Friday, January 7, 2011

Digital Signage for the hearing impaired

HNN today announced that they are using ScreenScape, a "community-based" digital signage provider, to launch a hearing health care network that will link the hearing clinic directly to the patient in the US, Canada and abroad.

With more than 25 years in the hearing healthcare industry, Robert J. Oswald, Director and Founder of HNN commented “Digital signage is brand new to this space, and the benefits couldn't be more significant today. HNN is helping hearing healthcare professionals to strengthen brand and hearing awareness, as well as, increase revenues. Simply put HNN acts as 'Your Silent Partner' by engaging and informing the patient prior to their clinical examination.”

HNN, in partnership with ClearSounds, the premier provider of assisted hearing devices plans to deploy HNN into hundreds of clinics in 2011. ClearSounds has already begun accepting subscribers and timing couldn’t be more relevant as the hearing care industry moves into the digital era.

“Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin all have great government programs to help subsidize the cost of assistive devices. Part of our efforts is to create awareness within these regions and offer this type of technology to improve efficiency and education and ultimately bring more cohesiveness between the clinics external marketing initiatives and the patient experience internally.” commented Brad Dodson, Director of Business Development for ClearSounds Communications Inc.

“With ScreenScape we have a flexible easy to use platform that allows us to grow our network rapidly. Healthcare professionals can participate in a model that allows them to choose how much airtime they want to use for local promotion and how much airtime we provide with revenue sharing through advertisements.” continued Oswald.

President and CEO of ScreenScape, Kevin Dwyer stated, “With ScreenScape, HNN has a cost effective partnership to address the needs of hearing health care providers and their patients. With a flexible local based advertising model they have created a great service for both the advertisers and the clinic operators. ScreenScape makes it easy to entertain patients while they wait, and it's encouraging to see a business model surface based on our platform that allows network operators to increase awareness using relevant content to precondition and educate new or existing patients as to the world of hearing health care.”

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