Monday, August 31, 2009

Chapter 66 becomes Rouge Resto-bar

Chapter 66, the static and digital, bar and restaurant ad network division of Rouge Media Group, has re-branded under the name Rouge Resto-Bar.

This is likely in an effort to streamline the branding of their different networks, which includes the above restaurant and bar division, Rouge Campus, a media network in 55 Canadian University and College campuses, and Redcat Media, targeting 13s-17s in Canadian High Schools.

Friday, August 28, 2009

BANK on ART, literally

Toronto art lovers can now access contemporary artwork in the unlikeliest of places: ATMs. Merging art and technology, the project, called BANK on ART, is aiming to increase the general public's exposure to contemporary art through common activity. The work appears on the screen before and after each banking transaction, giving the individual an pleasant change in their usual mundane routine.

So far the only ATM that showcases the artist's work can be found on 952 Queen St. West, but plans are already underway to add another one in Yorkville.

For those of you who aren't near the Toronto area you can get a preview of the displayed art on the BANK on ART website.

Image is submitted art of Vladimir Kato's Not In Service

Samsung Digital Signage Fail

As posted by Geggs on the Fail Blog, huge fail for Samsung for what would have been a nice digital signage install.

Although its been done before, I love it when digital signage is integrated into a nice enclosure representing the product (most often a mobile phone it seems)--too bad it had to be spoiled with a blue screen of death.

Picture by: Geggs, via

PromoMee deploys videowall for MicroBoutique

PromoMee has installed an imposing wall of screens in the MicroBoutique store at Montreal's Eaton Center.

The integrator is responsible for all digital signage installations for the chain of electronic boutiques.

Artistic design and animation was provided by Mettle Montreal.

PromoMee have posted two videos that give you a better idea the installation and content here and here.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Captivate Network launches 30-second advertising spots

Elevator rides are about to get a little less boring. Captivate Network, a company that controls digital signs in office tower elevators, has launched a 30-second advertising format that allows their clients to provide their audience more detailed information. It should be noted that the installations are still without audio.

With this new 30-second advertising format companies are now have an easier time of adapting regular-length TV commercials for the digital signs.

Across North America, Captiva Network has 8,900 out-of-home (OOH) screens in 1,000 buildings. These buildings can be found in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Via: Sign Media Canada

TTC pilot-tests new digital poster

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is testing out a new digital signage format at its central Yonge-Bloor subway station.

The vertically oriented video screens, similar to those seen at Cineplex Entertainment theaters, will display active content for current and upcoming movie releases.

Adam Giambrone, a TTC chair, stated that this test project, by the end of 2009, will result in a report outlining "the TTC's contractual obligations to its contractor for installing this form of advertising, the revenue implications for the TTC and the levels of public acceptance for this change."

Via: Sign Media Canada

ScreenScape chosen to build Digital Signage Network for Imageworks

Imageworks Communication Group has chosen ScreenScape as their platform provider for their digital signage network. This in turn changes Imageworks as a ScreenScape-certified Affiliate Partner, which ensures access to a quickly growing ScreenScape Community.

Imageworks has already identified four organizations that are participating in their network of venues: The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission, Capital Area Recreation Inc., Murphy's Restaurants, and Confederation Bridge.

Read the full press release here.

Vancouver buses getting fitted with LED screens

The Vancouver Transit System has already begun fitting some of their buses for digital signage systems and is scheduled to be ready in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics, according to Litelogic Operations. The goal of the operation is to get a total of ten buses fitted with the screens by the early fall.

It is also being said that Telus has planned a campaign for a four month duration and that Lamar Advertising, the company that operates Vancouver Transit System's media spaces, has already secured six big brands to be those of the first to use this new type of digital solution to target their audiences.

Byron Montgomery, vice-president general manager of Lamar Advertising, is quoted as saying "This LED transit advertising bus poster empowers our clients with 21st century technology! The future is now on the streets for client’s investing in Vancouver transit advertising.”

Via: DailyDOOH

Friday, August 21, 2009

Zoom Media enters partnership with LocaModa

LocaModa and Zoom Media & Marketing have joined forces to bring interactive media experiences and social messaging to Zoom's digital out-of-home network (DOOH).

Zoom and LocaModa have already worked together in the past to provide interactive campaigns for AT&T and VH1.

LocaModa's technology will allow Zoom's audience to connect to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. This mobile and social interaction will give brand advitisers real-time audience metrics.

Via: Digital Signage Today

Third installment of CODA Breakfast Series is set for September

The Canadian Out-of-home Digital Association (CODACAN) hosts their third Breakfast Session this September with principle speaker Matthew Diamond of Capital 'C' sharing his thoughts on digital in the retail world. Guest speakers Tricia Wright and Dragana Simao of Koodo will also share their personal experiences on introducing a mobile brand with a strong focus on the digital and interactive medium. You are invited to hear other speakers including leaders in the retail industry who have used digital medium with success. The event will conclude with an open panel discussion moderated by James Fraser of Capital 'C'.

Event Details:

Date: September 17, 2009
Time: 8:00-11:00 AM
Location: Mercatto, 101 College St.


CODACAN members - $50.00
Non-members - $75.00
At the door - $100.00


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Omnivex Software to be used by Portland Trail Blazers

Omnivex Corporation, a Canadian provider of enterprise software for digital signage, has won a contract with NBA's Portland Trail Blazers.

Omnivex's Moxie software will be used in an extensive digital signage network at Portland’s Rose Garden Arena.

In an effort to improve the visitor experience, the Rose Garden Arena plans to install nearly 250 LCD screens ranging in size from 32 to 47 inches located at facility’s concession stands. Moxie will be used to create and schedule content and manage the hardware. The software also has the ability to pull information from existing databases, such as their POS system, format it and display it on screen.

With the new digital signage network, visitors will have clear access to information such as menu items, pricing and real-time messages. External advertising and sponsor branding will also be displayed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tim Hortons Looking for a New Software?

The rumor mill at the DailyDOOH only seems to go into full-steam production when it has something to do with Canadian digital signage provider EK3. This time around the word on the street is that Canadian coffee shop franchisor Tim Hortons got a little scared by the news that EK3 may be selling and are searching for a new digital signage software provider.

We don't like posting rumors but, if this is actually the case, its good news for possible software providers...and bad news for EK3.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rogers Cup Takes Advantage of Digital OOH

Tennis Canada took advantage of the dynamic properties that digital out-of-home can provide by advertising this year's Rogers Cup on Astral Media's Digital network. On each day of the men's tournament taking place in Montreal, QC, the organization showcased the players in the day's match-up--something that would have been less feasible on traditional static billboards.

Astral's Digital network is comprised of 10 LED panels, 14' high by 48' wide, located along greater Montreal's major arteries.

Via OOH-Tv

ADCENTRICITY Adds Consulting Services to Offering

Adcentricity, a digital-out-of-home network aggregator, has launched a new consulting service for existing digital outdoor networks and businesses that want to enter the industry.

The new consulting arm targets network operators, retailers, real estate owners, and prospective network developers who are looking for information and insight about the digital OOH marketplace.

Although the economic downturn has slowed the growth of the young digital out-of-home industry, interest is high and this could be the opportune time to enter the market. Rresearch by PQ Media predicts that total digital out-of-home revenues will drop by 9.1% in 2009, but we'll see a growth of 12.8% in 2010.

This is a pretty smart move by Adcentricity: by adding a consulting service, they position themselves as an authority on the market and become the initial reference point for small networks and new investors. The relationships this creates make great leads to recruit new affiliates and build its reach.

Via MediaPost.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newad Opposing Rouge, Chapter66 COMB Membership

As reported by Philippe Gauvin at ADN Montreal, Newad, the Montreal-based indoor advertising, event marketing and media firm, is opposing Rouge Media Group and Chapter 66's application to the COMB (Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau). The reason given for the firm's filing of an injunction procedure is that the companies in question are purportedly acting in violation of NEWAD's exclusive advertising rights.

By taking these procedures, NEWAD asks the Court to enjoin Rouge Media and Chapter 66 to cease any solicitation of the establishments under exclusive advertising contract with NEWAD and remove all banners installed by the two firms in these institutions.

NEWAD has recently obtained a similar order in another case against the company Power Medias, for the same type of violation.

To paraphrase a quote provided by Michael Reha, President of NEWAD: since joining the COMB in 2004, the firm has invested much time and money developing the measurement methods in TraffikMD (the current industry standard). Although NEWAD is open to the use of TraffikMD by all industry players, including competitors, they oppose any and all applications for the license of its use by companies who violate their legal rights and who do not respect previously established agreements.

Telus and the Pygmy Goats

Telus Goat AdCanadian mobile provider Telus has launched a new marketing campaign, titled ‘Get a jump on life with web to go’. The bilingual campaign shows Canadians the satisfaction of maximizing one's time by using a TELUS smartphone or Mobile Internet Key to stay in touch with the world more easily, whether by phone, e-mail, text, or on the web, through Twitter, Facebook and more.

The campaign will be presented on most media including digital signage, in-store, and experiential. The digital signage includes subway screens in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, and in Sporting Life retail stores in Toronto and Collingwood, Ontario.

Creative is by TAXI with media by Media Experts.

This is not the first time Telus and their creative agencies have embraced the dynamic nature of digital signage. In 2009 Teehan+Lax took home the Best Point-of-Sale Campaign nod at the MediaPost Digital Out-Of-Home Awards for their work with Telus on the "Today's Weather" digital signage ad shown here.

Story and image via DailyDOOH

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BSOD from Gatwick Airport

We usually like keeping our content Canadian but when its about blue screens of death we don't mind including Canada's Crown in Right's UK. Adrian at DailyDOOH posted this nice picture of blue (or black) screen of death on a JCDecaux LCD at Gatwick Airport. He mentions Windows (and probably it is since its likely a know fact what JCDecaux uses) but really this could be any O/S--I've seen it all the time on Linux.

Monday, August 10, 2009

La Vitrine - Interactive LED Window in Montreal

One of our staff members found a story that was Dugg regarding an interactive LED window in Montreal called "La Vitrine" setup by new media arts and entertainment studio Moment Factory. I'd heard of the Montreal studio from the excellent work they did for Nine Inch Nail's 2008 tour but had never heard or seen the illuminated facade that is supposedly permanently setup in Montreal.

I stress seen above because I'm a little surprised I never saw "La vitrine". The screen launched in Fall 2007 and after winning the Grand Prize in Montreal's 2008 'Creativity Awards' in the urban integration category it was rendered permanent. It's located at 145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, and is supposed to be on between 7pm and 11pm every night of the year.

The light wall is created by 35000 LED's and is supposed to have three interactive games that follow pedestrians passing by. The goal of the window is to act as a sort of crossroads of Montreal's cultural happenings (although I'm not too sure how it does that from the videos I've seen). It is run by a non-profit organization.

Have you seen it? If you have send us a message. Here's a video of it in action:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DOOH ad sales people needed in Toronto

As per Dave Haynes at Sixteen:Nine, the guys at Cruise Media Group and sister firm Mommentum Health Media are looking to fill some spots in its Toronto-area sales team in August.

The companies do both static and digital out-of-home advertising media in medical clinics and hospitals.

Interviews are being conducted next week for the full-time positions.

CV's can be sent to: info AT

Pixel Networx Starting Digital Signage Ad Network by Joining ScreenScape's Venue Network

The newly formed Pixel Networx LLC is setting up an out-of-home advertising network based on ScreenScape's Internet-based Venue Networking solution.

As a ScreenScape Affiliate Pixel Networx acquire the technology needed to firmly establish their own network of trusted venues and have the ability to instantly distribute advertising content to the screens of its members. Each Venue member of their new network can also locally create and manage their individual content.

Based in Simsbury, Connecticut, Pixel Networx will use the Canadian company's software system to establish a network across the eastern seaboard of the United States.

The full press release is available here.

Monday, August 3, 2009

NEC Display Solutions to Resell RoninCast Software

Wireless Ronin Technologies Inc. has announced that it has authorized NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. to resell their RoninCast digital signage software.

According to the press release, NEC Display Solutions is planning to offer the hosted content management solution to clients looking to deploy a large digital signage network.

It would be interesting to know if NEC is planning to package and pre-install the software on their embedded PC's.

Interview: Chantale Goncalves, Zoom Media, Montreal

Gail Chiasson over at DailyDOOH has an interview with Chantale Goncalves from Zoom Media in Montreal that provides a look at working at a OOH media firm.