Monday, September 28, 2009

Toronto District School Board RFP for Digital Signage

Dave Haynes at reports that the Toronto District School Board issued an RFP for a pilot digital signage project. According to the RFP:

The Pilot Project is expected to include 4 TDSB secondary school sites. The Board reserves the right to expand the pilot to include additional locations if deemed necessary. The pilot is intended to assess whether Digital Signage has the potential to offer value to TDSB school communities, including in particular students and staff of individual schools and, if so, assist in determining a business model for the use of Digital Signage in TDSB schools.

Dave points out many flaws in the RFP and how it is more of a misfortune to bidders rather than an opportunity. The board is seeking that the whole proposed solution be at no cost to them but severely restricts an opportunities to recoup the winning bidder's capital investment.

I won't rehash the article: pay a visit to Dave's blog.

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