Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Audience for Android Wins Signage Solutions Product of the Year Award

Signage Solutions, the technology and solutions magazine for digital signage, DOOH, mobile and place-based digital media, has announced the winners of its 2012 Product of the Year Awards. Winners were honored in 12 distinct categories with Audience for Android submitted by Capital Networks Limited, winning Product of the Year in the Media Player category.

The Signage Solutions Product of the Year Award recognizes the most innovative products of the year in the digital signage field. In its inaugural year, the award program is honoring the outstanding product development achievements of digital signage manufacturers whose products are considered exceptional in the advancement or development of the digital signage industry, as well as their ability to best serve end users and consumers.

Capital Networks Limited, a leading global provider of dynamic digital signage content creation and management software, announced the release of the latest addition to the Audience software platform — Audience for Android — in June 2012. Powered by the android operating system, the Audience for Android media player and software bundle provides a high performance, low cost alternative to traditional PC based digital signage deployments.

“We're very happy to receive this recognition,” said Jim Vair, Vice President of Business Development at Capital Networks. “Since bringing Audience for Android to the market in June, we've found this solution allows our customers to think on a much larger scale when it comes to planning their digital signage projects. The low cost and ease of implementation is inviting to potential users that are new to digital signage while existing customers are happy to have the ability to expand their current deployments much more economically.”

Along with the ability to take advantage of the advanced Audience content management system, some of the key features found within Audience for Android include:
  • Real time scheduling
  • Support of single and multi-zone layouts
  • Full screen H.264 video playback
  • Support of live data feeds
  • As Run Logs for content verification
  • Command and Control features for emergency messaging
“We're excited about the success of our first-annual Product of the Year contest,” said Ben Skidmore, publisher of Signage Solutions magazine. “The competition was very impressive, and we would like to thank each company that participated. This amazing group of products is proof that the digital signage industry is doing incredible things. We can't wait to see that innovation continue in 2013 and beyond.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ADCentricity reports a 20.81% uptake in "breath-­‐fresheners" product transactions due to DOOH

TORONTO, CANADA – January 15, 2013 – ADCentricity Corporation has released the results of a case study aimed at quantifying the effects of digital location based marketing on retail purchasing. The study was conducted in partnership with iSign Media (which operates the Mac’s Couche Tard in store digital network) during November and December 2012 in ten Mac’s Convenience locations in Toronto. The number of point of sale (POS) transactions were observed for a group of products in the breath fresheners category during a control period of 30 days split into three 10 day segments. A 15 second generic ad ran for a 10 day test period promoting the purchase of breath fresheners and POS transactions were observed to measure whether any lift was achieved.

Key points and findings of the study:

 • The average cost of a 15 second ad per location per day is $5.32 ℀
 • The average impressions per location per day are 1,180℀
 • A 15 second spot plays, on average 648 times per location per day on in store and POS screens
 • 20.81% lift in sales for the group of products in the breath fresheners category was observed during the 10 day test period 

Éva Pusztahegyi, Director of Network Partnerships at ADCentricity coordinated the case study and notes the importance of being able to work cooperatively with partners such as iSign to test the effectiveness of the medium and provide clients with evidence and supporting data.

ADCentricity Director of Business Development, Stephanie Mole, is delighted with the findings. “ADCentricity is very enthusiastic to report a 20.81% uptake in “breath fresheners” product transactions due to DOOH support.” Continued Mole, “ADCentricity is looking forward to proving studies for other product categories. Moving forward, ADCentricity plans to examine the effectiveness of additional location based marketing initiatives including; sku triggers, SMS, in store radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, and mobile – alone and as part of cross channel initiatives.”

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Canadian digital OOH inventory grows by over 80%

Over the past 15 months, OMAC members have grown their digital OOH inventory by over 80% from 3,700 to over 6,800 screens. OMAC member companies including Astral Out-of-Home, CBS Outdoor, Cogeco Metromedia, Lamar Transit, Newad, Pattison Outdoor, Titan 360 and Zoom Media, have invested in digital OOH nationwide.  Offerings now include large outdoor formats from traditional posters to spectaculars and landmark locations, networked screens on transit routes and ferry terminals, to indoor networks in multiple venues such as restaurants, bars, fitness clubs, malls, airports and college campuses.

Some digital networks offer static and full motion ads on an ad or ad/content loop, audio, mobile compatibility, RSS feeds and live video streaming capabilities as well as matrixed screens equipped with gesture recognition.

The growth has been driven by a number of factors including technology advancements, changing consumer behaviour and marketer demands for short lead times, creative flexibility, mobile integration and the desire to create immediate engagement with consumers.

“The expansion of OMAC member company’s digital offerings underscores the industry’s commitment to respond to the needs of the advertising community by adapting to shifting consumer trends and increasing the innovative choices available for marketers to optimize campaign results,” said Michael Reha, OMAC chairman and CEO of Newad.

To help you stay current on the rapidly expanding digital OOH inventory of members, OMAC has created a digital planning guide showing the markets, screen specs and other details by company.  Click here to access the guide.