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toronto Schools Not Expanding Signage Project

City News reports that the Toronto District School Board has voted against expanding the school digital signage pilot project managed by OneStop Media. Read the full report here.

Shuttle Computer Introduces Turnkey Digital Signage Players Featuring BroadSign Software at DSE

Shuttle Computer Introduces Turnkey Digital Signage Players Featuring BroadSign Software at Digital Signage Expo 2011

Mar 09, 2011 – Shuttle, an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance small form factor (SFF) PC solutions and creator of the XPC, today officially introduced its new line-up of Shuttle Digital Signage Players at Digital Signage Expo 2011, the world’s largest show dedicated to digital signage held in Las Vegas from February 23-24, 2011.

The Shuttle Digital Signage product line will be expanded to include new turnkey content players – pre-configured for Good, Better, and Best performance – as well as its new all-in-one signage player that can be used as a wayfinder or an interactive kiosk.

Shuttle Digital Signage Players will be available pre-loaded with BroadSign software and Windows® XP Pro Embedded (Linux also available as an option). Leading digital signage software from RiseVision, Scala, Four Winds Interactive, Park Media, and MediaLink are also supported.

Shuttle’s new digital signage content players and all-in-one digital sign will be available through Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor.

For more information about Shuttle Digital Signage, contact

# # #

Shuttle® defined what a modern PC should be when it invented the XPC – the world’s first small form factor PC – in 2001. Shuttle® XPC has since evolved into solutions for entertainment, gaming, workstations, digital signage, healthcare, and more.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Omnivex Software Used to Stream Live Coverage of the World Ski Championships

Omnivex Corporation, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provider of enterprise-level software for digital signage networks, announced that their software was recently used to distribute digital signage content including live streaming to the public in multiple locations throughout Norway during the 12-day FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, February 24 - March 6, 2011.

The World Ski Championships featured 21 disciplines in cross-country, Nordic combined and ski jumping. All of the disciplines took place at Holmenkollen's new national arena in Oslo, Norway. With over 300,000 tickets for the event sold, the majority of spectators used public transportation to travel to the event. Rom Eiendom AS, owner of much of Norway's train system, took this opportunity to use the digital signage within the train and bus stations to not only display information about the event and how to get there via public transit, but also to stream live content from the event inside and outside stations for passengers. They signed an agreement with NRK, the national television company in Norway, to have the rights to show live broadcast coverage from the World Ski Championships throughout the Oslo S and Lillehammer train stations. Oslo Central Station (Oslo S) is by far Norway's busiest train station, servicing over 150,000 visitors daily on a regular travel day. It services express, regional and local trains from four different companies.

Omnivex software was selected to power the information system for Rom Eiendom after it went out for public tender last year. The digital signage system is mainly used to display traffic conditions, bus and train schedules, and other useful travel information. Additionally, Rom Eiendom uses Omnivex software to display internal information to their employees and on construction sites to increase operational efficiencies.

The digital signage system was implemented by Omnivex Certified Reseller, Hatteland Vision. "Omnivex software provides Rom Eiendom with the flexibility to handle all of the different ways that they wanted to be able to use digital signage all with one integrated software platform," said Geir Ove Finstad, Managing Director of Hatteland Vision. He continued, "The ability of the software to be used to display many different types of information through their various data linking products, as well as to stream live content for special events, has been invaluable."

Rom Eiendom is one of the largest property companies in Norway. The use of digital signage helps to support their main goal of creating better urban spaces where people can meet. The company owns over 1,000 properties and approximately 350 train stations. Rom Eiendom's vision is to eventually use digital signage throughout many of their properties.

Live Traffic News on Every Digital Board Throughout Europe and North America

Publicly located screens across Europe, the United States and Canada will be able to broadcast live traffic status news thanks to a partnership between Infotraffic® and INRIX®, the global leader in traffic information. The deal will enable Infotraffic to commercialize real-time traffic maps for the Digital Media market.

From now on, road traffic status in every Central and Western European, as well as North American, town and city will be able to be displayed on screens located in corporate reception areas, hotel halls, parking lots, airports, shopping malls, etc. to enable drivers to anticipate itinerary options and save trip time.

The 18 European countries covered are: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

After the ground-breaking integration of Coyote community traffic information into their offer, Infotraffic adds a complete and exclusive coverage for Europe to its catalog of traffic maps.

This content aims to interest both companies having invested in communication systems via screens as well as all the partners and players across the sector: dynamic display software solutions editors, screen advertising display networks and interactive screen or kiosk manufacturers. A free, dedicated website has been designed for them to test this new content:

“Road traffic has become unavoidably essential information for any public screen. Demand is increasingly strong, daily in big cities but also in places where driving can be difficult in times of bad weather, industrial action or public gatherings,” says Jérôme Lefevre, Founder of Infotraffic.

“There is no miracle solution to avoid jams”, continued Mr. Lefevre, “but the more drivers are informed in real time on the state of the roads, the less stressed the you become and the more effective they are in making the right decision.”

In speaking of INRIX’s collaboration with Infotraffic, INRIX Europe General Manager Hans Puvogel said, “Infotraffic’s experience in mass market traffic information and its know-how in Digital Media confirmed INRIX’s choice for the distribution of its content. This dual expertise will enable distributors to obtain the best possible solution for their needs.”

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sonepar Canada chooses ScreenScape for Place-Based Media

Sonepar Canada, a member of the Sonepar Group, the world's largest privately held electrical distributor, today announced it has selected ScreenScape, the leaders in community-based digital signage, to power their digital signage network.

"Sonepar Canada is focused on dedicated service, a forward-thinking approach and intelligent use of technology," said e-Media Designer Kevin Wagar. "We have run our in-house DOOH program with great success for almost five years. We constantly look for ways we can help our suppliers differentiate themselves and their products from the competition. Sonepar Canada's use of ScreenScape technology within our electrical wholesale branches will boost our marketing initiatives while enabling us to broaden our use of social media to communicate with our customers and the entire electrical industry."

Wagar cites scalability, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness as the key reasons for moving off its existing platform and selecting ScreenScape.

"It became quite clear that in order to expand upon our initiatives with digital signage we would have to find a platform that was scalable, easier to work with for both our suppliers and ourselves, and overall more cost-effective," continues Wagar. "By adopting the ScreenScape platform we will be able to grow our program beyond 36 locations across three companies. We are very excited to begin opening up this network to our many strategic partners and ScreenScape provides the right solution to meet our needs."

"We'd like to welcome Sonepar Canada to the ScreenScape Community. We know that scalability is a critical factor in choosing a digital signage platform and we hear all the time from prospects struggling under the limitations of their conventional platform," said ScreenScape President and CEO, Kevin Dwyer. "How do you deploy a solution across hundreds of sites and execute content dynamically on behalf of dozens of suppliers, while managing the cost and effort? ScreenScape has shown time and again that it is uniquely positioned to help customers tap into the true potential of digital signage as a large-scale sales and marketing engine."

Dx3: Major new Trade Show announced for Canada’s Digital Industry

Today the launch of a major new trade show serving Canada’s burgeoning digital industry was announced. The show, Dx3 Canada, will cover three major aspects of the digital ecosystem; digital marketing; digital advertising and digital retailing. Dx3 Canada will take place next year on the 25th and 26th of January 2012, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, in downtown Toronto. Full details can be found at

According to the organizers, Hut2Hut Events, the digital market in Canada is well served with conferences, but there is no major forum that brings this industry together, to discuss and do business. Show Director Duncan Payne said, “Every major industry needs its own trade show - a marketplace where people come to buy goods and services that will help to grow their businesses. There is no doubt that the marketing, advertising and selling of goods both online and via mobile devices has become a major industry in its own right.”

Statistics from a number of recent studies back up Payne’s point of view. Canada’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) estimates that online advertising grew by 15% in 2010 to top $2.1 billion while Statistics Canada reports that 50% of Canadian home internet users, aged 16 and older, bought either goods or services online.

Anthony Lipkin Dx3 Canada’s Marketing Director said, ”visiting Dx3 Canada is free of charge, to anyone involved in marketing, advertising and retail, and there will be plenty to see and do for all companies whether they are just starting out on their digital strategy, or are one of the most tech savvy businesses in Canada. There is just such a fast pace of innovation and change that we are expecting to see thousands of visitors on both days.”

Dx3 Canada Advisory Board Member, Matt Hassell, who is the Chief Creative Officer for OgilvyOne Advertising in Toronto, recognizes the need for this type of event in Canada’s digital calendar, “Canada is a world leader within the digital space and now we will have a trade show where we will be able to see the latest trends, buy the latest products & services, and show the world what we can do.”

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Lipkin

Marketing Director

Direct: 647 317 3889


About the organizers:

Hut 2 Hut Events is an independent Canadian company specializing in staging trade shows and events for Canada’s emerging technologies. For more information go to

GoVision's Massive LED at 2011 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic

Add GoVision to the short list of die-hards that deliver even when snow or ice or other brutal elements stand in the way. Exhibit A: The 2011 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic, held February 20 at Calgary’s McMahon Stadium, with bone-chilling temperatures in the single digits.

GoVision, one of North America’s premier suppliers of turnkey mobile LED units and customized modular LED walls, was hired by BaAM Productions to construct a massive 34-foot x 60-foot video wall inside McMahon Stadium to give fans a larger-than-life view of the outdoor action between the Montreal Canadiens and host Calgary Flames. The giant screen also offered clear views of the high-profile musical acts featured during the annual “celebration of hockey’s Canadian roots.”

The video wall was assembled from the same Daktronics PST-12HD panels installed in the outdoor plazas of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. GoVision dismantled the screens immediately after Super Bowl XLV and shipped them to Calgary for the Heritage Classic. The Argyle, TX-based company also installed LED ribbon boards around the stadium to add more value and visibility for the event’s sponsors. The 3-foot-high Daktronics PST-12HD boards were similar to the configuration GoVision used at the 2010 NBA All Star Game in Dallas, and the NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis.

The Heritage Classic was quite an undertaking, which required our on-site team and our equipment to perform under the most extreme conditions,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of Argyle, TX-based GoVision, L.P. “But, as always, they rose to the challenge and delivered flawlessly while an entire nation was watching.

DSE's 2011 APEX Awards Winners

With 195 exhibiting companies and an increase of 25% in conference registration, the 2011 Digital Signage Expo was bigger than ever. The DSE is also when the Digital Signage Federation hands out its yearly APEX awards. As with the recent years, Canadian companies had a strong showing in 2011.

This year Gold, Silver and Bronze APEX Awards were presented to winners in ten categories, from a field of 78 entrants as well as 22 Content Awards were presented to winners in four categories in each Non-Interactive and Interactive sections from a field of almost 100 entrants. Here are the Canadian-flavoured winners:

  • Arsenal Media won an APEX award in the the Business, Industry & Government category and a content award in the Informational/ Directional (non-interactive) category for there install at The Nielsen Co. headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut. Here's a video:

  • The Bell Ice Cube, an audio/video and interactive installation at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, won Gold in the Public Spaces category. The interactive design was created by Jigsaw Interaction Design and powered by Scala software. Get the 411 here. A picture and two videos describing the experience below.

Bell Ice Cube - Samsung Omnia 2 video wall from Shaun Mavronicolas on Vimeo.

Bell Ice Cube - "Smart Cubes" from Shaun Mavronicolas on Vimeo.

  • St. Joseph Content won Silver in the Retail category for their content work for Bell's stores. 

  • The content award in the Educational (interactive) category went to an Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. campaign. The OLG digital media team was tasked by their charity bingo division to create the short spot below. It is being shown on screens around their two corporate offices, on back of house screens at their 24 gaming facilities, and on the corporate screen savers on every OLG computer. The bingo division wanted to use this campaign to raise awareness on how its presence has benefitted Ontario charities. This seems to be the campaign that won but I'm not sure how its interactive.

  • Arsenal Media picked up another Silver Content award in the Entertainment/Experiential (Interactive) category for their Shop-or-Play Interactive Station developed to help demonstrate the possibilities for Christie’s modular MicroTiles displays. The interactive display included WatchMatch, which let shoppers look for timepieces, and Viv-O-Ball, a gesture-based pinball game with a massive 2,880 by 2,700 pixel gaming surface. Here's a video:
    Case Study: Shop-or-Play Interactive Station (SPIS) Étude de cas: Station interactive «Shop-or-Play» from ARSENAL MEDIA_DEMO ZONE on Vimeo.
  • X20 Media was awarded a Bronze Content award in the Interactive Informational/Directional category for their work at the Fredericton Convention Center (FCC), in the City of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Driven by Xpresenter, the FCC’s touch-screen system enables guests to access information about scheduled events, facilities, and amenities via any of the strategically located and vertically oriented 46-inch digital HD displays. Upon choosing their preference of English or French, guests are given a variety of options. They can go to a list of their organization’s meetings, times, and locations. By clicking on a meeting, they can use the wayfinder feature to view the best path to their desired location, while exploring available amenities along the way.

Here's tje complete list of winners for both the APEX Awards and the Content Awards:


Art, Entertainment, Recreation
GOLD - The Museum of Brazil’s Sport Club Internacional (Inter), nominated by C-nario, EAV - Engenharia Audiovisual & Firefox Com
SILVER - Israeli Pavilion in Expo 2010 China, nominated by C-nario & Disk-In Pro
BRONZE - The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, nominated by Sony of Canada Ltd.

Business, Industry & Government
GOLD - The Nielsen Co., nominated by Arsenal Media
SILVER - NASDAQ, nominated by Cisco
BRONZE - Amway Brand Center, nominated by DT Research Inc. & 3Wired Sdn Bhd

Education & Healthcare
GOLD - TENQ, nominated by Scala
SILVER - Texas State Technical College, nominated by Scala
BRONZE - West Texas A&M University, nominated by Cisco

Event Venues
GOLD - New Meadowlands, nominated by Cisco
SILVER- Squash Showdown, nominated by Aerva Inc.
BRONZE - Amway Center Arena, nominated by Harris Corp.

Food & Beverage
GOLD - 4 Food, nominated by Scala
SILVER - Toscanini's, nominated by LocaModa Inc.
BRONZE - Playmixes, nominated by Aerva Inc.

GOLD - Swan & Dolphin Resort, nominated by Xpodigital
SILVER - JW Marriott Marquis Miami, nominated by Cisco
BRONZE - Northern Quest Resort & Casino, nominated by Business - Marketing/Communications (BMC)

Public Spaces
GOLD - Bell Ice Cube, nominated by Scala & Jigsaw Interaction Design
SILVER - Vans, nominated by LocaModa Inc.
BRONZE - Thomson Reuters, nominated by Wireless Ronin Technologies

GOLD - Camelback Toyota, nominated by Scala
SILVER - Bell, nominated by St. Joseph Content
BRONZE - Infiniti, nominated by Scala & Soft Audiovisuel

GOLD - Destination Shuttle Services, nominated by Omnivex
SILVER - Ad Airport Media & Clear Channel Interspace Airports, nominated by Scala & Gnosysoft
BRONZE - Tallink Silja Ferries, nominated by ONELAN LTD.

New Concept
GOLD - Intel End Cap Concept, nominated by Intel Corp.
SILVER - adidas Virtual Footwear Concept, nominated by Intel Corp.
BRONZE - Digital City Media Group LLC, nominated by Wireless Ronin Technologies

Content - Non-interactive

GOLD- Two West Inc. for content created for the Sprint Studio
SILVER- Sony’s Convergent Media Systems for content created for Cox Communications
BRONZE - WAND Corp. for content created for the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

GOLD - Saddle Ranch Productions, nominated by CARE Media Holdings for content created for PetCARE TV
SILVER- MediVista Media/Everwell for content created for the Everwell Network
BRONZE - SABEResPODER for content created for the SABEResPODER Network

GOLD- Jones Digital Media for content created for the TargetCast Network
SILVER - Best Buy, nominated by Reflect Systems for content created for Best Buy On
BRONZE - Digital-Itch, nominated by Business-Marketing/Communications (BMC) for content created for the Northern Quest Resort Hotel

GOLD - Arsenal Media for content created for The Nielsen Co.
SILVER - Luckeyou Design Inc. for content created for the Norwegian Cruise Line
BRONZE - ARAMARK, nominated by Wireless Ronin Technologies for content created for Topio’s Restaurant

Content - Interactive

GOLD - Zenith Media & Inwindow Outdoor for content created for 20th Century Fox/20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s “Avatar”
SILVER - Pearl Media LLC for content created for Perrier
BRONZE - LocaModa for content created for Vans

GOLD - Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. for content created for LEEDS Certification

GOLD – Zoom Media & Marketing for content created for Zoom’s “Sports Bytes” Program
SILVER- Arsenal Media for content created for the Shop-or-Play Interactive Station
BRONZE - Insteo for content created for Shark’s Cove Sports Bar & Restaurant

GOLD - Arsenal Media for content created for The Nielsen Co. MicroTile Wall
SILVER - Thomson Reuters, nominated by Wireless Ronin Technologies for content created for the Reuters Insider Network
BRONZE - X2O Media for content created for the Fredericton Convention Center