Tuesday, January 27, 2015

UK washroom digital signage network switches to BroadSign

The first and only provider of digital signage in washrooms across the United Kingdom, Captive Media Ltd, has converted its network to BroadSign International, LLC’s cloud-based software platform. After deploying 60 screens in London in 2014, another 160 will be installed in major regional cities over the next few months, contributing toward an expansion goal of 1,500 screens by 2017.

Captive Media screens situated in washrooms of bars, pubs and clubs reach a targeted audience of males between 18 and 35 years old. Each 12” LCD screen generates around 800 impressions per week for a total of just under 100,000 weekly impressions across the current network.

“We conducted a review of the Top 30 digital signage software companies identified by DailyDOOH and chose BroadSign because it is best-in-class for ad-based networks and one of only a few that would allow us to distribute interactive games in addition to regular video assets,” said Gordon MacSween, Founder and Director at Captive Media.

Network content is meant to entertain, promote and engage, with 10-second slots contributing to a 90-second loop, half of which is entertainment including RSS-fed pictorial news and the other contains ads. The interactive portion lasts about 55 seconds (the average dwell time) and contains branded content and games ideal for brands targeting a male, Gen Y audience, such as Guinness, Smirnoff and Captain Morgan.

“BroadSign has built a reputation for being at the forefront of innovation in our industry and we do so to ensure our customers can focus on being leaders in their respective domains,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at BroadSign. “By minimizing scheduling time, Captive Media can focus on venue and advertiser acquisitions to expand its highly successful network rather than occupy resources with software development.”

Not only do Captive Media screens turn a minute of boredom into a unique experience for pub-goers, the network delivers directly attributable sales uplifts of 25% to 200% for featured brands and the venue.

“There are so many factors involved in building and operating a new digital signage network that it’s a blessing to schedule ads simply and reliably, and delivering audited reports in an industry where measurability is normally an Achilles heel is an added bonus,” continued MacSween.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

ScreenScape offering 'premium' CBC/Radio-Canada news feed

Canada's public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and ScreenScape Networks Inc. have entered into a content provider agreement that makes digital news feeds provided by CBC/Radio-Canada available to ScreenScape customers on a premium, "pay-per-use" basis.
ScreenScape makes software that helps businesses connect and control screens over the Internet.   Brand marketers and retail networks use ScreenScape to publish digital signage content on screens inside their stores. Other kinds of organizations, such as health clinics, university campuses and professional service providers use it to inform and entertain.  ScreenScape is a leader in the "place-based" media trend that turns TV screens into location-specific, targeted media channels.
The agreement will see ScreenScape offer two tiers of CBC/Radio-Canada programming.
A standard package will supply video feeds of popular categories, such as top news, sports and arts & entertainment.

The comprehensive package will include these categories along with specialized options such as business, technology, and health news, as well as local content from across Canada. Both packages will include French and English content.

ScreenScape customers can choose individual categories and run the CBC/Radio-Canada content alongside their own branded messages and ads in a customized playlist.

"ScreenScape makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to deliver high-quality digital signage. It is a good fit with CBC/Radio-Canada: our fast-breaking news coverage is recognized as being best-of-class, and is renowned worldwide." says Bob Kerr, the National Director of CBC/Radio-Canada's Distribution Division.  "CBC/Radio-Canada has been a leader in digital signage since its inception in Canada, and demand for our signage product continues to grow. Our agreement with ScreenScape allows us to make our News content available to digital signage clients of all sizes in a way that is scalable and efficient."

"By bundling CBC/Radio-Canada premium content with our easy to use content management tools, we are able to offer our customers a range of compelling new programming options" commented ScreenScape CEO, Mark Hemphill.  "This is content CBC/Radio-Canada is well known for, and simply great at producing. The feeds are fully managed and served up in the order of minutes, which helps our customers keep their programming fresh and full of relevant content."

This agreement to incorporate the premium news feeds of CBC/Radio-Canada in the ScreenScape network follows close on the heels of the fall 2014 launch of ScreenScape Connect. Connect is ScreenScape's new plug-and-play device and content management software that turns any TV into a connected digital sign.  Connect is available with no upfront cost on an extended subscription, reducing both cost and complexity of starting a digital signage network. The device plugs into the HDMI port of the TV and connects via wifi to the internet.  ScreenScape customers manage their signage playlists over the internet using their account at ScreenScape.com.

The launch of the premium CBC/Radio-Canada content on the ScreenScape network will be focused on news video in both of Canada's official languages. Future enhancements will include dedicated video feeds with onscreen closed captioning, and integration of CBC/Radio-Canada text news headlines.