Friday, October 28, 2011

Case Study: Digital Menu Boards at iQ Food Co.

Montreal-based digital signage integrator Mirada Media have released a case study on the use of digital menuboards at iQ Food Co. in Toronto. The installation features four 46" LCD screens in portrait orientation, three of which are menus and the remaining one for promotional videos.

The case discusses how the new take-away concept located at 100 Wellington Street West achieved strategic and operational flexibility, a lower cost of ownership, and an enhanced customer experience by using digital menu boards instead of static.

" [We] knew that over the course of the first several months, [our] entire model (and menu) would be tweaked: popular items would be heavily promoted and the dogs would be pulled.", Alan Bekerman, iQ Food Co. founder.

Follow the link to read the case study on how Mirada Media Digital Menu Boards Increase Flexibility & Customer Engagement at Toronto-Based iQ Food Co.

Here's a video of some of the promotional content on their menu boards:

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