Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newad Opposing Rouge, Chapter66 COMB Membership

As reported by Philippe Gauvin at ADN Montreal, Newad, the Montreal-based indoor advertising, event marketing and media firm, is opposing Rouge Media Group and Chapter 66's application to the COMB (Canadian Outdoor Measurement Bureau). The reason given for the firm's filing of an injunction procedure is that the companies in question are purportedly acting in violation of NEWAD's exclusive advertising rights.

By taking these procedures, NEWAD asks the Court to enjoin Rouge Media and Chapter 66 to cease any solicitation of the establishments under exclusive advertising contract with NEWAD and remove all banners installed by the two firms in these institutions.

NEWAD has recently obtained a similar order in another case against the company Power Medias, for the same type of violation.

To paraphrase a quote provided by Michael Reha, President of NEWAD: since joining the COMB in 2004, the firm has invested much time and money developing the measurement methods in TraffikMD (the current industry standard). Although NEWAD is open to the use of TraffikMD by all industry players, including competitors, they oppose any and all applications for the license of its use by companies who violate their legal rights and who do not respect previously established agreements.

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