Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Vision Of The Future of DOOH

This ain't the out-of-home of yesteryear with some hand-painted murals, snake oil salesmen, and kids handing our printed flyers, this is a vision of the future. Well, not so distant future as nothing in the video below isn't being done today (except for the pod-like floating taxis), but not with this kind of ubiquitousness. Structural projections, crystal-clear digital billboards, in-window displays, and directional sounds are everywhere in the short clip below created by Vancouver Film School student Andres Jose Vergara. It makes you wonder if that really will be the future of out of home media, especially since many cities of enacted bylaws prohibiting out-of-home billboards.

A Vision Of The Future - Vancouver Film School (VFS)
envoyé par VancouverFilmSchool. - Court métrage, documentaire et bande annonce.

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