Friday, March 25, 2011

New Version of iSIGN Software Gives Advertisers More Tools to Create Content and Analyze Consumer Interactivity, Combines Mobile with Digital Signage

iSIGN Media has released a new software update for its interactive marketing solution that is being rolled out across North America by convenience stores, shopping malls, sporting arenas and entertainment venues. Included in the latest version, IMS 3.1, are expanded analytical tools and an online content-creation platform. Users can create their own coupons, campaigns and messaging on the fly at no additional cost. The results include immediate interaction with consumers that can be measured in real-time.

Improved Analytics, Business Intelligence Create Better Outcomes

IMS 3.1 allows users to better identify and evaluate the effectiveness of iSIGN's marketing solution through improved discovery and reporting functions. Continuing its commitment to existing IMS users, iSIGN's proprietary software has been updated to include the discovery of latest models of mobile devices. IMS 3.1 will automatically identify over 90% of today's models without any interaction with mobile devices and phones themselves.

Loyalty Program Support

The expanded IMS 3.1 now supports loyalty programs: retailers can attract new members, and identify existing members whenever they are discovered by the IMS system, as well as record the time spent in a retail environment (or specific location such as a department of a store, restaurant, mall, etc). This data can be used to support a point system whereby members are rewarded based on their discoveries (responses) and dwell times (time spent at a location), or for targeted advertising to members.

Content Creator

New to IMS 3.1 is the Online Content Creator. Users can create and manage their own advertising content quickly and easily for delivery to mobile devices. In just minutes, users can create ads, vouchers, coupons, loyalty program invitations or any type of mobile advertising content. This dynamic platform streamlines the instant usability and customizability of iSIGN's IMS platform.

For more information about IMS 3.1 or to learn about the company's solutions, please contact iSIGN's Director of Media Relations, Vanessa Horwell at or 305.749.5342 ext. 232, or visit

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