Monday, October 17, 2011

Subaru Canada intros Subaru.TV digital signage

Subaru Canada, Inc. recently added digital signage into their dealership experience. Dubbed Subaru.TV, the screens display a collection of content developed or carefully selected by Subaru Canada to improve the brand identity and shopping experience while explaining their many products and services.

The goal of their endeavor is to engage and entertain customers rather than have them be distracted by the random content and competitor advertising available on regular television. While many individual dealers or dealer groups have some form of digital signage in place, Subaru is among the first manufacturers in Canada to pioneer digital signage on a national level and has spent the past year sourcing or developing enough 1080p high-definition content to make this experience unique(Ed. I've owned two Subaru vehicles and my dealership has had some form of signage in the service area for a while).

In May, Subaru Canada and partner 10net Managed Solutions began deploying a network of 42- and 52-inch Sharp LCD displays to its dealers across Canada. Powered by a highly customized Dell media server running Scala Player software, Subaru is driving unique content to distinct Sales and Service programming channels, which will be available in English and French. In addition, dealers running Aristo by PBS Systems Inc. and its integrated Media Suite will be able to display the status of vehicles in their service area, reducing traffic to the service counter. Subaru will be working with other DMS providers to offer similar integration.

With two-thirds of its rollout already completed, dealers and customers will be able to enjoy unique HD content like the recently produced five-minute sneak peek of the new 2012 Subaru Impreza, which is on track to be released this October.

"We didn't want this to be another boring menu-board style deployment cycling through advertising specials and promotions," said George Hamin, Director of eBusiness and Information Systems. "We wanted to make this seem like network television. just without the competitor advertising."

Subaru is currently in discussions to secure nationally syndicated content like news and sports.

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  1. Looks like a fairly solid plan. I really hope it goes well and takes off.Subaru Canada