Friday, October 14, 2011

Montreal Airport Digital Signage Fail

The picture above was taken at Montreal-Trudeau Airport recently by our friend and local brunch blogger @MtlBrunch. It depicts a typical type of #fail, the on-screen popup related to support software update warnings.

This popup in particular is for Adobe's AIR platform, a runtime that enables developers to deploy cross-platform applications with web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and Adobe Flash.

This airport has several types of digital signage on-site. Some are informational, like the Arrival/Departure boards. Some others are for entertainment, such as the pre-flight lounge with its "news-tainment" channel. A third type are promotional, such as the portrait ad screens in the Arrivals area.

The screen above was in the outer concourse at an information desk where new arrivals could get varied information such as how to get to and around the city, where to stay, and what to do. Unfortunately for travelers new to the city, some important numbers were obscured by the Adobe update. On the upside, maybe they could learn about what PC updates look on a French operating system and pick up some of the language.

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