Wednesday, October 31, 2012

VIDEO: Discount on Montreal Metro Digital Signage

Simple and effective digital signage ad produced by Rinaldi Communication Marketing for Discount Car and Truck Rentals Quebec, appearing on the Montréal Métro network.

(Via DailyDOOH)

Friday, October 26, 2012

X2O Media launches new digital signage platform

X2O Media announced the launch of its new platform called “X2O,” which enables businesses and organizations to communicate more effectively using stunning TV-like channels across multiple devices. X2O Media is no stranger to the digital content software business, having created several generations of products that simplify the creation of sophisticated graphics and video content. Built using the HTML5 standard, the new X2O platform allows users to create rich media channels quickly and easily — featuring HD video, 3D animations, charts and graphs, and links to live data sources  — and publish those channels across desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets, and digital signage displays.

In creating its next generation platform, X2O Media went back to the drawing board in order to simplify the content creation and management process even further. With the new X2O platform, users can easily communicate key messages and data to the right person, at the right time, and on the right device using a concept of channels that resemble what viewers watch on TV. These dynamic and eye-catching channels not only break through information clutter, but provide timely information that can be acted upon immediately, directly impacting the bottom line.

The new X2O platform allows users to:
  • Create Media-Rich Channels — An intuitive, drag-and-drop authoring tool lets users with no technical knowledge quickly create channels featuring video, still images, PowerPoint® slides, and data-driven graphics that engage audiences.
  • Link to Numerous Data Sources — X2O provides a simple way to link graphics to corporate databases like SAP® and Oracle®, Excel® spreadsheets, or RSS feeds. Players render graphics in real time to ensure up-to-date information every time the channel is viewed.
  • Socialize Channels — Include user-generated content from popular social media siteslike Twitter™, YouTube™, and Facebook, and add mobile interactivity instantly by displaying QR codes.
  • Publish Channels to any Device — X2O makes it easy for users to publish channels to one person, one team, or entire departments on the most appropriate device including desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones, or digital signage displays of any size or configuration.
“Compelling graphics and visuals communicate information with far more impact than other forms of communication like email, which ultimately translates into a direct competitive advantage,” said David Wilkins, CEO and President of X2O Media. “With support for HTML5, the new X2O platform takes creating captivating channels to a new level. Now anyone can cost-effectively create TV-like channels without having to be a graphics designer or database expert.”

The X2O platform will be on display in the X2O Media booth at CETW 2012 in New York, Nov. 7-8; and at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Nov. 12-15. More information on the new X2O platform and upcoming events is available at

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LG IPS screens have scarily real colors

Nice prank pulled by LG to promote its IPS monitors and their "lifelike" colors. The company replaced the floor of an elevator and surprised unsuspecting people into thinking the floor gives out below them.

Its a neat trick but what you don't see, or rather hear, in the video is the sound from the hidden speakers. I'm sure LG IPS colors are quite nice but like when you watch a horror movie at the cinema, a good deal of the scare comes from the loudness of the "bang".

I hope no one with a serious heart condition rode that elevator. Check out the video below.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Upcoming Event: Digital Trends Showcase 2012

Chilin Solutions' digital out-of-home (DOOH) division, formerly Vertigo Digital Displays of Toronto, is hosting Digital Trends Showcase on Wednesday, November 14th and Thursday, November 15th. The showcase will feature guided tours of turnkey digital signage solutions for each of five verticals (DOOH, Retail, QSR, Education, and Corporate Communications). Dot 2 Dot communications, Intel, LG and Vertigo will be sponsoring the event. To register, visit

Thursday, October 18, 2012

COMB GPS-based travel research steers decision to modernize the outdoor advertising ‘GRP’

Following a two-year investigation into how the ever-growing mobility of Canadian consumers is impacting exposure to outdoor media, COMB releases today the results of new empirical research designed to increase the precision in measuring outdoor GRPs.

The research involved GPS travel studies conducted by Forum Research between September 2011 and June 2012 within the census-metropolitan-areas (CMA) of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and surrounding radii of 100-kilometres. The studies’ key objective was to understand how both residents and non-residents travel within Canada’s three largest urban cities and specifically, to determine whether the OOH industry should continue to exclude non-residents’ exposure to outdoor advertising when calculating outdoor GRPs. This exclusion is a practice that was established decades ago when the Canadian outdoor advertising industry began to calculate and report campaign delivery based on the GRP (gross rating point) metric.

“GPS technology has been able to demonstrate that non-residents of Canada’s major cities have heavy exposure-opportunity to the cities’ outdoor advertising due to their frequent travel within the city boundaries”, says Karen Best, President of COMB, “OOH is an out-of-residence medium making both residents and non-residents legitimate and valuable potential customers that together make up the real audience to be measured in a modern, media metric.”

Passive and accurate, GPS technology captures movement every two seconds and was therefore selected as the tracking device to be carried by 600 study participants for a period of 9 days. Some participants were tracked for 28 days.

The outcome

1. People living outside of the Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver CMA boundaries travelled into the major markets an average of 4 days per week, driving more weekly kilometres within the CMAs than residents of those cities.

2. 92% of non-residents traveled into Toronto and Montreal 4 days or more per week. The comparable figure for Vancouver was 91%.

3. Non residents’ exposure to outdoor advertising was higher in the three major cities than residents’ exposure.

The study data was analysed, discussed and debated amongst research and media experts from six OOH companies and ten leading advertising agencies that comprise COMB’s industry watchdog - the COMB Research Committee - and COMB’s Board of Directors.

There was unanimous approval to allow non-residents who travel into Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver CMAs a minimum of 4 days per week to be included in GRP calculations. . Additional markets will be studied by COMB in 2013 and beyond.

Michele Erskine, Director of Marketing at CBS Outdoor and a long-term member of both COMB’s Research Committee and a COMB Board Director, reinforces that “the new research methodology for determining ‘percentage of non-residents eligible to contribute to outdoor GRP calculations (known as the in-market factor)’ is derived from current and reliable COMB research that advertisers and their agencies can trust. This research is vital to accurate reporting of campaign reach, impressions, and GRPs reported in COMB’s media planning tool, COMBNavigator®.”

The new data has been updated to COMB software effective today. The impact and implications of the changes to the Buyer community will be addressed in COMB communications to its members.

Zoom Media expands its digital network with Zoom MedTV

Zoom Media Inc., the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada, has announced the expansion of its digital network with Zoom MedTV™. With a presence in over 100 clinics and family practices across Canada, Zoom MedTV™ is recognized as one of the strongest medical networks in the country.

With this partnership, agencies and clients now have the ability to reach key consumers as they wait on average 40 minutes to see their health professional.
Patients and those accompanying them are receptive to relevant advertisements for its health and wellness content as well as its entertainment and informative value.
With locations in Loblaws and Great Canadian Super Stores, Zoom MedTV™ offers the ability to reach these influential targets at the point of product purchase.
Zoom Media® now offers advertisers two digital networks, Zoom FitTV™ and ZoomMedTV™, to reach a health-oriented and influential audience. 

Haivision Recognizes IDT as Its Top Asia-Pacific Distributor of the Year

Haivision, a global leader in advanced IP video streaming solutions, announced today that it has recognized Image Design Technology (IDT) as its top Asia-Pacific distributor of the year. IDT, Haivision’s distributor for Australia and New Zealand, has exceeded $1 million in revenue growth within the past 12 months supplying Haivision products for IP video solutions through IDT’s network of resellers and systems integrators.

“Haivision’s end-to-end solutions for encoding, recording, streaming, and video distribution are both cost-effective and easy to deploy,” said Gerry Wilkins, managing director at IDT. “This gives us significant leverage in the streaming media marketplace, allowing us to offer cutting-edge technology with the confidence that our solutions will satisfy even the most rigorous customer requirements. It is an honor to be recognized and we look forward to continued growth alongside Haivision.”

IDT, a Haivision Gold Distribution Partner, is a world leader in audio, video, data distribution, and display technology. The company manages a network of resellers and integrators across Australia and New Zealand. A recent project included a Haivision streaming video deployment for a world-class stadium venue in the state of Victoria, attracting more than four million people per year. In addition to deployments in the sports and entertainment market, the company also sells Haivision solutions in the medical, education, and enterprise markets and has customers using Haivision at universities, defense and government departments, and major banking institutions.

“IDT has a sterling reputation as one of the Asia-Pacific region’s premier distributors of advanced pro A/V and video streaming technologies,” said Charles Dobson, vice president of global channels at Haivision. “Exceeding $1 million in the sale of Haivision solutions in this region is a remarkable achievement that demonstrates a solid understanding of our technology and a very competent team of sales people and engineers. We are proud to be represented by IDT as our regional distribution partner and to honor them with a Haivision Top Distributor Award. We look forward to continued success.”

IDT offers Haivision’s complete range of solutions including Torpedo™ DVB to IP gateways, Makito™ HD encoders, KulaByte™ Internet encoders, Viper™ all-in-one stream and record appliances, Furnace™ IP video distribution systems, Stingray™ set-top boxes, and Barracuda™ H.264 encoders.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ayuda adds 'rewind' feature to DOOH proof-of-play

Ayuda is unveiling a new product today at the DPAA Digital Media Summit that effectively raises the bar for the kind of Proof of Play (POP) that roadside digital out-of-home operators can provide to their agencies and buyers.

“We’ve created time travel for proof-of-play”, said Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda Media Systems, a company known for consistently leading the charge with cutting edge technology for DOOH networks. 

Rewind™ is a new add-on to Ayuda’s acclaimed interactive POP website, which records and intelligently annotates webcam feeds from digital roadside billboards, automatically creating “hotspots” to which DOOH buyers can jump back in time and view. Rewind™ is the most intelligent and user-friendly way of determining whether dynamic content has played. Rewind™ works on top of third party existing digital signage players or Ayuda’s own Splash™ player, a component of Ayuda’s complete media owner platform that covers all elements of the workflow from sales, scheduling, POP, to invoicing and business intelligence analytics.

Soupliotis states: “Rewind™ solves the problem of proving that dynamic content has indeed played. Most POP products today only generate play log summaries, providing no insight whatsoever as to whether the dynamic portion of the content has appeared onscreen and composited successfully. For example, if an advertiser buys a DOOH campaign whose creative incorporates real-time scores from a third party source and is overlaid on top of an ad, traditional POP will not prove that the scores were pulled in and composited correctly. We need to drill deeper, which is what Rewind™ does. It achieves this by storing video feeds from ubiquitously available cameras on digital billboards and providing a software experience that automatically indexes the feed and lays markers on a video timeline that attracts users to hotspots where the dynamically pulled content was supposed to update.”

“Dynamic content is all the rage today”, states Soupliotis. “Advertisers use Digital OOH to convey much more than just digital copy changes, with campaigns that range from showing you what’s currently playing on the radio, to showing you the latest real time sports scores, and can engage you with real-time social content. True POP for the dynamic part of the content can only be demonstrated via live webcam feed, but 3G limitations on roadside billboards would saturate the bandwidth if multiple buyers login to view streaming feeds. And simply recording the feed for later viewing is not the answer because no one wants to scrub through hours or days of video. The solution is Rewind™.

“Rewind™ is like a digital proof-of-play time machine”, Soupliotis continues. “Imagine being able to record a baseball game and have your PVR automatically rewind or fast forward you straight to the home runs. For DOOH campaigns, Rewind™ achieves a similar purpose, without requiring you to scrub through hours of video.”

Rewind™ together with Ayuda’s interactive POP website represents the DOOH community’s most advanced POP solution, offering unparalleled levels of transparency and compliance to the media buyer.

Moment Factory looking for Team & Project Supervisor

Moment Factory, the Montreal company responsible for multimedia loveliness like painting the Sagrada Familia with projectors, the Montreal Children's Hospital interactive wall and Nine Inch Nails concert visuals, is looking for somebody who knows about project management, design and multimedia and/or has experience in visual content creation and creative team management. Here's more info on the position of Team and project supervisor.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mood Media Corporation Announces Private Placement Financing

TORONTO, Ontario, October 9, 2012 - Mood Media Corporation (ISIN: CA61534J1057) (TSX:MM / LSE AIM:MM ("Mood Media" or the "Company"), announced today its intention, subject to market and other conditions, to offer approximately US$350 million aggregate principal amount of senior unsecured notes by way of private placement (the "Notes").

The Notes will be offered and sold to qualified institutional buyers in the United States pursuant to Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "Securities Act") and outside the United States in reliance on Regulation S under the Securities Act.  The Notes have not been registered under the Securities Act, or any state securities laws, and may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an applicable exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws.

The precise timing, size and terms of the offering are subject to market conditions and other factors.  Mood Media intends to use the net proceeds of the private placement to repay existing indebtedness under its first-lien credit facility, repay its second lien credit facility in its entirety, finance a proposed acquisition and for general corporate purposes.

This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the Notes in any jurisdiction, nor shall there be any sale of the Notes in any jurisdiction in which such an offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration and qualification under the securities laws of any such jurisdiction.

About Mood Media Corporation

Mood Media Corporation (TSX:MM/ LSE AIM:MM) is a leading in-store media specialist that uses a mix of music, visual and scent media to help its clients communicate with consumers with a view to driving incremental sales at the point-of-purchase.

Mood Media Corporation works with over 560,000 commercial locations in over 40 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Mood Media Corporation's products and services reach 100 million people every day in a broad client base including more than 850 U.S. and international brands in diverse market sectors that include: retail, from fashion to financial services; hospitality, from hotels to health spas; and food retail, including restaurants, bars, quick-serve and fast casual dining.

For further information about Mood Media, please visit

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. The words "believe", "expect", "anticipate", "estimate", "intend", "may", "will", "would" and similar expressions and the negative of such expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements, although not all forward-looking statements contain these identifying words. These forward-looking statements are subject to important assumptions, including the following specific assumptions:the completion of the proposed acquisition and the private placement in accordance with their respective terms; general industry and economic conditions; and changes in regulatory requirements affecting the businesses of Mood Media and the target company the Company proposes to acquire. The proposed acquisition and the private placement may not be completed or may not be completed on the same terms as previously announced.  While Mood Media considers these factors and assumptions to be reasonable based on information currently available, they may prove to be incorrect. Historical performance may not be indicative of future performance.

Known and unknown factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to: the impact of general market, industry, credit and economic conditions, currency fluctuations as well as the risk factors identified in the Risk Factors section of the offering circular prepared and delivered by Mood Media in connection with the issuance of the Notes.

Given these uncertainties, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements. All of the forward-looking statements made in this press release are qualified by these cautionary statements and other cautionary statements or factors contained herein, and there can be no assurance that the actual results or developments will be realized or, even if substantially realized, that they will have the expected consequences to, or effects on, Mood Media.

Forward-looking statements are given only as at the date hereof and Mood Media disclaims any obligation to update or revise the forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable laws.

Investor Enquiries

Randal Rudniski
Mood Media Corporation
Vice President, Investor Relations
Tel: +1 (416) 565 9295

Dominic Morley
Hannah Woodley
Panmure Gordon (UK) Limited
+44 20 7459 3600

North America Media Enquiries

Sumter Cox
Mood Media Corporation
Director of Communications
Tel: +1 (803) 242 9147

Thursday, October 11, 2012

PICTURE: New Royal Bank ATM digital signage

As seen in the wild by Dave Haynes of Sixteen-Nine, some newer Royal Bank ATM's now have a portrait digital signage screen to the left of the terminal screen.

Its a decent idea. Definitely better than way up above the kiosk on a miniature screen. Unfortunately, this one in particular (at a Shopper's Drug Mart) was plagued by lack of floor space and squeezed into a tight corner, making it hard to see.

What I'm wondering is when my local branch will be getting digital signage. They have large posters that seem to change often enough and a long lineup (especially on payday) waiting impatiently. With that captive audience and a seemingly dynamic promotional strategy, they could benefit from some digital signage.

Digital Signage in most Canadian Tim Hortons by 2013

I was under the impression that in the past couple of years or so most Tim Hortons had already been outfitted with digital menu boards or at least a digital signage promotional board but, as reported Restaurant News, the operator and franchisor expects to have screens in most of its 3,300-plus locations in Canada by year’s end, according to chain officials.

London, ON-based EK3 Technologies Inc. has outfitted more than 2,700 Tim Hortons restaurants with four or five digital menu boards each. "It's one of the best implementations in the world," states Nick Prioginiero, President and CEO of EK3. "We had to be in and out of the stores very quickly."

PICTURES: IKEA's Digital Signage

Digital Signage Blog posted these pictures of IKEA's digital signage implantation in Canada.

The interior signage is ceiling mounted and double-sided using LG LCD screens, primarily to showcase products.

Interestingly enough, they implemented outdoor LED billboards, as seen below.

X20 Media appoints Patrick Collins to Board of Directors, raises additional equity

X20 Media announced that they have appointed Patrick Collins, former chief executive officer of LexisNexis Canada, to its board of directors.

Collins has extensive business experience across several media organizations and the telecommunications, transportation, and manufacturing sectors. Most recently he served as CEO of LexisNexis Canada, the Canadian business unit of a leading global provider of online information solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting, and academic markets.

“Patrick is an extremely experienced and respected business leader, and as a director he brings valuable management and operational skills to our board,” said X2O Media President and CEO David Wilkins. “As X2O continues to grow and expand its solution offerings to enterprise customers, Patrick’s unique experience and insights will be invaluable in helping shape our development.”

X2O Media Raises Additional Equity Financing From Propulsion Ventures

X2O Media has raised additional equity financing from Propulsion Fund III. X2O will use the funds to increase its presence throughout North America, promote the launch of its new “X2O” platform, and increase the depth of its technology partnerships with industry leaders like Cisco and Microsoft.

“Propulsion has an impressive track record of identifying and investing in businesses that have a strong impact on their industries,” said X2O Media President and CEO David Wilkins. “Their decision to invest in X2O Media affirms our position in the market, and allows us to expand into new market segments where we see significant growth opportunities in driving content across multiple screens, including mobile devices.”

Friday, October 5, 2012

58-foot wide video wall for G.E Energy

G.E. Energy's Grid IQ Research & Collaboration Centre is a project that started in 2009 when the Ontario government budget allocated $50M in support of new technologies to make the energy power grid more intelligent, efficient and robust. Located in Markham, G.E.'s centre will collect and analyze Ontario’s Smartmeter data to discover new ways to boost energy conservation and shift more electricity use to off-peak times.

To match the high-profile nature of the project, G.E. created an Experience Centre to visually express the company's passion for energy. technology and efficiency. After an extensive technology study, G.E. and A.V. integrator Advanced, outfitted the centre with a 58-foot wide by 7-foot high curved video wall comprising 175 Prysm LPD tiles.

Advanced have more information in a case study that can be viewed here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Big video wall for Jack Astor's flagship Toronto location

Advanced, a leading Canadian audio-visual presentation products and solutions specialist, equipped Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill new flagship Toronto location with an AV solution that includes an impressive 5-display by 5-display video wall, the largest permanent video wall the company has ever installed in a restaurant.

“We have a longstanding history with the Jack Astor’s chain, so they knew that we would be able take their concepts and turn them into realities,” said Mark Mulford President at Advanced. “The management team at Jack Astor’s wanted the biggest video display possible, so our team of experts created a massive video wall that completely distinguishes this location from any other restaurant around. Nothing else even comes close.”

Advanced provided the restaurant with a 5×5 NEC video wall that is visible from literally anywhere in the restaurant, making an impact on patrons as soon as they walk through the door. The video wall allows customers on both the floor and mezzanine levels of the restaurant to enjoy satellite programming while they dine. Advanced also implemented several strategically placed ‘video wall trees’ throughout the restaurant. These ‘trees’ consist of a metal pipe that goes from the ceiling down to the floor, with each holding two plasma screens, making it so that everybody in the restaurant is able to watch the game at all times.

According to Mark McPherson, Vice President of Sales at Advanced, the key to making the St. Lawrence restaurant stand out was to try something that has never been done before. “Advanced has implemented AV solutions in close to 15 other Jack Astor’s locations, so they knew that we were capable of coming up with a plan that would make their new location completely stand apart from anything done before,” said McPherson. “We not only installed our biggest restaurant video wall ever, but we equipped the restaurant with more than 70 LCD displays, designed and constructed the video wall trees, and integrated a full audio solution. Everyone at Jack Astor’s, from the management to the customers, is loving the new setup.”
In fact, the management team at Jack Astor’s is so happy with their new AV system that they are planning to have Advanced revisit previous Jack Astor’s locations they’ve worked on and update those systems with the same innovative technology used in the St. Lawrence restaurant. Advanced is also currently working on integrating a similar AV solution in a Kingston-based Jack Astor’s restaurant.

Newad, Vintage Group sign exclusivity agreement

Newad Indoor has announced significant growth in its RestoBars network thanks an agreement with Vintage Group, a company that manages many of Calgary’s most prestigious establishments, including Rush, Vintage Chophouse, Stone Hill and Redwater’s five locations.

"With these additions, Newad reaffirms its position as the Indoor media leader in Calgary, representing over 75% market share. Calgary also has one of the fastest growing populations of young urban professionals looking to buy luxurious products from cars and smart phones to cosmetics. Furthermore, all new locations will feature our exclusive Generation 4 Digital boards.  It’s a new step in our expansion plans," remarks Brian Wyatt, Newad’s Executive Vice President, Client Relations & Business Development.

“We’re very happy to be partnering with Newad. They’ve demonstrated the quality of their products, their services and their advertisers. Their Digital boards are a perfect fit with our establishments’ high-end environments, providing added value for our customers where information and entertainment are concerned,” notes Chad Salyn/Operations Manager at Vintage Group.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Titan Digitizes Select Vancouver Highways

Toronto, October 1, 2012 – Titan is adding more digital inventory to the Canadian market place – this time with an expansion in Vancouver, the largest city in Western Canada. 
In November, Titan will be adding a total of eight digital display faces. Three locations will be available as 14’h x48’w superstructure displays and one will measure 10’h x35’w. The displays run a one-minute loop of content with six advertisers in 10-second increments.                                       

“Some of Canada’s most highly traveled highways run through Vancouver, a city with more than 2.3 million residents,” said Jörg Cieslok, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Canada for Titan. “Our digital screens are so effective because they stand out on these thoroughfares with little to no other advertising competing for attention.” 

The digital displays can be seen at the following locations: 

Highway 91 

This site is located just south of the Queensborough community on the corner of Dyke road, Eastbound Boundary road and highway 91 towards the Alex Fraser Bridge. Highway 91 is highly traveled by daily commuters exiting and entering New Westminster and Burnaby. This highway is accessible from multiple cities such as Richmond, Delta and Surrey. 

Highway 91A beside the Queensborough Bridge 

Located on highway 91A beside the Queensborough Bridge, this location will capture the attention of commuters travelling to and from Vancouver and New Westminster. Located north of Boyd Street, this location attracts an audience that travels the Queensborough connector to highway 91, Stewardson Way or Marine Way. 

Pattullo Bridge 

Located south of Queen’s Park and north of the Pattullo Bridge, this location will capture the attention of drivers accessing Columbia/Stewardson Way. Residents of Burnaby, Surrey and Delta will by pass this digital display as they commute to and from Vancouver. 

Trans-Canada 1 

Located on Brunette, with exit visibility from highway 1 and Brunette interchange, this digital display will attract attention of residents from Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam and provide key messaging to commuters as they frequent Brunette as a main thoroughfare to and from Vancouver. 

About Titan 

Titan is a full service media company specializing in Out-of-Home advertising. Titan provides sales, marketing, creative, research and maintenance of advertising on bus, rail, bulletins, telephone kiosks, street banners and street furniture. It also leads the way in the development and successful introduction of market leading digital OOH and Mobile solutions. Titan furnishes national and local clients with creative media solutions in the North America’s top markets including Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, New Jersey, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Charlotte. 

HD, still a selling point?

Are you really the industry's #1 (digital) signage solution if you're using HD as a selling point? Who uses HD as a selling point anymore? This made me chuckle.