Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MCSOD: Mutli-Color Screen of Death

Not as popular as Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death, the MCSOD, or Multi-color Screen of Death, is starting to be a little more prevalent. This one, on a CBS Outdoor screen in London's Underground , was caught and tweeted by Bill Yackey from Digital Signage Today.

CBS Outdoor in the London Underground seems to be having a lot of issues lately as per the DailyDOOH.

Its too bad, the digital out-of-home industry is having enough trouble as it is gaining acceptance from media planners without bad press about poor reliability...oh wait, maybe I shouldn't be posting this ;)

CODACAN releases audience measurement guidelines for Canadian DOOH

The Canadian Out-Of-Home Digital Association/Association Canadienne de l’Affichage Numérique (CODACAN), has released its DOOH audience metrics guidelines.

The guidelines in their current state, I find, are a first step towards developing standard ratings measurement and ultimately make it easier to plan/buy digital out of home. The CODACAN is urging network owners, big and small, to to develop a standard rate card to enable comparisons among vehicles, with input from advertisers to ensure the data is meaningful to planners since this has been the major hindrance to greater industry acceptance.

CODACAN developed a 3 Stage platform that includes the fundamentals of traditional media planning but incorporates the nuances and dynamic nature of DOOH, namely – opportunity to see the screen, dwell time and loop length.

The guidelines are short and sweet at only four pages and can be downloaded here.

Quickie: Montreal's Melissandre Lincourt Masters $10,000 Omnivex Modified Grand Prix

Canadian digital signage software developer Omnivex sponsored an event at the Canadian Show Jumping Tournament in Palgrave, ON. Montreal's Melissandre Lincourt riding Candidate du Marquet was the winner of the $10,000 Omnivex Modified Grand Prix held Saturday, September 26.

For more info on the event, visit Omnivex's press release.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Capital Networks gets new Manager of Business Development

Capital Networks Limited, the worldwide sales and marketing company for DiGiMATiON incorporated of Toronto, the creators of the Audience™ digital signage software platform, appointed Blake Reeves as their new Business Development Manager.

Reeves has been at Capital Networks since October 2008 and has 18+ years of sales, project management, and implementation experience encompassing ERP, CRM, VOIP, Unified Communications and Digital Signage messaging and advertising.

For more on Reeves and Capital Networks, visit Digital Signage Universe.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Interview with the people behind Digital Content Circle

Russ Curry over at the DailyDOOH posted an interview with Olivier Debin, President of Dagobert, and Denys Lavigne, President of Montreal's Arsenal Media, after last week’s Viscom Paris 2009 conference, to ask them about their new forum, the Digital Content Circle.

Toronto District School Board RFP for Digital Signage

Dave Haynes at reports that the Toronto District School Board issued an RFP for a pilot digital signage project. According to the RFP:

The Pilot Project is expected to include 4 TDSB secondary school sites. The Board reserves the right to expand the pilot to include additional locations if deemed necessary. The pilot is intended to assess whether Digital Signage has the potential to offer value to TDSB school communities, including in particular students and staff of individual schools and, if so, assist in determining a business model for the use of Digital Signage in TDSB schools.

Dave points out many flaws in the RFP and how it is more of a misfortune to bidders rather than an opportunity. The board is seeking that the whole proposed solution be at no cost to them but severely restricts an opportunities to recoup the winning bidder's capital investment.

I won't rehash the article: pay a visit to Dave's blog.

Province of Ontario advertises on French Coiffure Network

The Canadian Tourism Commission will be advertising spa getaways to the Province of Ontario on Biguine TV, a digital signage network at Jean-Claude Biguine hair salons in France. The campaign and contest entitled “Grab Luck by the Hair” will run between October 1 & 31, 2009 in 85 Jean-Claude Biguine for a total of 62,000 spots.

Beguine TV is managed by Carlipa and 80% of its audience is female.

The main prize for the contest is a trip for two to a spa in Ontario. More information on the contest can be found at the following partner sites:, and

Via Ooh-tv

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Squamish Nation planning digital billboards reports that the chiefs and elders in the Squamish Nation are reviewing plans later this month for six digital billboards. The LED billboards measuring 3m by 9m will display six advertising messages every minute (pretty standard) and should generate much needed revenues for the band.

Planned locations are at Vancouver’s Burrard Street bridge (south end), West Van’s Marine Drive at Capilano Road, North Van’s Main Street offramp at Highway 1 and also Main Street and Mountain Highway, plus the Squamish Gaming Centre on Highway 99.

There does not seem to be an incumbent or chosen provider so if the council approves the plan, the band will seek a billboard company to operate the signage.

Canadian equestrian venue to use digital signage powered by Omnivex

The Canadian Show Jumping Tournament (CSJT), held in Palgrave, ON, at the Caledon Equestrian Park will be using Omnivex's digital signage software to manage LCD screens that will provide riders and spectators with real-time scoring and competition results. The 5-day tournament runs from September 23 - 27.

The screens located in the VIP area, Champions Club lounge and in the public pavilion will display real time scores of horses and riders while competition is taking place, as well as to show highlights and results from competition already completed. Scheduling information and important messages will also be shown to help spectators and exhibitors.

X2O Media’s Xpresenter™ Platform Leverages SharePoint® Content for Digital Signage Displays

New Feature Allows Users to Quickly and Easily Display SharePoint Content Without Duplicating the Content Creation Effort

MONTREAL —Sept. 23, 2009 — In its continued efforts to streamline the content creation workflow for digital signage network deployers, X2O Media, a leading provider of technology, network management, and content services, today announced a new feature for its Xpresenter™ platform that allows users to leverage Microsoft® SharePoint® content for digital signage displays. Using X2O Media’s professionally designed smart templates, SharePoint content can now be quickly and easily displayed as broadcast-quality graphics without the need to duplicate the content creation effort, saving companies both time and resources.

Widely adopted by a variety of companies to meet their internal communication needs, Microsoft’s SharePoint is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information sharing for better business insight.

To improve internal communications for digital signage deployers without adding costs, X2O Media has created a link to SharePoint in its Xpresenter platform, allowing the program’s content to be used as source material for digital signage screens. Using X2O Media’s professionally designed smart templates, information on upcoming events, company announcements, schedules, and business intelligence dashboard data is automatically formatted and ready to be displayed as high-end, broadcast-quality graphics and animations. Real-time alerts are immediately displayed across all screens on the network for any breaking news or emergency announcements.

“We are excited to introduce this new functionality to the digital signage market, which will dramatically improve content creation workflow for our customers using SharePoint,” said David Wilkins, X2O Media President and CEO. “For digital signage displays, the link to SharePoint acts much like a live data link to a database, Web site, or other source. Once content is updated in the program, it will automatically be updated on the display. This allows users to improve internal communication efficiencies without having to invest time and effort in transferring content they have already created in another tool.” X2O’s Xpresenter is an affordable, easy-to-use system that allows Microsoft PowerPoint® users to produce broadcast-quality graphics that incorporate animations, clip art galleries, video clips, and real-time data sources — all without ever leaving the PowerPoint interface. Xpresenter includes a style gallery of graphics templates, custom control panels, video clip previewing, and tools for quickly resizing presentations to fit the varying dimensions of output displays and broadcast monitors. With Xpresenter, users can easily produce compelling presentations containing live information with minimal effort.

More information about Xpresenter and other digital signage solutions from X2O Media is available at

About X2O Media
X2O Media is a full-service provider of technology, network management services, and content services for professional digital signage applications. The company offers a wide variety of software solutions for digital signage and interactive networks of all sizes. X2O’s award-winning Xpresenter™ provides an end-to-end platform for the creation, management, and distribution of content at broadcast quality, and at a fraction of the time of other solutions. In addition to technology, X2O offers content design, acquisition, management, distribution, and monitoring services for digital signage networks. More information about X2O Media is available at

All trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

For more information, contact:

Agency Contact:

Veronica Esbona
Wall Street Communications
Tel: +1 (954) 392-6990

X2O media Contact:
Maria Porco
Tel: +1 408 988 8307

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tweet on your first Date

Some team members at Wirespring (developers of Firecast Digital Signage and Kiosk SaaS) come up with a cute comic, that they posted on their Digital Signage Blues blog, about why not to tweet the details of your first date.

BMW M Campaign in Canada

Media in Canada writes about BMW Canada's new ad campaign promoting the X5 M and X6 M, developed by Cundari, that will span online, print and outdoor, and run till Nov. 23rd.

The out-of-home component includes branded BMW-sponsored digital screens in office building elevators in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal that are running 15-second videos capturing events that can happen in 4.7 seconds - the time it takes the vehicles to reach 100km/h.

Lexus puts dynamic ads on outdoor OBN boards

Lexus' latest OOH campaign features creative that is dynamically-driven (no pun intended) by the current weather conditions.

The ads, promoting the new Lexus ISC 250 convertible, appear on large outdoor LED screens owned by the Outdoor Broadcast Network (OBN) and adapt to the weather based on an RSS feed: top down for sunny days, top up when its cool or rainy.

Creative and media buying handled by Dentsu in Toronto. The campaign is up now in Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton until Oct. 4th.

Story and image via Media in Canada.

Arsenal Media, Dagobert launch Digital Content Circle

Montreal's Arsenal Media and Dagobert officially launched the Digital Content Circle online forum in Paris today.

Digital Out-of-Home industry players and advertisers are invited to share their experience in an effort to improve content and develop best practices.

This is a much needed resource and forum for an industry where both vendors and purchasers aren't always too clear on which direction they should be going in terms of content.

They have a Flash-driven micro-site up and running at Maybe its a little early, but for a site dedicated to the bettering of content, it didn't really make it too clear where I should be going to get information. Also, they have a "tag cloud" in the footer of non-clickable tags...strange. Then again, I shouldn't be so hard on them, they do state that the full version of the site will be launched sometime this Fall.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Clear Channel LED Screens in Toronto

Clear Channel Outdoor has installed two new 16’ x 9’ LED boards located at street level under the canopy at the entrance to Yonge-Dundas Square. One board faces the Yonge/Dundas intersection, while the other faces into the Square providing visibility to all those in the square.

Each board displays a 15 minute loop, and is capable of full motion video or graphics in over 16.7 million colors. One or both of the boards are available for promotional use or to coincide with events in the Square.

Image via Clear Channel Outdoor Canada

Thursday, September 17, 2009

NAIT Expands Campus Digital Signage System

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is expanding its campus-wide informational digital signage system with Capital Networks' Audience software suite.

The more than 84,400 students at NAIT frequently have trouble locating their classes on time, using the web-based scheduling system previously used on campus. The digital signage information display system was established as a solution to providing its students with up-to-the minute class scheduling information.

Its original use has expanded from just class start times and locations to an all-purpose student communication system which includes news, scores, exam schedules and has become part of the NAIT Security Alert campus system. They've also increased their screens from 9 to 13.

BroadSign, Arbitron sign deal for proof-of-play advertising audit service

Arbitron has inked a deal with BroadSign International launching its first electronic, content playback verification service for the Digital Out-of-Home Industry using the Portable People Meter (PPM) technology.

Arbitron will use its PPM technology to conduct a series of annual audits capturing when encoded audio and video advertising content is displayed on networked digital screens in 50 random BroadSign-run locations across the United States. The proof-of-play data will be compared with the BroadSign's software play logs. This verification system equips BroadSign-powered digital out-of-home networks with base metrics to substantiate return-on-investment to advertisers.

Digital OOH and digital signage has had a hard time gaining acceptance from larger media buyers due to the lack of standardized metrics--this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Arbitron's PPM technology-based audit methodology was successfully tested in October 2006 during a pilot program at BroadSign-run Digital Promo Network, which operates screens in convenience stores across the United States.

Source: Arbitron. Read their full release.

Mammoth HD Footage on sale

If you're looking for some HD footage for your digital signage, Mammoth HD is running a one-week sale on ALL MHD Royalty-Free Collections. You'll get a 15% discount on all orders of Royalty-free collections today thru Thursday, Sept. 24th.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BlueFox Try before you buy content

This will likely interest our readers in Quebec for which finding French digital signage content can be a little more difficult than English: Rennes, France-based, BlueFox is having a try before you buy offer of its dynamic content from September 15th to November 15th. This offer is valid on their French, Spanish and German content. Earlier this year they had a similar offer but it was only for their English content.

CODACAN breakfast deferred to end of the month

Dave Haynes over at Sixteen-nine (and Preset) pointed out that the Canadian Out of Home Digital Association (CODACAN) has moved its breakfast event to September 30 because a featured presenters has a no-miss day-long meeting. You can visit CODACAN's events page for more info.

Digital CBS Outdoor screens hit Toronto Underground

Toronto's Bloor Subway station got its first CBS Outdoor Canada Digital Screen. The screen is also the first for the entire Toronto Transit Commission's (TTC) subway network.

The first advertiser is Sony Pictures with some nice feature film spots. A particularly nice ad is one for District 9 which plays on the movies faux-Cinéma vérité style by urging TTC passengers to report suspicious activity by non-humans (see video at the bottom of the post).

Hopefully CBS Outdoor Canada won't have the same issues their sister company is having in London's Underground where 100's of digital screens have been off for the last few days.

City Index installs Omnivex powered digital signage

UK based Omnivex partner Asysc implemented a network of screens throughout the London Finsbury Circus offices, UK, of City Index, a leading international trading company. Screens were installed on the trading floor and throughout the office space. The installation also includes and a uniquely configured video wall in the reception area (see pictures).

The goal of the installation was to provide visitors with a visually engaging display of real time stock information. The first thing visitors see when entering the building is the above-mentioned and very distinct vertical "Z" pattern group of bezel-less screens--it should do the trick. Omnivex's Data Pipe 3 software should also help keeping the "real time" part going.

Read Omnivex's full release here. Pictures via Omnivex.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Omnivex and partnerships

The DailyDOOH posted an interview with Jeff Collard, president of Omnivex, based in Concord, Ont., asking him about how his company and global partners cooperate to add value to their software offerings.

Vertigo may be out of business

Chris Sheldrake, over at the DailyDOOH, believes that Toronto, ON-based, Vertigo Group Inc., a designer and manufacturer of digital signage, street furniture and backlit displays, may have gone out of business. Hopefully this isn't the case because they've done some great work.

Porn on Wal-Mart Digital Signage

The Southwest Times Record reported that two 20-year old men were arrested Wednesday for playing a pornographic DVD at a Fort Smith, Arkansas, Walmart on store display televisions.

The young men (one being an employee) allegedly removed a promotional disc from a DVD player built into a display in the furniture aisle. The DVD player was connected to six televisions in the store and were visible to the general public as they were shopping, according to a police report.

I'm always surprised when I hear that companies use DVD players for their digital signage. Other than them being prone to break-down easily, this Arkansas Walmart is a case in point on why not to use DVD's.

Working at a digital signage integrator and using software-based and media player-based solutions, we always joke regarding getting a call from a client saying "there's porn on my screens" because there's always this small fear, as improbable as it is, that somebody will be able to hack into the system. Why make it extremely easy by using DVD players?

Afexa continues advertising on Rollad Média screens

Afexa Life Sciences Inc., a developer and manufacturer of natural health products, have renewed their contract with Rollad Media to advertise on their pharmacy waiting area and POS screens for a third year in a row.

Rollad Media's digital screens are found in many Jean-Coutu locations across the province of Quebec and are seen by approximately 1500 customers per store each day.

Afexa's campaign will be running for 26 weeks to promote its popular cold and flu treatment Cold-Fx.

Via Ooh-tv.

Interview with Denys Lavigne (Arsenal Media) & Olivier Debin (Dagobert)

Assuming at least a couple of our readers have a good grasp of the French language, the people at Ooh-tv interviewed Denys Lavigne, President of Montreal agency Arsenal Media, to question him about his vision of the French market for Digital Out of Home. Olivier Debin, President of the Paris agency Dagobert, was also present.

Pattison installs two large LED signs on the Gardiner Expressway

Pattison Outdoor has installed two LED billboards on the Gardiner Expressway (GTA). Located at the western end of Gardiner and just east of the ramp to Highway 427, they have a total display area of 14'x48 '(~ 4.2 mx14, 6m).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Simon Fraser University Gets Digital Wayfinding

Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Surrey, B.C., recently added a digital wayfinding kiosk to its campus to assist new students unfamiliar with the college's layout and unusual architecture..

The interactive wayfinding kiosk is located on the mezzanine level of the campus and was developed by Matt Jeffrey and Gordon Manson, who graduated from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU Surrey last spring.

The map is displayed on a large, interactive, touch sensitive LCD. Once you choose your location the trajectory will appear on the map in 3D. You can search by location but also by events that are updated by RSS feed. There's even a portion of the screen that gives you a glimpse of what your classroom will look like.

The wayfinder was created as a project for a fourth-year interdisciplinary design course and Manson and Jeffrey say have plans to market the system to other institutions under the brand MapT Media.

For more details you can contact:

Gordon Manson, 778.782.8731,
Terry Lavender, PAMR, 778.782.2154,

Wirelesswave installs at Canadian Costco stores

Wirelesswave Etc. kiosks located inside 70 Costco locations across Canada have installed digital signage screens powered by Capital Networks' Audience software.

The 42-inch centrally mounted screens found in the mobile phone kiosks assist the Wirelesswave Etc. staff with building weekly sales and support the selling efforts of the cellular retailers and phone manufactures that are sold within.

Editor's note: I'm pretty sure I've seen the kiosk at my local Costco with digital signage for a little while now so this isn't particularly "new" news. I guess its one of those delayed press releases.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Air Canada Centre Expansion Video

The Toronto Star has a video that gives a sneak peak of the Air Canada Centre's $48-million expansion. Of particular interest are the outdoor mega-screen and, a large part of the 320-screen digital signage network, a little (big) something they call the "spectacle wall".

Friday, September 11, 2009

UPDATE: 320-screen digital signage network at the Air Canada Centre

On Wednesday we reported on a new 320-screen digital signage install at Toronto's Air Canada Centre, commissioned by the building's proprietor, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. The company has announced that the $3 million network will be officially unveiled on September 16th.

The network was orchestrated by Waterloo, Ontario, digital signage consultancy firm Digital Display & Communications (DDC) with a little help from well-known digital signage consultant Lyle Bunn. You may remember DDC for their 2008 DIGI award-winning work with Rogers.

DDC collaborated with Omnivex, using their enterprise digital signage suite, Moxie, IBM for networking and TTUFF Technologies for media players.

Based on the pictures, it looks like the install includes quite a few video walls and screen clusters and not just a scattering of single screens thoughout the concourse.

You can download the full press release from DDC's site.

Photos via
Omnivex & OOH-Tv

Retweet: BroadSign Update Software Suite to v7.1

As per BroadSign's corporate Twitter account, the Montreal-based digital signage software developer has announced the immediate availability of release 7.1 of their flagship application, BroadSign Suite, to the BroadSign Universe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Out of Home Day 2009

Out-of-Home Day 2009 will be taking place on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009, between 2pm & 7pm at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto.

Out-of-Home Day is a fun and educational event showcasing the newest in what is available in the Canadian out-of-home market. Games will be set up by participating vendors at the event making it a great opportunity to interact and meet the Out-of-Home suppliers.

The event is also presenting People's Choice Awards and voting is still on-going here.

Tickets are available for agencies at $45 and suppliers at $94.

Visit for more info.

Toronto`s Air Canada Centre Getting Omnivex Powered Digital Signage

Omnivex Corporation, a provider of enterprise-level digital signage software, announced that Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. (MLSE) has chosen their softw3are to power a large network of screens at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada.

The facility hosts the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs and the NBA's Toronto Raptors, along with lacrosse games, concerts and live events.

Phase one of the deployment includes over 320 LCD screens managed by Omnivex's Moxie digital signage software. The screens will display a live video stream from inside the arena to ensure fans don`t miss a moment of the action when in the concourse areas along with information to aid in facility navigation and promote upcoming events being held at the various MLSE facilities. Advertising space will also be provided to augment traditional print advertising.

Wicked 18' Multi-touch Wall in Vegas

Obscura Digital has installed a pretty mean interactive wall at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas: 3 HD projectors behind a 18' x 4' multi-user, multi-touch wall, 3x1920px wide with over 100 4K-6K images/videos (that's high resolution) being displayed at one time.

The display is likely the world’s highest resolution interactive display available to the public.

The display allows up to 6 users and it intelligently allocates the space between them (so if you're two, each gets half, 3 get 1/3 each, etc...). It can also scale across the graphics processors seamlessly.

Here's a video:

NHL's Minnesota Wild get Wireless Ronin Digital Signage at Xcel Energy Center

Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc., a Minneapolis-based digital signage software provider, will be outfitting the NHL’s Minnesota Wild with digital menu boards throughout their hockey arena, the St. Paul Xcel Energy Center.

89 digital menu board displays will be installed across three levels of the arena prior to the Wild's home opener on October 6th. Locations will include 43 screens on the main concourse, 19 on the Treasure Island Resort and Casino Club level, and 27 on upper level.

The network will be managed by Levy Restaurants, the food service partner at the arena.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Groupe VIVA extends retail network to Alberta

Groupe VIVA, a point-of-sale digital media company from Boisbriand, QC, is expanding its retail network at four new Pro Hockey Life Sporting Goods Inc. mega-stores in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, this summer.

Group VIVA is currently powering and managing the digital signage network in 20 of the national chain's stores, known as Sports Gilbert Rousseau and L’Entrepôt du Hockey in Québec.

The retail signage network is used primarily to communicate marketing messages and improve customer experience. By creatively placing their digital panels to be reminiscent of the big scoreboards in their customer's favorite team's arenas, the network also augments the hockey ambiance of the stores.

Suppliers, like Reebok and Bauer, also use the screens to advertise new products.

Windows Error on Cowboys Stadium Runner

Jeff (and a few thousand other sports fans), as per his post on TUAW, caught a nasty public Windows error on the LED runner at the brand new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.

The scoreboard screens supposedly went blank, then displayed some ASCII characters, then showed the Microsoft Windows post-error boot message.

The $1.5 billion was in the news recently for another technology-related problem--its HD central scoreboard seems to have been installed too low since it was hit by a punt during an NFL game in August.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Transit TV back on in LA

The Transit Television Network, previously owned by Canadian newspaper publisher Torstar until they filed for bankruptcy protection in February, is back in business in Los Angeles.

Now owned by ticketing-technology supplier Tezo Systems, Transit TV is again selling advertising and running content on 4500 screens across 2200 buses after a 7-month hiatus.

Bassett Media Aquiring Share of Sidetrack Technologies

Bassett Media Group Corp., a Toronto-based advertising display holding company, is going to acquire some assets of Sidetrack Technologies Inc. in a share swap deal. Bassett Media plans to meet the $3 million price tag of the deal by issuing shares at $0.22 per share and is expected to close before the end of the month.

The SideTrack technology can be found in subway and rail tunnels, in Los Angeles, London, Boston, San Francisco, Mexico City, Monterrey and Rio de Janeiro. Like animated flip cards, the technology creates moving pictures by rapidly exposing a series of individual images that flow into each other resembling fluid motion.

Bassets two main units are Concourse Media Inc., a digital advertising network, and Impulse Media, a retail television network located in select Rexal™ Pharma Plus.

Via DailyDOOH

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Omnivex adds critical enterprise IT functionality to digital signage

Omnivex has released version 6.03 of their Moxie digital signage software that includes over 50 new features to help manage larger networks.

Some of the new features include:
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory support
  • Access control for multiple user groups with different views and rights via configurable profiles
  • A data converter that permits sophisticated business rules to allow content to automatically change based on live internal and external data
  • A more flexible web zone
  • Remote player viewing
  • Drag and drop content from folders and external sources into the Moxie Studio
I won't rehash what exactly these features are and how they help in managing a digital signage network but instead will include the full press release below. The features are definitely important and welcomed but I'm a little surprised some of them weren't already included in Omnivex's offering. For instance, what enterprise digital signage software doesn't have configurable user rights and profiles?

Omnivex adds critical enterprise IT functionality to digital signage

Digital signage users benefit from new approaches to user roles and permissions, data interpretation, and network monitoring

Concord, Ontario – September 1, 2009 - Omnivex Corporation, the premier provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, continues to push the digital signage envelope with Moxie software. The latest released version, Moxie 6.03, now includes over 50 new features to help manage larger networks of screens and deliver highly contextualized content to all types of audiences.

Moxie 6.03 includes Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory support. The software has an advanced workflow configuration well suited to enterprise class organizations where different people have different responsibilities. Moxie provides access control for multiple user groups with different views and rights via configurable profiles. While one user creates content and saves it to the server, another might only have access to create playlists and schedules, and another might have full rights to publish content to screens. Support for LDAP and Active Directory is a key requirement for enabling this division of labor.

The latest released version of Moxie also has a data converter that permits sophisticated business rules to allow content to automatically change based on live internal and external data. Moxie can detect changing data variables and respond by updating a screen layout, enlarging certain elements of the content, or playing animations and video. This allows users to set simple expressions, like "full screen video" to trigger a content reaction if a certain variable changes. The system also substitutes media files based on a data value. For example, in a movie theatre, if the rating of the movie is R certain advertisements would be shown that would not appear on the screens if the movie had a PG rating. Multiple rules can be combined for maximum flexibility and better content relevance for viewers.

While Omnivex has always given users the ability to include a web zone in their content, Moxie provides users with a much more flexible tool for incorporating web clips. The software can display all or a portion of a website and manipulates it like any other piece of media, such as laying it on top of a movie, stretching it to fit a certain size, rotating it to any angle and then having it fade to see a the video through the website.

Moxie now also includes remote player viewing, allowing the operator to centrally manage remote players. A user can select a Player to view he content, properties of that content and PC parameters of that Player in real time. A network management screen can also be set up to provide a graphical indication of the network's health.

The newest version of Moxie also allows user to add content from external sources and folders faster, by dragging and dropping into the Moxie Studio. This is much more intuitive for users and mimics the file management experience that they are accustomed to in Microsoft Windows™.

For more information about Moxie and Omnivex Corporation, visit

About Omnivex Corporation

Founded in 1991 in Toronto, Ontario, Omnivex Corporation is the leader in software development for digital signage networks and electronic displays. Many Fortune 500 companies and public institutions rely on Omnivex to deliver their messages to their audiences. Omnivex software is used to manage all aspects of digital signage networks, including content management, real-time data acquisition and distribution, and remote device monitoring and management. For more information, please visit