Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iBurger's Interactive Ordering Table

In (not so classic) "As seen in Japan" or "Microsoft Surface promo video" fashion, iBurger, a new high-end fast food restaurant in downtown Montreal, Quebec, is changing the way you order your food by integrating an interactive touch screen into their tables.

The touch tables allow patrons to visualize the menu and wine list, see what's happening in the kitchen, get a bio about the company or tidbits on hamburgers and ultimately order their meal. When you're done, you can pay the bill with it and even call a taxi.

Although similar products like Microsoft Surface exist, the $3000 high-tech tables were conceived and developed by the restaurateurs. The process took a year but went that route because they wanted to make sure it would pass the tests the eatery's visitors would bring forth like spilled wine, hot plates and the dreaded dropped knife from a few feet above.

Strangely enough, the idea for the touch menu tables came from a previously employed waiter. One would think the new technology to be a waiter-job killer but owners Frank Roche and Alexandre Maher disagree. They have just as many waiters working at other restaurants to greet patrons, share their order experience and get allergy information.  

iBurger's Facebook page has some pics and a video (you need to be logged in). cyberpresse.ca has a video (in French) also.

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