Thursday, October 20, 2011

Astral OOH testing digital columns in Montreal

I never thought I'd see the day that outdoor (as in outside) advertising screens would be using LCD's in a place like Montreal where the weather can be quite extreme but Astral Out-of-Home seems to have pulled it off. Astral unveiled a digital column prototype located just outside of the new Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion of Québec and Canadian Art at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) at the building's inauguration.

The column is equipped with two liquid-crystal displays that, just like Astral Out-of-Home's Digital network faces, feature six alternating messages per minute, broadcast seven days a week by our state-of-the-art Digital Control Centre. The 72-inch (1.83m), high definition screens with a 1920p x 1080p resolution provide unparalleled readability in sunlight thanks to the highest intensity technology currently available on the market.

"Astral Out-of-Home sets itself apart through innovation," said Luc Sabbatini, President of Astral Out-of-Home. "This new urban column demonstrates once again our willingness to use technology for the benefit of Montréal modernity and facilitate citizen communications in real time."

Astral Out-of-Home's new prototype will promote numerous upcoming free exhibits and the 120 concerts planned by the MMFA for the 2011-2012 season. Its unique design was created by Michel Dallaire Design Industriel and manufacturing was handled by Groupe Poitras in Québec City.

"The MMFA is proud to innovate with an outstanding partner such as Astral Out-of-Home and we are thrilled with Michel Dallaire's design, perfectly integrated with its environment in front of the new pavilion, which is surrounded by a sculpture garden on Du Musée Avenue and Sherbrooke Street," said Danielle Champagne, Director of Communications and of the MMFA Foundation. "We thank Astral's technical team who accomplished a brilliant tour de force by delivering this project in record time." 

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