Thursday, October 29, 2009

Onestop launches in-building ad network

Toronto-based Onestop Media Group is bolstering its out-of-home network, that includes assets in transit, retail, hospitality and education environments, with the launch of the Onestop Residential Network.

To take its advertising a little closer to "home", Onestop has partnered with seven major residential property owners including Park Property Management and Berkley Property Management and installed digital screens in the lobbies of their apartment buildings and condominiums. The seven companies own several hundred buildings in major markets across Canada.

The Residential Network uses the same format as Onestop's transit screens and is displayed on 22-32" LCD's installed between elevator banks. Screens are split between a video ad and entertainment content including news, weather and sports. Building owners will be allowed space to display information to tenants.

Currently, 30 buildings in the GTA are in the Residential Network but the number should reach 200 in 12 months. Installation in the rest of Canada will follow.

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