Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tmtfactory Uses Broadsign Software To Expand Digital Signage Business

Digital signage network operator TMTFactory is expanding its market presence using BroadSign’s software platform. Following the selection of BroadSign as a software provider in 2009, the company has acquired several big clients including Barcelona Airport/JCDecaux, bank Cajasol and Catalana Occidente (insurance firm).

TMTFactory currently operates digital signage networks and creates content for more than twenty customers in Spain, France and Latin America.

The list of TMTFactory’s high profile networks also comprises Telefónica, Alsa (a long-haul bus line company), GOTV (Aerobus), Aena, Farggi (restaurants), CICAR-Medina Cabrera (car rental), TUGSAL (urban bus lines), BBVA (one of the major Spanish banks), and Barcelo Hotels Cancun (Mexico), etc.

CEO Daniel Urruchua said one of the key factors contributing to TMTFactory’s rapid growth is the cost-efficiency and scalability of the software: “Since we switched to BroadSign, we no longer worry about maintaining the network infrastructure. We can fully focus on operating digital signage businesses for our clients and fulfilling their unique content needs, especially in large networks.”

"Broadsign's software enables us to personalize each project with an efficiency that we could not find in any other systems. The newly released Broadsign 8 has made a giant leap in unifying the different requirements of digital signage, POS, interactive kiosks and info terminals on one single platform. The open architecture, intelligent concepts and the ease of use put BroadSign well ahead of their competitors," added Mr. Urruchua.

TMTFactory has been awarded numerous prizes for best installation design in various digital signage projects, including a TotalMedia award for “the best installation indoor” for GoTV and a DISI award for “best communication and corporative channel” for Catalana Occidente.

Both TMTFactory and BroadSign are partnered with BlueFox – a major global provider of content feeds for digital signage.

“TMTFactory is a seasoned veteran of the European digital signage industry and they are constantly perfecting the creative concepts for their networks. It is rewarding for us to see that they can benefit from the rich functionality of our platform,” said Brian Dusho, CEO of BroadSign International.

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