Friday, October 5, 2012

58-foot wide video wall for G.E Energy

G.E. Energy's Grid IQ Research & Collaboration Centre is a project that started in 2009 when the Ontario government budget allocated $50M in support of new technologies to make the energy power grid more intelligent, efficient and robust. Located in Markham, G.E.'s centre will collect and analyze Ontario’s Smartmeter data to discover new ways to boost energy conservation and shift more electricity use to off-peak times.

To match the high-profile nature of the project, G.E. created an Experience Centre to visually express the company's passion for energy. technology and efficiency. After an extensive technology study, G.E. and A.V. integrator Advanced, outfitted the centre with a 58-foot wide by 7-foot high curved video wall comprising 175 Prysm LPD tiles.

Advanced have more information in a case study that can be viewed here.

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