Tuesday, March 15, 2011

IntraOne Offers Technology Implementation and Content Services to Members of ScreenScape

IntraOne Marketing, a a national design marketing company based in Toronto, Ontario, now offers tailored ScreenScape services to their clients.

"Our goal is to deliver end to end services from concept and vision, to display appliances and installation, to effectively managing your network." said David Douglas, CEO of IntraOne. "ScreenScape's network-centric design has strong advantages over other solutions we've recommended in the past. From an implementation standpoint we can deploy a network for our clients very quickly, and from a content services standpoint, the group license allows for precise deployment of content throughout the network - all of which helps our clients to achieve a faster ROI."

IntraOne offers the added benefit of content creation along with technology implementation giving customers a full-service experience.

"We offer creative services, design media, movies and write effective messages for our clients. This is crucial in the world of digital display advertising where often the concept helps to motivate a buyer at the point of sale. Highly creative images will help increase sales and get your customer to yes. We see the need to help our customers in both of these areas. ScreenScape gives us a very effective tool to help our customers get up and going in the digital signage space without friction, and also allows for precise content distribution no matter what size of network." continued Douglas.

"As an online service ScreenScape depends on partners like IntraOne to offer customers a 360 degree marketing solution," said ScreenScape President and CEO, Kevin Dwyer. "Their work with Wakefield Canada, for example, shows that they can add value both in the deployment of screen displays and in using ScreenScape creatively to serve the marketing goals of Castrol Motor Oil in Canada."

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