Friday, October 28, 2011

Case Study: Digital Menu Boards at iQ Food Co.

Montreal-based digital signage integrator Mirada Media have released a case study on the use of digital menuboards at iQ Food Co. in Toronto. The installation features four 46" LCD screens in portrait orientation, three of which are menus and the remaining one for promotional videos.

The case discusses how the new take-away concept located at 100 Wellington Street West achieved strategic and operational flexibility, a lower cost of ownership, and an enhanced customer experience by using digital menu boards instead of static.

" [We] knew that over the course of the first several months, [our] entire model (and menu) would be tweaked: popular items would be heavily promoted and the dogs would be pulled.", Alan Bekerman, iQ Food Co. founder.

Follow the link to read the case study on how Mirada Media Digital Menu Boards Increase Flexibility & Customer Engagement at Toronto-Based iQ Food Co.

Here's a video of some of the promotional content on their menu boards:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Hubbiversary!

Celebrating its first anniversary this month, the Communitech HUB is emerging as a major global destination in Waterloo Region for established and start-up companies to foster collaboration and growth in a supportive, high tech environment. Christie®, a world leader in visual technology displays, is a founding member, visionary and major sponsor of the HUB. The company notes that the centre hosts more than 300 tours a month for high profile delegations from around the world, and nearly 5,000 visitors in the past year, reflecting its growing success.

“The HUB is a digital technology 'thinkubator', accelerating Waterloo Region’s position on the digital stage,” said Gerry Remers, president and COO, Christie Digital Systems Canada. “As a founding member, Christie is proud of the enormous progress achieved by the HUB in such a short time, establishing a supportive environment for like-minded people to come together and collaborate.”

The HUB, supporting the revitalization of the downtown area core, is part of the Canadian Digital Media Network, with an ecosystem that offers job creation and wealth growth. To this end, it extends invitations to an international audience of established and start-up companies from all over the world, including Egypt, Greece, Russia and China. It uses technology to accelerate relationships, business customers, revenues, and job growth. In addition to providing technology solutions and expertise, as well as conducting tours, Christie has been active in coordinating symposiums on-site, such as the 3D Learning Symposium, organized with Desire2Learn, which brought thought leaders from around the world together to discuss 3D visualization for training and learning.

Dr. Kevin Tuer, VP of Digital Media at Communitech, and managing director of the Canadian Digital Media Network, noted, “Great things can happen when we collaborate, when we do things together, instead of working in our own silos. With support of companies like Christie, the HUB continues to establish its reputation in Canada and around the world as a place where technology facilitates the sharing of ideas and helps companies of every size unleash the full potential of their entrepreneurial vision.”

In the year since the HUB opened its doors, the Christie-designed and maintained HUB Interactive Virtual Environment (HIVE), a four-sided 3D immersive environment powered by 12 Christie Mirage HD6 DLP® projectors, has emerged as one of the centre’s most exciting installations and a major attraction. Christie has made the HIVE – among the world’s most advanced 3D research tools – accessible to every sector of the economy, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which might never have had the opportunity to experience such technology. It is transforming understanding, expanding possibilities for research and innovation, and for generating jobs. Christie has installed similar immersive environments in top-level institutions such as the Louisiana Immersive Technology Enterprise (LITE)and the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.

The HUB features the following Christie products:

Hub Interactive Virtual Environment (HIVE) – Features 12 Christie Mirage HD6 3D stereographic projectors powering a 20 feet by x 10 feet, four-sided, 3D enabled ‘immersive environment.’ It enables the display of vast amounts of data, and is finding a wide range of applications in markets that include architectural, government, medical research, culture and the arts, and industries such as automotive and aviation. The HIVE uses the Christie Spyder X20 video processor, which is also installed in the Theatre/Event Space and Executive Briefing Room, for wider content sharing and collaboration across disciplines.

Tannery Event Space – Features a 3D-capable multi-screen system powered by four Christie Mirage WU7 DLP® projectors and a Christie Spyder X20 video processor. It is a reconfigurable room system design that offers multiple connection points for presentations.

Pollock Executive Briefing Room – A Stereo 3D-capable Christie Mirage WU7 HD DLP® Projector with multi-source windowing capabilities, and 50 pairs of active glasses for 3D viewing.

Reception Area – An array of 30 Christie® MircroTiles® in a wall ribbon and top hat configuration, featuring content developed by local students from Conestoga College.
“The HUB represents a truly collaborative effort by industry, government and the community,” said Remers. “It is removing barriers to accessing and sharing information, and thereby powering the economy of Waterloo Region in a dramatic, highly visual way. Christie values its partnership, and is committed to providing its advanced visualization tools, expertise and other, diverse resources to help promote its goals.”
To celebrate Hubbiversary, tours of the Communitech HUB will take place tonight from 6-8 p.m.

Coquitlam Sports Complex Dives into Digital Signage with Audience Software

The City of Coquitlam, located in lower mainland British Columbia, Canada, is using the Audience software platform to power the recently installed digital signage network in the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex.
Located in southwest Coquitlam, the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex is a fully integrated ice and aquatic recreational complex with facilities including a 2200 seat arena, NHL regulation size rink, fitness centre, lap and leisure pools, restaurant, meeting rooms and banquet halls.

The City of Coquitlam recently installed the digital signage network to keep visitors informed with daily updates regarding complex information, upcoming events, and daily schedules for each facility. Multiple screens located at entrances to the complex display a variety of information including pool schedules and dressing room assignments, automated by the Audience software platform.

Local Authorized Audience Reseller, MVCC, located in Burnaby, British Columbia, provided the Audience software platform responsible for content creation, management and data automation, while also providing installation services and ongoing network support to the City of Coquitlam.

Capital Networks Limited provided production services and Audience software training to the Poirier Sport and Leisure Complex staff.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue Mountain Resort replacing current software for Omnivex

Omnivex Corporation, provider of content management software for digital signage networks, announced that their software has been selected by Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, to power an extensive digital signage network throughout their facilities. Blue Mountain will replace their existing digital signage software with Omnivex Moxie software, to manage displays throughout their extensive resort to meet their diverse list of applications for digital signage, conference and meeting room displays, including interactive wayfinding, and menu boards, to name a few of the immediate priorities.

Blue Mountain had deployed and maintained three separate digital signage software solutions, but found that they were not able to accomplish all of their goals and that maintaining three separate systems was becoming too labor intensive. The company decided that in order to streamline operations and make the day-to-day administration of the digital signage more manageable, they wanted to find one platform that would enable them to consolidate the existing system. "Our primary goal with this deployment was to have one centrally managed digital signage system that would be interactive, flexible and scalable," said John Gowers, Director of IT, Blue Mountain Resorts. He continued, "After an extensive evaluation process, we selected Omnivex Moxie software for its ability to address all of our requirements with one comprehensive platform."

Blue Mountain Resort and its amenities attract hundreds of thousands of people each year. The resort is spread over 360 acres and includes ski slopes, shops, restaurants, hotels and a conference center. Ensuring that guests know about all of the activities and events the resort has to offer is a key factor in ensuring they are provided with the best possible vacation experience. Blue Mountain strives to provide their guests with an outstanding stay at the resort and felt that the right digital signage system could help them improve the overall guest experience, by providing visitors with access to information when and where they need it. For example, navigating such a large facility is somewhat difficult, so interactive wayfinding is the perfect solution to address this problem. All of the different departments within Blue Mountain had varying requirements and ideas about how digital signage could improve the guest experience in their area.

Omnivex Moxie software will allow each department to have local access to the system so that they can customize content and address their specific needs, while the primary operator can maintain control of the network and certain global content assets to uphold brand standards. The software has the flexibility to meet all their needs, with one integrated platform that can manage all of their digital signage requirements. "Moxie software will tie into our existing systems - such as our event booking system, for the conference and meeting room displays - and our established processes to reduce the workload associated with maintaining an accurate and up to date digital signage system," said Gowers. "We felt that this was the best solution, because our employees can continue with their existing workflows and systems and the software will automatically reflect that information on the appropriate screens. There is no need for additional training, process changes or maintaining another system," concluded Gowers.

Blue Mountain Resorts Ltd. is part of the Intrawest Resorts group of experiential destinations. Primarily known for its outstanding ski and snowboard facilities, Blue Mountain continues to evolve from a winter playground into a premier four season destination resort. The nationally ranked Monterra Golf Course, seven-acre private beach on Georgian Bay and more than 60,000 square feet of conference facilities, all within 90 minutes of the largest population base in Canada.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Astral OOH testing digital columns in Montreal

I never thought I'd see the day that outdoor (as in outside) advertising screens would be using LCD's in a place like Montreal where the weather can be quite extreme but Astral Out-of-Home seems to have pulled it off. Astral unveiled a digital column prototype located just outside of the new Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Québec and Canadian Art at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) at the building's inauguration.

The column is equipped with two liquid-crystal displays that, just like Astral Out-of-Home's Digital network faces, feature six alternating messages per minute, broadcast seven days a week by our state-of-the-art Digital Control Centre. The 72-inch (1.83m), high definition screens with a 1920p x 1080p resolution provide unparalleled readability in sunlight thanks to the highest intensity technology currently available on the market.

"Astral Out-of-Home sets itself apart through innovation," said Luc Sabbatini, President of Astral Out-of-Home. "This new urban column demonstrates once again our willingness to use technology for the benefit of Montréal modernity and facilitate citizen communications in real time."

Astral Out-of-Home's new prototype will promote numerous upcoming free exhibits and the 120 concerts planned by the MMFA for the 2011-2012 season. Its unique design was created by Michel Dallaire Design Industriel and manufacturing was handled by Groupe Poitras in Québec City.

"The MMFA is proud to innovate with an outstanding partner such as Astral Out-of-Home and we are thrilled with Michel Dallaire's design, perfectly integrated with its environment in front of the new pavilion, which is surrounded by a sculpture garden on Du Musée Avenue and Sherbrooke Street," said Danielle Champagne, Director of Communications and of the MMFA Foundation. "We thank Astral's technical team who accomplished a brilliant tour de force by delivering this project in record time." 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deloitte selects ScreenScape as "Company-to-Watch"

ScreenScape Networks Inc. ("ScreenScape") won a coveted Companies-to-Watch Award, one of four separate awards categories that make up the 2011 Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM Awards, the pre-eminent technology awards program in Canada. ScreenScape is the first Atlantic Canadian company to earn the distinction.

The Companies-to-Watch Award honours early-stage Canadian technology companies in business less than five years. These companies exemplify many of the winning characteristics of Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM ranked companies, which are judged using a longer track record.

"Companies-to-Watch award winners frequently go on to score high rankings in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 once they have a five-year track record," said Richard Lee, National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Group, Deloitte. "Screenscape has quickly distinguished itself for its innovative technology and entrepreneurship and this award recognizes its potential as a future leader in the Canadian technology industry."

ScreenScape Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Mark Hemphill, credits the company's early success to its unique ability as an online service to engage audiences inside physical places through the use of digital displays. Hemphill said, "By offering a repository of community-shared content and a pool of targeted marketing opportunities, ScreenScape makes place-based media easier and more effective as a tool for engaging with today's connected consumer."

The majority of Companies-to-Watch winners are potential global leaders in technology sectors that didn't even exist five years ago. To win the award, companies must display the kind of management expertise and superior technology that mark a successful early-stage company poised for continued growth. To qualify for the Companies-to-Watch Award, candidates must have been operating less than five years. They must also be headquartered in Canada and devote a significant portion of their operating revenues to creating proprietary technology and/or intellectual property.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CoolSign at gov comm show; software not dead

Some (namely the DailyDOOH) were quick to pronounce the CoolSign digital signage software suite, which is now owned by Haivision, dead and buried when Raffi Vartian was let go, but the product, along with the companies range of streaming hardware, will be showcased at GovComm 2011 show in Washington DC, USA. The event taking place November 1-2 is dedicated to government communications, highlighting the use of digital signs in non-public environments.

"Government and military organisations are rapidly adopting advanced internet streaming technologies to meet a wide range of AV and defence communications requirements," explains Andy Vaughan, vice-president, federal sales, Haivision.

RFP: Ontario Travel Information Centre Digital Signage

The Ontario provincial government has an open RFP to setup and service a digital signage network at selected Ontario Travel Information Centres across the province for the purposes of advertising and promoting Ontario. A little late notice (closing is October 24, 11am EDT), the province is looking for industrial (Ed. I think commercial would be a better description) LCD for 24/7 use, digital signage media players, electrical and data cabling and other miscellaneous hardware.

Search the MERX database of Canadian Public Tenders for "digital signage" to get more information.

WMC Digital Media video walls in Edmonton City Centre to be measured by COMB

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Out-of-Home Measurement Bureau (COMB) is pleased to announce that WMC Digital Media has joined the Bureau effective Fall 2011.

WMC Digital Media will be launching its video walls in Edmonton City Centre October 5, 2011.

COMB has conducted pedestrian traffic studies in Edmonton City Centre and will publish weekly pedestrian circulation figures for WMC’s video walls in the October edition of the COMB Data Report (publication date October 19, 2011).

Walsh McPherson, Founder of WMC Digital Media, states, “COMB measurement is a solid investment that enables us to offer our innovative, high-impact video walls and upcoming OOH advertising products to leading brand advertisers that demand accountable, audited metrics”.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Subaru Canada intros Subaru.TV digital signage

Subaru Canada, Inc. recently added digital signage into their dealership experience. Dubbed Subaru.TV, the screens display a collection of content developed or carefully selected by Subaru Canada to improve the brand identity and shopping experience while explaining their many products and services.

The goal of their endeavor is to engage and entertain customers rather than have them be distracted by the random content and competitor advertising available on regular television. While many individual dealers or dealer groups have some form of digital signage in place, Subaru is among the first manufacturers in Canada to pioneer digital signage on a national level and has spent the past year sourcing or developing enough 1080p high-definition content to make this experience unique(Ed. I've owned two Subaru vehicles and my dealership has had some form of signage in the service area for a while).

In May, Subaru Canada and partner 10net Managed Solutions began deploying a network of 42- and 52-inch Sharp LCD displays to its dealers across Canada. Powered by a highly customized Dell media server running Scala Player software, Subaru is driving unique content to distinct Sales and Service programming channels, which will be available in English and French. In addition, dealers running Aristo by PBS Systems Inc. and its integrated Media Suite will be able to display the status of vehicles in their service area, reducing traffic to the service counter. Subaru will be working with other DMS providers to offer similar integration.

With two-thirds of its rollout already completed, dealers and customers will be able to enjoy unique HD content like the recently produced five-minute sneak peek of the new 2012 Subaru Impreza, which is on track to be released this October.

"We didn't want this to be another boring menu-board style deployment cycling through advertising specials and promotions," said George Hamin, Director of eBusiness and Information Systems. "We wanted to make this seem like network television. just without the competitor advertising."

Subaru is currently in discussions to secure nationally syndicated content like news and sports.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Montreal Airport Digital Signage Fail

The picture above was taken at Montreal-Trudeau Airport recently by our friend and local brunch blogger @MtlBrunch. It depicts a typical type of #fail, the on-screen popup related to support software update warnings.

This popup in particular is for Adobe's AIR platform, a runtime that enables developers to deploy cross-platform applications with web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and Adobe Flash.

This airport has several types of digital signage on-site. Some are informational, like the Arrival/Departure boards. Some others are for entertainment, such as the pre-flight lounge with its "news-tainment" channel. A third type are promotional, such as the portrait ad screens in the Arrivals area.

The screen above was in the outer concourse at an information desk where new arrivals could get varied information such as how to get to and around the city, where to stay, and what to do. Unfortunately for travelers new to the city, some important numbers were obscured by the Adobe update. On the upside, maybe they could learn about what PC updates look on a French operating system and pick up some of the language.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

RTOWN Communications, Palmer Rogers Encore form partnership

RTOWN Communications, a B.C.-based media company, has announced a new strategic and equity partnership with Palmer Rogers Encore Ventures Inc.

Palmer Rogers Encore is a joint venture between advertising executive Frank Palmer and financial executive Mike Rogers. Under the terms of the strategic partnership, Palmer Rogers Encore will provide RTOWN with business strategy support and financial management expertise as the company implements its aggressive growth strategy over the next number of years.

"Digital advertising continues to build momentum as media planners shift money away from traditional television towards a more targeted approach to advertising," said Tom Horler, President of RTOWN Communications. "Working with Palmer Rogers Encore, we will be in a better position to take advantage of this trend as we implement our aggressive growth plans."

Over the past 10 years, RTOWN's network has grown substantially based on its proven franchise model. The company currently operates in 12 markets across Canada and the Caribbean registering current reach of over 4.5 million impressions a week. With over a 1,000 market potential the company has an addressable market size of over $100 million dollars.

According to a recent survey, more than 86 per cent of media planners said that they intend to include digital out-of-home in their media plans in 2012, which is up from 65 per cent who said they had included the medium in their plans in 2010.

Final figures for 2010 are just being completed, but demonstrate that DOOH spending is predicted to reach $3.08 billion, an 18 per cent year-over-year increase. Experts project the growth to continue citing estimates of $3.56 billion in 2011 (15.5 per cent YOY), $4.05 billion in 2012 (13.8 per cent YOY) and approximately a 12 per cent YOY increase in 2013.

"Media buyers and advertisers are hungry for digital out-of-home services because it provides consumers with information that fits with their interests so they'll tune in, watch and listen," said advertising executive Frank Palmer of Palmer Rogers Encore Ventures Inc. "RTOWN has strong fundamentals and its product is one of the best in the industry, which is why we're confident that the company will grow so quickly and successfully."

RTOWN's sales have doubled between 2006 and 2010 with the recent strategic acquisitions of Around Town Media and Onext Media Corporation. The company's long-term goal is to be the dominant player and build a global company that provides a technology intensive service through a combination of organic growth, continued acquisition and merger.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Newad integrates 700 BarNet screens into digital offering

Today, Newad Indoor is announcing a major growth in its digital offering due to the addition of 700 LCD screens in 140 bars and nightclubs. Advertisers will now have a total of 1,300 digital screens targeting Young & Affluent, avant-garde and trendsetting consumers in Canada’s large urban city centers.

These new 24-to-180-inch digital screens integrated into Newad’s offer are located in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal and operated by BarNet, a Canadian company specializing in digital indoor advertising. In addition to running advertisements of 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds as well as entertaining content, these LCD screens offer a variety of interactive features. They can be easily updated, which promotes flexible integration of advertising content. They are located inside bars and nightclubs, very often behind the bar, around dance floors, in lounge areas and next to the coatcheck. They engage both male and female scenesters, urban socialites and avant-garde consumers benefitting from a higher purchasing power.

“Our partnership with BarNet strengthens Newad’s digital offer and compliments the company’s 360º solution – one that is unique in Canada. Like never before, clients who are concerned with optimizing their revenues can expect a full range of products that are perfectly integrated into the lifestyle of a population segment difficult to reach with traditional media,” comments Newad’s CEO, Michael Reha.

“We are pleased to share our extensive network and expertise with Newad so that national and local advertisers can benefit from new locations specifically designed to maximize the potential and impact of their campaigns,” adds Brandon Lu, president of BarNet.

Among the 140 establishments that house the 700 screens, note, by city: Toronto : City Nightclub, Mansion Nightclub, Vancouver : Barcelona and Blvd 22 : Calgary : Jr's Billiards, Whiskey,  Montréal : Le Marquee and Muzique. On average, each establishment operates just over five screens and hosts 2,500 people weekly.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newad’s Indoor Network Integrates NFC Technology

Newad, a Canadian indoor advertising media company, will integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) technology into its network. As of January 2012, NFC chips, embedded into the advertising displays, will allow smartphone owners to simply tap their phone to the ad and instantly connect to a wealth of information, discount coupons and even the ability to purchase the products being advertised. The technology will first be integrated into 200 of Newad’s Big Backlit boards, located within the top college and university campuses across the country, where there is an important – and growing – proportion of Canadian smartphone owners.

The integration of NFC technology into an advertising environment is a first for Canada. As a reminder, NFC is already being viewed as the future worldwide standard for consumers who wish to carry out transactions and purchases without a wallet. Thus, Newad offers 200 advertising windows where both interaction and payment are possible. The purchase of concert and film tickets is among the many tangible examples of how one can make use of NFC technology. The technology also allows customers to receive relevant information including photos, videos, and store finders related to the advertised item.

“This announcement is a testament to the constant evolution of advertising models, and to Newad’s ability to offer advertisers a range of cutting edge products. Not only is this good news for Newad and its advertisers, but for Canada’s entire advertising, marketing and mobility industry”, says Michael Reha, president and CEO of Newad. “The integration of NFC technology to our offer will now allow advertisers to establish a more direct relationship with consumers, to trigger more immediate and measurable purchasing decisions,” adds Reha.

“It’s a revolution for the entire Out-of-Home Advertising industry, and we’re proud to be the first company in Canada making this announcement,” says Jerrid Grimm, Vice President, Client Service, and Regional Manager – Western Canada. “The first advertisers making use of our NFC network will have the opportunity to stand out because of their commitment to innovation, and to be in tune with a clientele that is eager to take part in new consumer experiences. Our research demonstrates that 60% of the country’s Young & Affluent already own a smart phone,” Grimm adds.

This initiative came into being, thanks to a partnership between Newad and Vancouver’s Gauge Mobile, a technology partner and developer of the Scanvee platform, which integrates the NFC management system. As a reminder, the NFC chip is already embedded into the latest versions of BlackBerry and Android, as well as other devices such as Nokia and Samsung.

Omnivex sponsoring live webinar on building end-to-end customer experiences

Omnivex and Digital Signage Today are hosting a live webinar today at 2:00 PM EDT on how experts plan and implement cost effective digital signage solutions to engage audiences, build relationships and drive revenues at large public venues, such as sports stadiums and arenas. This webinar will look at real life examples of large-scale digital signage installations and what made them a success.

The speakers will be Jeff Collard, President of Omnivex, and Chris Dill, who heads his own IT sports consultancy service and previously employed by the Portland Trailblazers NBA franchise.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Build a project plan to maximize impact and ROI across budget cycles
  • Define a holistic approach to digital signage that meets business needs
  • Implement a solution that best leverages existing assets and resources

  • You can register here.

    Monday, October 3, 2011

    Canlan Ice Sports Scores with Screenscape Community-Based Digital Signage

    Canlan Ice Sports “Canlan”, North American leader in multi-purpose recreation facilities, announced today they have chosen ScreenScape Networks Inc. “ScreenScape”, to power a network of dynamic digital displays called CanlanTV.

    “While Canlan has benefited for some time from running digital displays in our facilities, ScreenScape allows us to manage these displays internally at a fraction of the cost,” commented Paul Dillon, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Service for Canlan. “Their user-friendly interface allows for easy interaction and quick content updates. We are able to run CanlanTV content in all of our venues and at the same time, enable facility managers to play location-specific ads, all with the same level of ease. We took a long and hard look at the many providers and options out there and it was clear to us, ScreenScape is by far the most innovative, creative and exciting partner for our needs.”

    ScreenScape is an online service for engaging audiences in physical places. It offers its members a repository of community-shared content and a pool of targeted sales and marketing opportunities. According to ScreenScape, this community-based model makes place-based media easier and more affordable to deliver and more effective as a tool for engaging with today’s connected consumer.

    “ScreenScape’s integration with services like Twitter and YouTube equip us with tools to engage the millions of people who visit Canlan facilities throughout the year. CanlanTV acts as a source of entertainment and information. ScreenScape makes it easy to interact with the customers in our venues.”

    “We welcome Canlan Ice Sports to the ScreenScape community,” said Kevin Dwyer, CEO of ScreenScape. “Our growing community already includes a number of sporting goods brands and retailers. The Canlan family of ice sports facilities is another great addition and again demonstrates the advantages of our community-based model. We look forward to a long and successful partnership and will enjoy watching the growth of CanlanTV.”

    Dorsey Digital Media Upgrades Western Financial Group's Digital Signage Network

    Western Financial Group's Digital Signage NetworkToronto-based Dorsey Digital Media Inc. (DDM), a leading Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) media services provider announced today the successful deployment of new technology across 65 of Western Financial Group's network. Based in High River, Alberta, Western Financial Group is western Canada's largest property and casualty brokerage with 96 offices in 87 communities across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

    "Dorsey Digital Media has been producing our digital signage content for more than four years and has always demonstrated expert knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of digital signage," commented Danielle Bernier, Corporate Media Coordinator for Western Financial Group. "It was an easy decision for us to turn to them to specify a new technology solution to replace our legacy system. To date, the results of the project have been seamless and virtually unproblematic," added Bernier.

    Western Financial Group's Digital Signage NetworkDorsey Digital Media specified the SCALA software platform - deployed on Western Financial Group's server and managed by their internal Business Systems and Technology team. The playback system consists of AOPEN DE7000 media players driving content to a combination of 32 and 40 inch SAMSUNG LCDs. The content program continues to expand, promoting Western Financial Group's growing portfolio of insurance and banking products targeted at rural and farming communities. An in-depth case study will be released later this year further detailing the technology solution and the communication and content strategies.

    "Our consultative process and agnostic approach to technology combined with Western Financial Group's specific content management and programming requirements, led us to specify a custom solution that met their exact needs," commented Stephen Dorsey, CEO Dorsey Digital Media. "We look forward to updating the rest of their offices in early 2012, and continuing to support their evolving content programming requirements," added Dorsey.

    Established in 2007, Dorsey Digital Media Inc. is led by an award-winning team of seasoned brand, marketing and content strategist, and creative media producers with decades of demonstrated success in the North American retail, entertainment, services and digital media industries. In addition to providing expert strategic consulting services for DOOH network deployments, DDM produces broadcast quality media content for in-store digital screens, resells licensed music programming, and offers national installation services for the deployment of retail-based digital media networks. DDM has innovative digital directory platforms deployed in shopping center and office building environments. Dorsey Digital Media's growing client portfolio includes Avis Budget Group, Western Financial Group, Megamidia Group (Brazil), and the City of Vaughan.