Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vertigo save official

Recently we posted on how Toronto-based Vertigo Group may have been acquired by a firm called Digital Displays LLC. Today it was made official, Vertigo Group's digital assets have been acquired by TargetPath LLC founding partners Brad Gleeson and Scott Hix, in partnership with Chilin Technology, and created a new company Vertigo Digital Displays. Here's the full release:

October 27, 2009 –TargetPath LLC founding partners Brad Gleeson and Scott Hix, in partnership with Chilin Technology, today announced a new company, Vertigo Digital Displays, which has acquired the digital division assets of Vertigo Group based in Toronto, Canada.

The focus for Vertigo Digital Displays is on the continued development of advanced, engineered outdoor LCD display solutions first developed by Vertigo Group for the most sophisticated outdoor digital signage applications. Vertigo customers and projects include Titan Outdoor Chicago Rail project, Lamar’s Vancouver Rail Project, and Astral Media’s “Info-to-go” digital wayfinding pillars. Vertigo has over 10,000 advertising displays installed around the world with over 1000 of these digital. Vertigo was the first to introduce upgradeable displays that effectively enabled their customers to upgrade products as new display technologies emerge.

Managing the new company operations will be Ralph Idems (COO) and Chris Bolton (CTO), along with digital signage industry veteran Brad Gleeson, who will serve as the new company’s President and CEO.

“We are pleased and excited to be able to continue the development and delivery of the advanced display solutions first pioneered by Vertigo Group, under this newly-founded company,” said Brad Gleeson, CEO, Vertigo Digital Displays. “We have known Ralph and Chris for several years and have tremendous respect for the products and business they have built. With much of the original team returning, and with the support and encouragement of the previous company’s customers and suppliers, as well as our strategic investors at Chilin Technology and TargetPath, we are extremely confident in the future prospects for Vertigo Digital Displays.”

Vertigo Digital Displays’ products include the successful Vertigo Universal Outdoor Display, which is the integrated outdoor display deployed on Chicago commuter train rail platforms. Consisting of a modular design for ease of service and maintenance, and Vertigo’s revolutionary Environmental Control Unit providing reliable low power outdoor performance, the Vertigo Universal Outdoor Display is the first digital signage solution of its type to offer modular configuration designed specifically for deployment in harsh environments. The Universal Outdoor Display is available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, is rated for temperatures from -20C to +50C and is IP65-rated for exposure to rain and harsh weather.

About Vertigo Digital Displays LLC
Vertigo designs, engineers and manufactures integrated media systems, including advanced display enclosures and digital display solutions, as well as world-class street furniture, transit shelters and digital information kiosks. Based in Toronto, Canada, Vertigo is one of the largest providers of innovative media display solutions to the largest outdoor media companies in the world. For more information, visit Vertigo group at www.vertigodisplays.com.

About Chilin Technology
Chilin Technology, founded in 1964 as part of the Chi-Mei Group, is a leading OEM/ODM design, engineering and manufacturing company specializing in backlighting technology, material sciences and LCD display systems. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, Chilin Technology delivers display innovation and value as one of the world’s most vertically integrated manufacturers of flat panel displays.
Chilin Technology at www.chilintech.com

About TargetPath LLC
TargetPath is a global business development and management consulting business specializing in display technology and digital media clients. TargetPath consultants partner with our clients to accelerate business growth and revenues through strategic planning, marketing and brand development, product strategy, channel creation and expansion, supply chain, logistics and service optimization.
TargetPath at www.targetpath.com

Vertigo Digital Displays
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