Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Ayuda

Ayuda Media Systems has completed its 10th year in business. Started in 2003 by Andreas Soupliotis (CEO & Founder), Pierre-Yves Troel (Chief Software Architect), and Joe Cotugno (Senior Vice-President, Global Client Services), Ayuda has grown into a powerhouse in the Out-Of-Home industry with its flagship Ayuda Platform now consisting of multiple products spanning the entire D/OOH workflow, from sales, to operations, to accounting, and financial reporting.

From its beginnings in an Old Montreal loft, Ayuda now has four offices around the world, with more to come, and boasts over 30 team members globally. "I never imagined we would have offices in London, Sydney, and Madrid when it was just the three of us playing soccer in the open loft back in 2003," recalls Troel. Despite the worldwide growth, Ayuda still operates very much like a tech start-up. Not only is the office atmosphere reminiscent of a Silicon Valley start-up - with loads of free drinks & snacks, a gaming lounge, and quarterly team-building activities - but the corporate culture is also centered on innovation, growth, and having fun. “Having previously worked in and around some of the most innovative and trend-setting start-ups on the West Coast, we made sure to incorporate the best of our West Coast experiences into Ayuda,” explains Cotugno. “Our notoriously stringent hiring practices allow us to hire only the best engineers. Our team-building activities nurture a strong sense of loyalty and dedication. And our playful spirit makes sure everyone has fun while working hard."

Happy Birthday, Ayuda!