Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newad’s Indoor Network Integrates NFC Technology

Newad, a Canadian indoor advertising media company, will integrate NFC (Near Field Communication) technology into its network. As of January 2012, NFC chips, embedded into the advertising displays, will allow smartphone owners to simply tap their phone to the ad and instantly connect to a wealth of information, discount coupons and even the ability to purchase the products being advertised. The technology will first be integrated into 200 of Newad’s Big Backlit boards, located within the top college and university campuses across the country, where there is an important – and growing – proportion of Canadian smartphone owners.

The integration of NFC technology into an advertising environment is a first for Canada. As a reminder, NFC is already being viewed as the future worldwide standard for consumers who wish to carry out transactions and purchases without a wallet. Thus, Newad offers 200 advertising windows where both interaction and payment are possible. The purchase of concert and film tickets is among the many tangible examples of how one can make use of NFC technology. The technology also allows customers to receive relevant information including photos, videos, and store finders related to the advertised item.

“This announcement is a testament to the constant evolution of advertising models, and to Newad’s ability to offer advertisers a range of cutting edge products. Not only is this good news for Newad and its advertisers, but for Canada’s entire advertising, marketing and mobility industry”, says Michael Reha, president and CEO of Newad. “The integration of NFC technology to our offer will now allow advertisers to establish a more direct relationship with consumers, to trigger more immediate and measurable purchasing decisions,” adds Reha.

“It’s a revolution for the entire Out-of-Home Advertising industry, and we’re proud to be the first company in Canada making this announcement,” says Jerrid Grimm, Vice President, Client Service, and Regional Manager – Western Canada. “The first advertisers making use of our NFC network will have the opportunity to stand out because of their commitment to innovation, and to be in tune with a clientele that is eager to take part in new consumer experiences. Our research demonstrates that 60% of the country’s Young & Affluent already own a smart phone,” Grimm adds.

This initiative came into being, thanks to a partnership between Newad and Vancouver’s Gauge Mobile, a technology partner and developer of the Scanvee platform, which integrates the NFC management system. As a reminder, the NFC chip is already embedded into the latest versions of BlackBerry and Android, as well as other devices such as Nokia and Samsung.

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