Monday, October 26, 2009

Ottawa Airport gets CBC News Network

CBC News Express, a Canadian narrowcast television network that is a joint venture between CBC Television and Clear Channel Outdoor, will be expanding into Ottawa International Airport. Clear Channel Outdoor Canada will be overseeing the project.

Previously, CBC News Express was available only in Toronto’s Pearson and Vancouver airports.

The narrowcast consists of news, weather, sports and entertainment news, in English and French, for 18 hours per day divided in 60 minute loops with ads representing one third of it. The content is displayed on 50” high definition screens, located throughout the airport, including key baggage claim and hold room areas and has the possibility of reaching 4.3 million passengers.

Clear Channel expects expansion into Winnipeg and Edmonton soon.

The only other network that is similar in the Canadian space is Astral Media's AéroTV at Montreal and Quebec City airports with approximately 6.4 million captive travelers.

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