Friday, August 19, 2011

Rumour: Lou Giacalone leaves Haivision

According to the DailyDOOH, Lou Giacalone, the founder of CoolSign and AdSpace Networks, has left Haivision.

Haivision, a Montreal-based provider of end-to-end H.264 IP video solutions, acquired CS Software Holdings, LLC and the CoolSign product technology back in November , 2010.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cathy Fernandes named Zoom Media Canada Inc. president and COO

Cathy Fernandes (ex: BV Media Inc, Roger Media - QMI Sales, Quebecor Medias – has joined Zoom Media Canada Inc. as the new President and Chief Operating Officer.

With more than 19 years of experience, her result-driven attitude and extensive background in the media industry, Cathy will be a great asset to all team members across Canada as well as all of Zoom’s clients. At a time where ZOOM MEDIA is expanding its digital offering into GoodLife Fitness Centres across the country and Nautilus Plus in Quebec, the company is thrilled to have her demonstrated leadership skills and high motivation as additional galvanizing resources.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

X2O Media Serves Up a Blackberry PlayBook™ App at Rogers Cup

Montreal-based digital signage software company X2O Media developed a  Blackberry® PlayBook™ app for the Rogers Cup tennis tournament presented by National Bank in Toronto and Montreal. Available to select VIP fans attending the Rogers Cup in the Cisco Systems hospitality suites, the unique touch application offers a number of powerful features such as watching live videos of Cup matches and game highlights, access to all match scores, viewing player profiles, following and sending Tweets on the action, and even viewing live weather feeds with radar maps. In addition, fans will be able to interact with a large-screen version of the app on digital touch screens displaying the same content available on the tablets.

“The Rogers Cup has a long and proud history in Canada, so we really wanted to bring something special to the event,” said David Wilkins, president and CEO of X2O Media. “This tablet app is the ultimate companion for tennis fans, taking the game to a whole new level with live videos, player information, social networking, and much more. We have taken our visual communications beyond the large-format display, making the X2O Rogers Cup Experience an interactive and social one.”

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pizza Pizza POS Digital Signage Fail

This is a picture taken at a Pizza Pizza location in Montreal of their customer-facing digital signage.

Many POS systems have the ability to output content for the clientele. Unfortunately, it seems that these functions are usually a bit of an afterthought likely added because of a customer request or to try to expand their market, so the results aren't always the best. Can't help to think there's a missed opportunity here.