Tuesday, March 27, 2012

PICTURES: MicroTiles at the University of Salford

Here's a picture of a Christie MicroTiles install at the University of Salford's new digital learning, teaching and research space at MediaCityUK by integrator Electrosonic.

Via The DailyDOOH.

Want a 152" TV for your home cinema?

So do you? Do you have $950,000+ lying around? Britain's luxury department store, Harrod's, is putting Panasonic's monstrous 152" plasma TV for sale at a whopping £600,000 (~$952,200 USD).

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DSE 2012 Apex & Content Award winners

The independently judged winners of the Apex & Content Awards for 2012 were announced at the Digital Signage Expo last week. We're happy to notice that there was some good Canadian (or Canada-related) representation this year.

Apex Awards:
  • Radio-Canada/Telecine Multimedia, nominated by Scala Inc., won Gold in the Business, Industry & Government category, while Christie Network Operations Center, nominated by Arsenal Media, picked up Bronze.
  • Sun Life Financial BuzzWall at Kodak Theater, nominated by Arsenal Media, was at the top of its category for Event Venues.
  • The Montérégie Tourism Association, from Quebec and nominated by Arsenal Media, won Silver in the Hospitality category.
  • Ontario's Red Leaf Retail Concepts, Inc. was first runner-up in the New Concept category.
  • Silver in the Public Spaces category went to Oxford Properties Group/Scarborough Town Centre, nominated by Capital Networks Ltd.
  • Fresh, nominated by Christie Digital/Christie Digital Managed Services, won Silver in Retail.
The DSE 2012 Apex Award of the Year winner was Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, which featured Christie MicroTiles, nominated by ZEBRADOG.

Content Awards were presented to winners in nine different categories from a field of 83 entrants, representing eight different countries. The Canadian-flavored ones were:

  • Arsenal Media won Bronze for content created for Christie Network Operations Center in the Business, Industry & Government category, Gold for the Miami Dolphins BuzzWall at Sun Life Stadium in the Event Venues category and another Gold for Montérégie Tourism House in Hospitality.
  • Groupe ViVA picked up a Bronze for content created for Cars Trivia in the Multi-Platform category.
  •  St. Joseph Content l Alchemy won Gold in Retail for content created for The Shoppes at Ocean Drive–Romero Britto.
For the full list of winners, visit Digital Signage Connection.

Case Study: Digital Signage at Centre du Florès

Mirada Media, a Montreal, Quebec-based digital signage integrator, has released a case study on one of their recent projects at Centre du Florès, a center providing adaptation/readaptation services to children and adults with serious mental health problems. The solution that Mirada provided combined screens to improve wayfinding and communicate with clientele, and a web-based software for them to manage meeting room bookings.

You can read the digital signage case study, to learn more about the installation and how digital signage systems can be integrated with other systems to improve your business' efficiency. For our francophone readers, its also available in French.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ayuda Announces Juice: Sales Tools for Ad Networks

Ayuda Media Systems, makers of the world’s most sophisticated, and now most comprehensive media operations platform for D/OOH networks, is releasing a groundbreaking new addition to its already extensive portfolio of workflow management applications. Juice™, comprising a full suite of sales oriented tools for D/OOH advertising networks, allows the media vendor’s sales organization to manage all aspects of the sales pipeline, from pre-sales, checking avails, creating proposals, to reporting, on the same platform from which avails are tracked and content is scheduled. This represents the first time that any “off the shelf” product with such a wide array of media sales, operations, and execution capabilities becomes available to media networks without the need for costly custom integration, where the entire business can efficiently be run from a single platform. With Ayuda Juice™ for sales, Splash™ for scheduling, Finance for invoicing and lease payouts, and the Business Intelligence suite, the entire media business can be run from a single, unified platform and user experience.

Juice™ is a suite of seamlessly integrated browser-based software applications that provide all the business functions for a media vendor’s sales team that would normally require several disparate programs to address. Juice™ includes a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application that is the only one of its kind, completely customized for the needs of a D/OOH salesperson. In addition to providing management of leads, contacts, pipeline, reports and other standard CRM features, Juice™ allows the sales force to view sales inventory (avails) in real-time, empowering them with the ability to generate proposals that are timely and relevant. The Juice™ digital sales proposal engine takes those real-time avails and turns them into beautiful, complete, and accurate proposal documents that can be instantly sent to the customer or viewed live from the application on a mobile device or tablet. Juice™ also offers a full complement of reporting features for sales management, which can be incorporated into Ayuda’s holistic BI (Business Intelligence) platform to track KPIs by the media company’s executive leadership.

Ayuda has an 8 year track record of providing media workflow management tools for some of the world’s most prominent OOH networks. This has always included the ability to manage an ad campaign from its inception – the sales proposal – through booking, mapping, scheduling, invoicing, ad revenue sharing payout, and live interactive Proof of Performance for digital and traditional networks. Now, in addition to the new sales pipelining, reporting, and management capabilities introduced by Juice™, a milestone for the industry is established: from a single platform and user experience, digital avails are retrieved in a meaningful way and seamlessly translated into proposals, forming the workflow foundation that is preserved through to the lease payouts owed on a contract that began simply as a contact lead in the CRM.

“Having provided a comprehensive set of tools for both traditional and digital networks for years, we know just how much more complex digital avails can be, states Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda’s CEO. “What’s so ground breaking about Juice is that we have solved the most difficult problem for digital networks: how to check avails quickly, meaningfully, and then allow the sales force to use those results to do their jobs efficiently and easily, which is to propose and sell. We empower the sales team with the mechanism to check digital avails based on budget, day part, number of spots, target demographics, and audience numbers. They can do all of this with just a few clicks, live while on location at a customer directly from their mobile devices or tablets, and have those proposals pushed seamlessly to Splash™ for scheduling, and finally to our Finance product for invoicing and financial reporting. With Juice™, Ayuda continues to fulfill its promise of making the entire network’s operations easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.”

Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Director of Business Development, additionally states that “Ayuda has been testing Juice™ for some time now within our existing customer ecosystem, to ensure development of a product that doesn’t just embody Ayuda’s vision of a ground-breaking product, but which solves the most difficult challenges that our customers live every day. With customers like GSTV, Eye, enVu, and several other international customers giving us real, practical street level input, we consider ourselves honored to be in the position to apply our world class software know-how to solving today’s existing, and tomorrow’s anticipated business challenges. It is because we are wholly committed to our partners’ success that we ourselves have been so successful at what we do, which is to significantly facilitate how D/OOH networks run their sales and operations.”

enVu network to be managed with Ayuda's Splash and Juice apps

enVu, the leading out-of-home (OOH) interactive media company, today announced it selected Ayuda Media Systems to manage its inventory and media sales operations. Ayuda will provide its Splash™ and Juice™ software applications, which together offer a comprehensive, integrated solution that consolidates core media business functions—providing enVu the tools needed to efficiently manage its entire media sales and inventory operations from a single, unified platform.

enVu’s latest OOH product that will utilize Ayuda’s software is enSpire. Strategically located in the most heavily trafficked areas of 135 shopping malls in the United States, enVu’s enSpire network enhances consumer experience with gestural technology that allows consumers to interact with advertisements projected onto the floor. The immersive, gestural technology is programmed to respond when a consumer comes in contact with the platform, detecting shadows and creating interactions. enSpire heightens consumer recall through direct media interaction, captivating audiences unlike any other “touch” medium. Through responsive and real-time mobile device interaction, consumers can connect to social media networks via the enSpire platform.

Having provided comprehensive media workflow management software to some of the world’s largest OOH networks for almost a decade, Ayuda is well positioned to assist digital networks in achieving the same level of efficiency in managing their entire operations from a single system. Specifically, Ayuda’s Splash™ and Juice™ software applications will provide enVu with functions from pre-sales pipeline management, to billing, invoicing, and proof-of-play. Ayuda’s platform will seamlessly integrate with enSpire’s interactive technology and content management software ActiVia for Media, allowing for a single point of control in which sales staff can manage leads, check digital avails, and send media proposals.

“enSpire has revolutionized advertising in digital out-of-home (DOOH)—engaging consumers like never before and helping brands capture and increase market share. With its combination of gesture-based technology and floor projection capabilities, the enSpire platform is able to create a somatic moment for consumers—generating an emotional bookmark that they will remember,” states Benjamin Mathieu, enVu’s CEO. “Ayuda’s ability to integrate their Splash CMS with our gestural technology provides us with the key benefit of being able to manage our inventory on the same software that sales staff can check avails and manage their pipeline activity and proposals. There is great efficiency to be garnered from such a system, and we are excited about moving forward with Ayuda’s leading software solutions.”

Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda’s CEO, states:  “We are so proud to be working with enVu, whom we believe provides a truly unique and immersive experience to the consumer. Innovation is, after all, what has led to Ayuda becoming the media operations platform of choice for some of the world’s most prominent OOH networks over the last decade. We have experienced enSpire’s appeal for ourselves in our local malls, and are delighted to be given the honor of providing a platform that will enable enVu to drive operational costs down as they continue to grow.”

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Walking on a digital signage #fail

Digital signage #fails don't only happen on Microsoft Windows systems. This was supposed to be projected installation art part of the fourth edition of Montreal's Art Souterrain (Underground Art) festival that takes place in the city's underground passageways. Instead, the projector is displaying an OS/X desktop and popup for a Time Machine error on the floor of the tunnel.  

Gas Station TV choose Ayuda platform for video ad management

Gas Station TV (GSTV), the largest national at-the-pump television network, has just selected Ayuda Media Systems’ comprehensive Platform to manage its media sales and operations workflow. The Ayuda Platform consists of four products for digital video advertising networks: Juice (sales tools for CRM, availability checking, and instant proposal generation), Splash (for scheduling, player and content management), Finance (for invoicing and leasing) and Impress (for retailer and partner collaboration). Of special interest is to note that the platform allows GSTV to empower clients with the ability to traffic and schedule ads directly to screens themselves, a key business advantage supporting it’s recently launched local sales division.

GSTV, whose at-the-pump television network reaches almost 30 million monthly viewers in over 100 markets, has been searching for an integrated platform to efficiently run their entire network of screens at the pump, as well as automate core media business functions. Selecting a proven platform like Ayuda’s was imperative to help manage station and viewer impression growth.

GSTV’s growth is being fueled by its recently announced partnership with Wayne, a GE Energy Business. GSTV and Wayne launched inOvationTV this past September with a Wayne investment valued at more than $50 million. Wayne’s investment makes inOvationTV available to qualified stations free-of-charge, to be installed either as a retrofit to stations currently using Wayne’s industry-leading Ovation dispensers, or to retailers installing new Ovation dispensers from the factory. inOvationTV will triple GSTV’s monthly viewership to more than 70 million consumers.

Ayuda’s Splash provides centralized management for media distribution to sites using various vendor players, including Scala, inOvationTV, and other players currently in operation or development by GSTV. This player-agnostic scheduling capability enables GSTV to meet their expansion objectives from a centralized platform. Rather than creating different schedules and managing different CMS solutions, the primary user interface is now Splash - reducing traffic workload and potential human error. Similarly, in addition to the traffic and audience data provided by Nielsen, GSTV now will enhance its Proof of Play data for its various sub-networks by aggregating them into Splash, which provides a single point of access for reporting performance.

“We have evaluated countless products over the last several years to help us streamline our station operations and media management processes,” says David Leider, GSTV’s CEO. “Ayuda is the only vendor that has demonstrated a deep understanding of how to provide us with a holistic, integrated solution that will enable us to significantly streamline the way we run our business. The unique combination of CRM, billing, scheduling, content management and player software allows us to run our business end-to-end.”
Having provided comprehensive media workflow management software to some of the world’s largest OOH networks for almost a decade, Ayuda is well positioned to assist digital networks achieve the same level of efficiency in managing their entire operations from a single system. Specifically, Ayuda’s platform will provide GSTV with functions from pre-sales pipeline management, to billing and invoicing, and enhanced proof of play.

Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda’s CEO, states “GSTV is the undisputed leader and largest player in the digital gas media category and their selection of the Ayuda Platform represents a real game-changer for Ayuda. So many vendors have been courting GSTV for years, and I am both thrilled and honored that their highly diligent selection process chose us. The bar was exceptionally high – GSTV was looking for a totally integrated system that could scale with their growth in the coming years. We engineered the Ayuda Platform with integration in mind from the ground up – from CRM to scheduling to CMS to players to POP and invoicing – we are the only single-vendor solution offering all of the above in one platform.”

GSTV can be viewed throughout the country at leading gas retailers like Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, Gulf, Arco, BP, Exxon-Mobil, Speedway, Shell, Murphy USA, and Sunoco. GSTV’s exclusive content partners in the gas space include ESPN, Bloomberg TV, and Turner Broadcasting System’s HLN and entertainment news show Showbiz Tonight, as well as local AccuWeather and its original social media platform “Your Neighborhood”.

Monday, March 5, 2012

BroadSign Files for Bankruptcy

BroadSign International Inc., a Montreal, QC-headquartered developer of digital signage software, has filed for  Chapter 11 reorganization with U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Delaware, according to a report in Bloomberg.

According to the company's CEO Brian Dusho, the most effective way to maximize the value of their estates for the benefit of creditors is to complete a prompt sale of substantially all their assets. The company, based in Boise, Idaho, listed debt of $10 million to $50 million and assets of $1 million to $10 million.

This is isn't the first time we get news of BroadSign being in troubled waters. During the recent recession, the company had layed off several of its employees and some believed it was a harbinger of its eminent demise.

Many large advertising networks such as Zoom Media and JCDecaux use BroadSign's platform to manage their digital signs.