Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mirada Media, SilverWare POS, install fifteen-screen digital menu board system at Richtree

Richtree Market Restaurants, a chain of market-style restaurants with locations across Ontario, has installed a 15-station digital menu board system in its new location at the Promenade Shopping Mall in the Greater Toronto Area. The menu board system is a collaboration between Mirada Media, a digital signage integrator based in Montreal, and SilverWare POS, a developer of front-of-house and back-office solutions for the hospitality industry.

Mirada Media integrated SilverWare's AVRIO system into their SaaS digital signage system so that restaurant managers at Richtree to modify items that appear on the menu boards using the same interface that manages order entry and inventory.

The installation is the first of its type for the restaurateur. Traditionally, static and chalkboard-style menus were used over stations but Richtree is trialing digital boards in an effort to increase efficiencies modernize their operations and as part of a larger brand refresh effort.

“We always look for opportunities to simplify the integration of digital menu boards into our client's work flow,” says Carlo Pansera, Mirada Media's VP of Operations. “With more than a dozen menu boards and quite a few more employees, it was important to create a solution that fit the often hectic environment of a quick-serve.”

Using Computer Games to Build 3D Scenes for your Digital Signage Ads

I don't think this is legal but it is somewhat ingenious. Dream and Hustle has an article up on using popular computer game The Sims 2 to create high-definition 3D renderings of scenes for your digital signage ads.

A similar creative game "hack" is the series PEDS (featured at the 2006 Machinima Festival) that uses the Grand Theft Auto engine to create the action of the TV show.

VIDEO: WIND Mobile's Microsoft Surface

At the beginning of the month, we reported that Wind Mobile, a new Canadian mobile carrier, was using Microsoft's Surface to showcase products in most of its retail locations. Ooh-TV pointed us to a video of their "Power of Conversation" application in action. View it below...

Avenue Networks partners with ScreenScape to establish a digital signage network in the Northeastern USA

ScreenScape's community-based approach is their competitive advantage says Founder

BOSTON, MA and CHARLOTTETOWN, PE - (February 25, 2010) Avenue Networks, an emerging digital signage marketing company, announced today they have selected ScreenScape as the technology platform for their own digital signage network after a rigorous selection process. As the newest ScreenScape Affiliate partner, Avenue Networks will start with the Greater Boston and Cape Cod markets and grow across the Northeastern States.

Avenue Networks provides clients with cost effective digital signage solutions including the coordination of advertising and revenue sharing options. ScreenScape provides Avenue Networks with powerful content distribution tools, group forming capabilities and access to ScreenScape's rapidly growing community of venues.

“For advertisers, reaching a targeted group can be a costly endeavor. Proprietary hardware and software systems are expensive, while implementation and installation are time consuming. That is why digital signage traditionally has been off limits to all but well-funded businesses.” commented Avenue Networks founder Bill Sullivan. “Avenue Networks helps address the specific requirements of companies with limited budgets. We provide solutions tailored to get screen displays up and running quickly with low and predictable costs. Our methodology provides a well executed digital network solution that enables a business to connect with its customers through rich content and digital media advertising.” continued Sullivan.

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape noted, “Using the ScreenScape platform, Avenue Networks is able to power display screens in venues where customers will view and become familiar with the products and services of a whole range of local community businesses. Avenue Networks is representative of dozens of regional companies using our platform to create their own low-cost digital signage networks. Clients of Avenue Networks can access ScreenScape independently with the ability to manage their own promotional and entertainment content. They also benefit by joining a larger pool of creative advertising resources provided by a group like Avenue Networks or by sharing with other members of the ScreenScape Community. This is an excellent option for a small to medium sized business looking for a cost-effective yet professional digital signage service.”

According to Sullivan, “ScreenScape's community-based approach is the competitive advantage that we are bringing to our clients. They can quickly and easily get their content onto screens to promote and cross promote with other community members. This allows them to get their messages outside of their own facilities, while also generating revenue for themselves in the process.”

About Avenue Networks

Avenue Networks is a provider of digital network solutions that help businesses create and manage information that is displayed on digital screens in an interactive, informative and entertaining way. Avenue Networks leverages ScreenScape technology and offers a cost-effective methodology for managing content creation, ad placement, maintenance and support for businesses looking to attract their patrons and audience with relevant screen information employing advanced narrowcasting techniques.

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. Members of ScreenScape form a community of venues interconnecting to establish a shared resource and a marketplace for exchanging content.

ScreenScape Networks Inc.
(902) 368-1975
P.O. Box 291, 133 Queen Street, 3rd Floor, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4 Canada

Digital Signage Expo 2010 Awards Winners

Digital Signage Expo has announced the independently judged winners of its Apex Awards and Content Awards for 2010.

Content Awards were presented to winners in three categories within two divisions — non-interactive and interactive.


  • Best Experiential Content: PlayNetwork for Genesco
  • Best Information Content: Visix Inc. for Reeve Union – UW Oshkosh – Titan Pride
  • Best Product Content: St. Joseph Content – Alchemy for Dunkin’ Donuts


  • Best Experiential Content: LocaModa Inc. for Zoom Media & Marketing
  • Best Information Content: X2O Media for PSAV & X2O Media
  • Best Product Content: Wireless Ronin Technologies for ARAMARK

The annual DSE Apex Awards honor innovation in the development and deployment of technology in the global digital out-of-home industry. This year Gold, Silver and Bronze APEX Awards were presented to winners in eight categories, from a field of 57 entrants.


  • Arts, Entertainment, Recreation: NYC & Company with GestureTek
  • Corporate & Government: Unisys Belgium NV with X2O Media
  • Education & Healthcare: Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) with Cisco
  • Public Spaces: Amsterdam RAI with Scala Inc.
  • Hospitality: Zoom Media & Marketing with LocaModa Inc.
  • Retail: Miele Inspirience Centre with Scala Inc.
  • Stadiums & Arenas: Miami Dolphins Land Shark Stadium with Cisco
  • Transportation: The Port Authority of NY & NJ with Tightrope Media Systems

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Leggat Auto Group chooses ScreenScape’s Venue Network to create a media network across 7 locations

Automotive Group moves to ScreenScape, an Internet-based digital signage platform to share content between car dealerships

BURLINGTON, ON and CHARLOTTETOWN, PE - (February 23, 2010) Leggat Auto Group announced today that they have selected ScreenScape's Venue Networking platform to promote their services to customers by deploying screen displays in 7 of their dealerships. ScreenScape will enable Leggat Auto Group to manage the content on their display screens in their dealerships and to share content with each location.

“We intend to install ScreenScape displays across the Leggat Auto Group which consists of Leggat Buick Cadillac in Burlington, Leggat Chev in Etobicoke, Burlington Mazda, Leggat Saturn Saab in Burlington, Acura on Brant in Burlington, Milton Honda and Ancaster Toyota in Ancaster Ontario. As a proactive and progressive group of automobile dealerships we want to showcase our products, events and promote our comprehensive range of services to our customers.” commented Brian Leggat, Vice President of Leggat Auto Group.

Leggat Auto Group operates 7 basic ScreenScape accounts allowing for unique content at each location. A ScreenScape basic account provides Leggat dealerships with the tools required to create a custom screen display and grants full membership in the online community. This also creates access to a host of shared content and a directory of fellow ScreenScape members offering a wide range of potential cross-marketing opportunities with other venues.

Leggat continued, “ScreenScape is an innovative and cost effective product like none other we’ve found on the market. All of our dealership managers were very impressed by the ability to extend our marketing reach through the ScreenScape Community in an effort to reach and attract new customers. Leggat Auto Group was drawn to ScreenScape for the simplicity of use, cost effectiveness of the platform and our ability to extend our market reach. As we add content to our displays we can opt to share it in the ScreenScape Community. We can then reach out to other ScreenScape members in the GTA to display our content on the screens in their venues or to cross-promote each other's respective products and services. This is brilliant!”

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape noted, “ScreenScape is addressing a real need in the marketplace for smaller to mid-sized enterprises like Leggat Auto Group. They can now create a low-cost digital signage network using our Internet-based community platform. Leggat's commitment to our platform is indicative of the continued support we are seeing across the automotive sector including the automotive aftermarket industry. We are providing these businesses with and opportunity to showcase their products and services and extending their profile across a wide cross section of venues throughout our community. This drives a higher degree of visibility and awareness for their products and creates powerful collaborative marketing opportunities for their dealerships.”

About Leggat Auto Group

Launched in Hamilton on 1922 the Leggat Auto Group features a broad selection of vehicles for every taste and lifestyle, including Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, GMC Trucks, Acura, Honda, Toyota and Mazda. As a progressive Auto Group Leggat Auto Group embraces new technologies that improves our business. This philosophy allows Leggats to be highly efficient, streamline the purchasing and servicing experience and offer highly competitive pricing and superior value to their customers.
Visit Leggat Auto Group online at

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. Members of ScreenScape form a community of venues interconnecting to establish a shared resource and a marketplace for exchanging content.

ScreenScape Networks Inc.
(902) 368-1975
P.O. Box 291, 133 Queen Street, 3rd Floor, Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K4 Canada

TELUS to resell white-label MediaTile 3G & 4G Cellular Digital Signage Solutions

TELUS, one of Canada's leading telecommunication companies, and The MediaTile Company, Canada, a leader in 3G and 4G cellular digital signage and SaaS solutions, today announced they have entered an agreement enabling TELUS to resell MediaTile products and services under their own brand name. The “White-Label” agreement provides TELUS with access to MediaTile’s full line of Digital Sign in a Box™ solutions and the web-based MediaCast System, which provides centralized control, media delivery and playlist scheduling.

TELUS Digital Signage integrates the web-based MediaCast SaaS System which handles content delivery and management and 3G+ wireless networking, making it easy for customers to deploy and operate a network of displays almost anywhere. The system offers full support for video, Flash, RSS, and other dynamic content and are available in 19”, 32”, 42” and 47” configurations.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Budd's BMW Joins

Budds’ BMW, located in Oakville and Hamilton, Ontario, has implemented a digital signage point of sale network using ScreenScape's "Venue Network" platform.

Dealer Principal of Budds’ BMW and MINI Oakville, Darryl Budd commented, “We have installed ScreenScape displays in our showrooms, our service department, and our customer bistro in the Oakville store and the results have been exciting. We have had a digital signage network in place for 5 years now and this latest solution from ScreenScape is the best yet. ScreenScape is simple to use, and enables us to quickly add our own custom content without additional cost or delays.”

Budds’ BMW operates 4 basic accounts to allow for distinct content at each location point within the Oakville facility, and 1 basic account in the Hamilton location. A ScreenScape basic account grants full membership in the ScreenScape Community creating access to a host of shared content and a directory of fellow ScreenScape members representing potential cross-marketing in other venues.

"The ability to quickly manage our content in house is a definite advantage and something we not able to easily do in the past,” continued Darryl, “It has allowed us to add that 'personal touch' that our customers are accustomed to with every other facet of their Budds’ experience. Once we add content to the ScreenScape community, our location in Hamilton can easily add it to their displays with the click of a mouse. We have been able to better educate our customers and make their experience more entertaining. With our large showroom in Oakville we’ve used the screens to help direct customers to the various lounges and amenities we offer such as free WiFi, coffee and so on. The displays have been well received by our staff and customers alike.”

Kevin Dwyer, President and CEO of ScreenScape said, “Darryl and his team have been using the platform in a very creative way to showcase staff testimonials and videos produced in house. Budds’ BMW is a pioneer in the industry, and is tapping into the benefits of Venue Networking. He has already engaged other dealerships to follow in their footsteps, which will lead to more opportunities for promoting to targeted audiences elsewhere.”

Picture via

Thursday, February 18, 2010

X2O Media Media Adds Audience Measurement to Xpresenter by Partnering with TruMedia

Second X20 Media news item of the day! Come on X20, you guys gotta slow down ;)

The Montreal-based software developer is partnering with TruMedia Technologies, a provider of real-time audience measurement and proactive advertising solutions, to integrate the AlliO audience measurement system into Xpresenter.

Here's the official release:

X2O Media Media Partners With TruMedia to Integrate AlliO Systems With its Xpresenter™ Digital Signage Platform

Audience Measurement System Analyzes Viewing Audience and Adapts Content in Real Time for Targeted Messaging

MONTREAL — Feb. 18, 2010 — X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for professional digital signage applications, today announced that it has partnered with TruMedia Technologies, the world’s leading provider of real-time audience measurement and proactive advertising solutions, to integrate the AlliO audience measurement system for digital out-of-home (DOOH) displays with X2O’s Xpresenter™ digital signage platform. TruMedia’s audience measurement system allows Xpresenter users to accurately measure their audience and adapt content in real time to target their viewers.

For ad-based digital signage networks in a number of applications, including retail stores, airports, hotels, and more, TruMedia’s AlliO enables users to communicate more effectively with on-site customers by using targeted and dynamic messages. The audience measurement system uses sensors to analyze facial images of people watching the displays in real time, providing business-critical data such as audience counts, individual exposure times, and gender and age group demographics.

This data is sent to the X2O Player, where it is used to select specific media appropriate for the current audience, allowing for better media planning and targeted advertising, in addition to using scheduled playlist content. For end users, the data also provides true audience counts to accurately monitor their return on investment (ROI).

“Integrating AlliO with Xpresenter is another step toward providing our clients with diverse options to make the most of their digital signage networks,” said David Wilkins, X2O Media President and CEO. “With AlliO, users can effortlessly deliver targeted messages to the right person at the right time. Simple to implement, the audience measurement system is a revolutionary technology allowing advertisers to maximize exposure and significantly increase their ROI.”

“We are pleased to add X2O Media and its Xpresenter digital signage platform to our growing list of Proactive Marketing (PROM) partners,” said Moti Gura, CEO of TruMedia. “For X2O’s customers, AlliO will prove to be an invaluable tool in targeting the viewing audience in real time, increasing effectiveness, and saving advertising dollars.”

X2O’s Xpresenter is an end-to-end platform designed to make creating, managing, and distributing broadcast-quality digital signage content on networks of all sizes available to all. With the latest release of the platform, Version 3.0, X2O has bolstered Xpresenter Template Maker — the only patented application running inside Microsoft® PowerPoint® — with integrated content management and an extensive “smart” object library for the quick and simple creation of content featuring videos, images, PowerPoint slides, RSS feeds, live information sources, and much more. Version 3.0 also includes support for 3-D effects, enabling the creation of innovative elements such as crawling tickers and rotating graphics.

X2O Media will demonstrate the interoperability of Xpresenter and TruMedia in Booth 2021 at the Digital Signage Expo 2010 from Feb. 23-25 in Las Vegas. For more information on Xpresenter, visit or contact

About X2O Media
X2O Media is a full-service provider of technology, network management services, and content services for professional digital signage applications. The company offers a wide variety of software solutions for digital signage and interactive networks of all sizes. X2O’s award-winning Xpresenter™ provides an end-to-end platform for the creation, management, and distribution of content at broadcast quality, and at a fraction of the time of other solutions. In addition to technology, X2O offers content design, acquisition, management, distribution, and monitoring services for digital signage networks. More information about X2O Media is available at

NEC Developing Color Compensation Chip for LCD

As reported by CrunchGear (via Gizmodo and found by James van Etten), NEC developed a new color-compensation chip that will remove the need to squint and tilt the screen to see anything on your cell phone's LCD screen in bright sunlight.

The chip identifies colors which can difficult to read in outdoor light conditions and adjusts the contrast to make them easier to view. It supposedly reduces power consumption too.

No word on when the chip will be implemented in North American cell phones (its currently used in the Japan-only NEC 931N) but it makes you wonder whether the same technology can be implemented in large format displays? Its quite possible that the technology only works well with the relatively static of a mobile screen.

X2O Media Launching Three New Versions of Xpresenter

X2O Media, Montreal-based digital signage software developer, announced three new versions
of Xpresenter Xe system. These new cost-effective versions of their platform allow users to buy the version they need, without paying for extra functionality that's not required.

New Xpresenter Xe versions include the Digital Poster Edition for still images, Video Poster Edition for stills and video, and Dynamic DS Edition for stills, video, and data-driven graphics, enabling users to choose the application they need now and upgrade as future needs arise.

All three Xpresenter Xe versions connect to the X2O Portal, greatly simplifying the initial deployment and providing powerful content management tools for managing assets, building and scheduling playlists, and distributing content across multiple locations.

"Xpresenter Xe is an ideal solution for the rapid deployment of professional-looking digital displays in a number of applications, such as retail stores, waiting rooms, and more," stated David Wilkins, X2O Media's president and CEO. "Xe makes the broadcast-quality playout capability X2O is known for accessible to a much wider range of users, starting at an extremely affordable price point. Plus, users have access to the X2O Portal, the same Web-based content management tool provided with our enterprise-class solutions."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Digital Signage Expo Answers Industry Call for Independent Association

Las Vegas – Digital Signage Expo the only International Conference Summit & Trade Show exclusively dedicated to digital signage, interactive technologies and out-of-home media networks, today announced that it is willing to step up and provide initial funding to launch a truly independent Digital Signage Trade Association this year.

The new trade association, The Digital Signage Federation, will be a truly independent 501c non-profit association with legal and professional by-laws and an elected Board of Directors who represent a cross-section of the industry and are therefore motivated to act in the industry’s best interest. Along with other member benefits still being finalized, the new Digital Signage Federation will provide a year-round education program for members and a full program of member services, featuring a vertical industry outreach program to bring the digital signage industry’s message to thousands of end-users in 2011. Professional association management will support the new Federation and funds will be provided to make projects immediately actionable.

To allow the industry to take control of its future through a truly independent Industry voice, DSE has agreed to step in and foot the bill without reimbursement, to create a member-owned forum in which true industry leadership can come to the fore.

Angelo Varrone, CEO of Exponation, LLC, which produces Digital Signage Expo said, “We have worked hard to represent this industry in a way that helps elevate our collective brand image to existing and prospective customers. And when the time came as different needs arose, we did our best to demonstrate leadership for our common good. We believe the industry has earned the right to an independent industry association in order to safeguard continued growth in a direction that accurately reflects the industry’s voice. We are committed to support the industry that supports us.”

To see more information on the Digital Signage Federation stop by booth #1230 or go to For more information on Digital Signage Expo go to And, you can follow DSE on Twitter at DSExpo, or for all updates use #dse2010.

UCView Partner with CognoVision to Deliver Audience Measurement Technology

Los Angeles-based digital signage solutions provider UCView Media and Markham, Ontario-based CognoVision announced their partnership today to offer advanced audience measurement capabilities to UCView’s clients. CognoVision was awarded the Best New Audience Measurement Package at the 2009 DIGI Awards for its Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) system. The platform includes face-detection and people tracking technology that can be used to optimize ROI for clients in any industry.

“We’re excited about our new partnership with CognoVision,” stated Guy Avital, CEO of UCView Media, Inc. “The AIM system adds a whole new dimension to our platform, and opens the door to new opportunities for our partners. Detecting the audience in real-time will boost narrowcast campaigns’ effectiveness.”

On top of its ability to measure the audience, AIM also collects important data such as ads watched, consumers’ viewing time, and gender demographics per ad. The integration of CognoVision and UCView’s reporting modules enables statistics to be analyzed and interpreted to optimize the effectiveness of future advertising campaigns.

Wilson’s Gas Stops has been one of the early beneficiaries of UCView’s partnership with CognoVision. “The automated data reports provide valuable information such as peak traffic times and audience size,” says George Jeha, President of Eye Catch Signs, the system integrators for Wilson’s. “These reports are an eye-opener for retailers, providing a glimpse of consumers’ behavior. Just a couple of months after deployment we saw how this technology will help create a mutually beneficial relationship between retailers and their customers.”

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Zoom Media & Marketing Grapples with Tiger Schulmann

Zoom Media & Marketing, the US division of Zoom Media, has signed an agreement with Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts, the largest martial arts organization in the US with 48 locations in five states, to operate a digital signage and billboard network across all Tiger Schulmann locations.

“We are thrilled to work with an outstanding partner in Tiger Schulmann,” said Dennis Roche, President of Zoom Media & Marketing. “As a premier company in the rapidly growing mixed martial arts industry, Tiger Schulmann’s is an outstanding brand built around the idea of achieving self confidence through physical conditioning.”

Zoom will take over Tiger Schulmann’s existing in-venue digital signage network, which promotes training classes, educational programs, and MMA events, as well as fitness and nutrition tips. Zoom will also install fixed backlit and locker room signage.

This this deal, Zoom’s Fitness Network increases to over 1,400 health clubs in the US and over 2,500 around the world.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Canadian Digital Signage News: Feb. 15

- Screenfeed has a Winter Olympics Medal Count Feed

- The Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada, (OMAC) is offering a Webinar on Digital OOH April 13 from noon to 1 pm as part of its resources offered to the advertising community to help it stay current on OOH industry developments.

- Christie at the heart of Vancouver's Emergency Operations Centre

- Why Campaigns Don’t Include DOOH: Danick Archambault, media group director, Cossette, Montreal, spoke to the audience at the first Montreal CODACAN breakfast meeting last week.

- Crestron DigitalMedia Distributes HD at the 2010 Winter Olympics

- How Loto-Québec Deployed Digital Screens: Leopold Turgeon, assistant general director, sales and business relations, Loto-Québec, spoke to the audience at the Canadian Out-of-Home Digital Association (CODACAN) breakfast meeting in Montreal, regarding how the company is monitoring mobile platforms and further developing wi-fi as the newest developments in its digital display screens at the consumer level.

- Zoom Media, Montreal, has entered into a partnership agreement with Campus Intercept, a Toronto-based campus marketing agency, to offer clients an integrated marketing solution within Zoom’s university and college networks across Canada.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yahoo's Fancouver brings augmented reality to the Olympic Games

Yahoo has setup an entertainment center dubbed Fancouver in Vancouver's Yaletown for the 2010 Olympic Games. The site features in-window augmented reality displays that adds virtual overlays to your physical environment when you stand in front of it.

The video below gives an idea of the Fancouver augmented reality experience. FanCouver will be open February 12th through February 28th from 11am to 11pm.

Canadian Digital Signage News: Feb. 11

- OVAB-compliant Nielsen survey confirms Captivate Network audience of 4 million

- CODACAN’s First Montreal Breakfast Meeting

Capital Networks marching into military market

Capital Networks Ltd., a Markham, Ontario-based digital signage software provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with US-based World Media Net, a Government-Certified digital signage reseller with extensive experience in the military sector.

World Media Net will be providing Capital Networks' Audience™ digital signage platform to military bases across America, Canada and worldwide. Over 20 military institutions have already ordered the Audience™ solution and clients include Scott Air Force Base, Fort Eustis – home of the US Army Transportation Corps – Malmstrom Air Force Base and McConnell Medical Air Force Base and Medical Center.

The significant take-up of digital signage systems is in direct response to a new US Government Directive that stipulates better communication with all personnel on military bases following the shootings at Fort Hood. The Capital Networks software will provide them with a centralized platform for their digital signage and emergency notification system.

Together, Capital Networks and World Media Net will provide military clients with pre- and post-sales support and consultation, systems training and help in creating broadcast content.

"Until recently, military bases weren't using digital signage; they still relied on power point slides and these wouldn't be broadcast to all areas of the base – to housing quarters for example, where personnel live," James Vair, VP Business Development at CNL, commented. "Over the past year, we've seen a steady rise in the number of bases taking on digital signage systems and this has accelerated in the past couple of months after the Pentagon's new directive to improve communication and emergency notification. We are delighted to be working with World Media Net because it is a highly qualified firm focused on the military market. The partnership ensures that more bases benefit from our industry leading signage solution, as well as World Media Net's in depth understanding of what military institutions need to make the system work."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bassett Media Group Updates Proposed Acquisitions

Bassett Media Group Corp. today announced that it is no longer pursuing the acquisition of certain assets from Sidetrack Technologies Inc. Bassett Media had announced the signing of a letter of intent with Sidetrack, a company that owns and operates full-motion display systems for use as an advertising medium in subway and rail system tunnels, in August 2009.

Bassett Media also wishes to announce that it is no longer pursuing the acquisition of Haizou Media Corporation. Bassett Media Group had announced the signing of a letter of intent with respect to the proposed acquisition of all of the outstanding shares of Haizou, a company that owns and operates advertising display screens in China, in October 2009.

Bassett Media President and CEO Matthew Bassett said that after a period of further due diligence, it was determined that the proposed acquisitions were not a strategic fit for the company.

Bassett Media continues to explore opportunities for accretive acquisitions in the media space, Mr. Bassett said.

Bassett Media also announced today the resignation of Chief Operating Officer Joseph Arcuri, effective immediately. Mr. Arcuri is pursuing other opportunities, and the company wishes him well in his future endeavours. The company is restructuring its executive management and will make further announcements in due course, Mr. Bassett said.

Canadian Digital Signage News: Feb. 10

- Wrigley Canada launched the C.H.E.W. (Canadians Helping Each Other Win) campaign to raise a minimum of $500,000 for the Canadian Olympic Foundation on OBN digital boards in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

- Montreal advertising agency Marketel created a new multimedia campaign for Rogers in Quebec promoting touchscreen mobile phones running on Zoom Media’s resto-bar network, on NEWAD’s resto-bar network, and on Pattison’s in-mall screens (video).

Monday, February 8, 2010

VIDEO: Omnivex-powered Digital Menu Boards

Omnivex's install at the Rose Garden Arena is nominated for a 2010 APEX award--here's a promotional video touting the advertising potential in the Trailblazer's home arena:

Mister Muffler launching MM TV

Montreal-based Mister Muffler have completed the roll out of their digital signage network, MM TV, in 50 branch waiting rooms.

The network, deployed by Groupe MMO Inc. and VIVA Group, will feature a mix of news, automotive prevention tips as well as promotional spots from Mister Muffler and some of its main suppliers including Castrol, Monroe and Michelin.

Wind Mobile showcasing products with Microsoft Surface

Wind Mobile, a new Canadian mobile carrier currently serving Toronto and Calgary, is using Microsoft's Surface to showcase products in most of its retail locations. Wind's boutiques represent the largest deployment of Microsoft Surface in Canada.

“This is a true match of technology and brand philosophy, and the integration has been seamless,” said Melissa Clark, VP of Sales, WIND Mobile. “People love seeing, touching and learning from the Surface technology and this is only our initial vision. This amazing interactive tool will continue to be a central part of our retail experience.”

A customized application was create for Wind Mobile's retail environments, allowing customers to compare mobile phones and data packages. The interactive screens are intended to help first-time customers choose which basic options are right for them. Future versions are expected to focus on mobile handsets and applications.

“The brand has a simple philosophy, that “conversations make things better,” said Mike Kasprow Trapeze’s Creative Director, the agency that worked with WIND Mobile to bring the Surface technology and application to life in the stores. “We wanted to develop an application that wasn’t technology for technology sake, but one that brought the brand alive through conversation, and also helped customers to learn and join.”

Pixman for sale

Pixman Nomadic Media Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pixman Corporation Inc., failing to acquire additional financing, announced that they have filed for bankruptcy protection. The company has retained the services of PriceWaterhouseCoopers to oversee the reorganization process and assist the in their search for prospective purchasers.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

X20 Updates Xpresenter to 3.0

X2O Media, a full-service provider of software, network management, and content services for professional digital signage applications, has just version 3.0 of its enterprise digital signage platform, Xpresenter™, available.

Version 3.0 includes an overhaul of the Xpresenter Template Maker, the only patented authoring application running inside Microsoft® PowerPoint®, to integrate content management and simple drag-and-drop placement of objects, in addition to support for 3-D objects and animations. Content creation is further simplified with new Microsoft Office add-ins for PowerPoint, Word, and Excel®, making it easier than ever for users to update content.

Template Maker 3.0 has been bolstered to integrate content management that used to be a separate application, making it more efficient than ever to create and schedule compelling content for one player, or for thousands.

Template Maker includes an extensive "smart object" library for the quick and simple creation of content utilizing videos, images, PowerPoint slides, RSS feeds, live information sources, and much more. Taking advantage of enhancements to PowerPoint 2007, Template Maker 3.0 streamlines the content creation process with intuitive drag-and-drop placement of these objects onto the canvas. Version 3.0 also includes support for 3-D objects and animations, enabling the creation of innovative elements such as rotating video surfaces, 3-D tickers, and dynamic graphical elements animated in 3-D space.

Additionally, new Xpresenter add-ins for Microsoft Office provide users with the freedom to author content outside of Template Maker in PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. The Xpresenter Office add-ins appear as custom toolbars directly inside the Office Ribbon, Microsoft's innovative user interface that was first introduced with the Windows® 7 Microsoft Office release. This tight integration allows Xpresenter users to publish content directly from their favorite Office applications to display screens on the X2O network. This streamlined content publishing workflow saves content managers considerable time and reduces the need to learn new tools and applications.

"With Xpresenter 3.0 and its enhanced Template Maker, X2O is changing the way users create content," stated David Wilkins, X2O Media's President and CEO. "This latest version embodies 14 years of experience in the broadcast television, digital signage, and enterprise communications industries. We continue to simplify workflow in our quest to make professional-quality digital signage accessible to users of all technical levels."

Manitoba Museum Keeps Visitors Informed with Videowall

Manitoba Museum, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the province’s largest heritage center, has implemented a dynamic visitor information board using RidgeLogic's SceneStudio Pro. The 3×2 video wall placed at the museum's admissions counter was installed by Evolution Presentation Technologies, a RidgeLogic Select Reseller Partner.

The multi-venue facility decided on digital signage to increase sales of multi-venue ticket packages while also improving the visitors’ experience. Each display in the videowall of pro-grade NEC LCD's has discrete content including different venue’s admission prices, multi-venue package deals, and the promotion of audio tours and featured exhibits.

Since the installation of the digital signage, rental of headphones for their audio tour tripled, which is important to the museum as audio-aided tours greatly enhance the visitor’s experience and increase the probability of a return visit and word-of-mouth advertising.

Interview: Jeff Collard of Omnivex

The people of met up with Jeff Collard, president of Omnivex Corporation, at ISE for an interview on their Moxie software that included an overview of how Bell Canada used digital signage in their retail locations.

Jeff Collard gave a presentation at ISE focussed on how integrators with well planned digital signage deployment can enhance a business and lower costs through targeted communications.

Here's the interview:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

NY Islanders Get 3D Digital Signage

The New York Islanders Hockey Club and 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. have entered into an agreement to sell digital signage advertising utilizing 3D Eye Solutions technology. The system, that displays 3D Auto-Stereoscopic (without glasses) content, will be featured in Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum located in Uniondale, New York.

The first two 3D signs will be located at either end of the main entrance to the Nassau Coliseum with future installations anticipated in additional high-traffic areas throughout the arena. 3D Eye Solutions and the Islanders will seek advertisers for the new 3D systems in the Nassau Coliseum that welcomes over 550,000 fans per season for Islanders games, as well as an additional 650,000 event attendees each year.

"We are always looking for state-of-the-art solutions to help market the Islanders and Nassau Coliseum," said Justin Johnson, Senior Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, New York Islanders. "3D Eye Solutions allows us to broaden our signage opportunities for marketers looking to align themselves with an exciting brand and facility."

The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum is home to the New York Islanders and a myriad of other sports and entertainment events each year. The Nassau Veteran's Memorial Coliseum currently seats 16,250 for hockey games and up to 17,760 for concerts. Additionally, located adjacent to the arena is a 60,000 square foot Exhibition Hall that annually hosts 50 trade shows, consumer shows and conventions.

SCN: X20 and considerations for real-time messaging alerts

Montreal-based X20 Media is featured in the latest issue of Systems Contractor News. The article focuses on integrating real-time emergency messaging into digital signage systems. Get it on page 20 of their latest issue.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Metro One Announces Successful Deployment of Three Interactive Advertising Floors in Leading Shopping Centers

Metro One Development, Inc., a Concord, ON-based digital out of home media company, announced details of its 2010 plans to expand its Canadian interactive digital network, providing an enhanced network footprint in Canada to meet the growing demands of national advertisers.

Metro One is currently operating 3 installations in 2 shopping malls in southwestern Ontario and is working with the mall operator on an advertising revenue share program.

It is estimated that based upon the number of shoppers visiting the malls, that the total advertising revenue for 2010 from existing installations alone when fully advertised could exceed $180,000 per location. Further installations with this mall operator could potentially see Metro One in 30 shopping malls across Canada over the next few years.

Metro One plans on extending services, reach and access into additional locations in Canada, as part of an anticipated capital investment in 2010. This investment demonstrates the company's commitment to national advertisers demanding a nationally consistent set of services, cost-efficiency and automation wherever they do business.

Stuart Turk, CEO of Metro One stated, "its a priority to deploy the infrastructure and network interconnections that will allow us to operate a seamless national network. Our continued commitment to serve the needs of advertisers is our continued focus on quality of service, pricing and the ability to innovate."

Mommentum Health Expanding their Health & Wellness Network

Mommentum Health Network (MHN), a Toronto-based place based media network run by Cruise Media Group Inc., is entering an aggressive expansion program that will see its location count and total viewing audience more than double by the end of 2010, making it the country's leading dedicated health and wellness digital screen network.

MHN plans to have patient education and information systems in place in some 400 physician office waiting areas by the end of 2010, covering Canada's largest markets and connecting with more than 2,000,000 health conscious consumers every month.

MHN's digital out of home network installed base is now heavily focused on Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area, but expansion will open up and grow new markets in Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg, creating a national footprint attractive to key advertising accounts.

The ad-supported network provides digital signage systems free of charge to qualified medical clinic operators, offering credible health and wellness programming - such as nutrition tips, disease awareness and prevention, and women's health issues - that entertains, educates and engages waiting room audiences. Clinic operators also get tools that let them run location-specific messages, such as office hours and special clinic notices. The MHN system offers the combined benefits of improving patient communications and education efforts, reducing perceived waiting times, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

'We've been operating for three years now, and we've learned so much about the needs of both our clinic partners, and the brands and service companies who really get the media opportunity that we can offer, ' says Ryan Cruise, President and CEO of Cruise Media Group. 'Getting national coverage is really important to our plans, and the pieces are now in place to do that.'

MHN is a founding member of the Canadian Health Media Network (CHMN), an umbrella media network that rolls up the media opportunity provided by hundreds of the busiest primary care offices and medical labs across Canada.

Capital Networks and CognoVision Team Up to Bring Accountability to DSE 2010

Capital Networks Limited, Markham, ON.-based marketer of the Audience™ digital signage software platform is partnering with CognoVision Solutions Inc. to demonstrate accountability in action in the Capital Networks booth (#1613) at Digital Signage Expo 2010.

CognoVision, the 2009 DIGI Award winner for Best New Audience Measurement Package, will be providing its fully automated AIM (Anonymous Impression Metric) audience measurement system optimized for use in digital signage networks that uses proprietary face detection and tracking technology to find viewers' faces captured by digital optic devices.

The Audience™ digital signage software platform provides all the tools needed to create, manage and play out dynamic digital signage. The sophisticated creation, scheduling and management ability of Audience™ software has been fully integrated with CognoVision's AIM platform to provide an unprecedented level of accountability in real time.

"Integrating AIM with Audience™ provides critical audience metrics and enables media content to be customized based on viewer characteristics, effectively delivering the right message to the right people at the right time."
- Haroon Mirza, Director of Business Development for CognoVision

Combining Audience™ with AIM brings unparalleled accountability to digital signage:

• Identify number of impressions and browsers

• Measure engagement levels and dwell time

• Display targeted content based on real time audience characteristics

• Optimize signage content and screen locations

• As run logs accurately and automatically log what content was played and when