Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Groupe VIVA extends retail network to Alberta

Groupe VIVA, a point-of-sale digital media company from Boisbriand, QC, is expanding its retail network at four new Pro Hockey Life Sporting Goods Inc. mega-stores in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, this summer.

Group VIVA is currently powering and managing the digital signage network in 20 of the national chain's stores, known as Sports Gilbert Rousseau and L’Entrepôt du Hockey in Québec.

The retail signage network is used primarily to communicate marketing messages and improve customer experience. By creatively placing their digital panels to be reminiscent of the big scoreboards in their customer's favorite team's arenas, the network also augments the hockey ambiance of the stores.

Suppliers, like Reebok and Bauer, also use the screens to advertise new products.

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