Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DASH IN partners with Adflow for digital signage

Burlington, ON, April 1, 2015 – DASH IN Food Stores in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware are planning to launch ADFLOW Networks‘ digital signage across dozens of stores, throughout 2015-2016. To date, 5 new DASH IN stores have been rolled out and equipped with 6-9 digital signs each, and plans are in place to revamp up to 30 existing locations with the stunning signage.

Eliminating paper signage and stickers was an important element to supporting DASH IN’s contemporary brand experience. Michelle Reeves, Marketing and Promotions Manager of DASH IN states, “We wanted something that didn’t look like the average convenience store.”

This attitude highlights one of the major reasons DASH IN decided to move forward with their digital signage rollout: they knew that installing monitors would give their stores a cutting-edge, modern look and feel. Michelle went on to say, “we thought that the monitors would give [DASH IN Food Stores] a more advanced look. It would also allow us to make changes more easily and economically in the long term, without having to think about print costs.”

“We shortlisted a few vendors that specialize in digital signage, and we interviewed them,” said Michelle, “ADFLOW was the one that really knew our business the best, and was the best fit for us. Now that the monitors are in, they look great!”

“The DASH IN digital signage installation and rollout has been a great success. DASH IN have significantly amped up the customer experience with the signage in their new stores and we look forward to helping them carry this experience through to all of their locations,” said Mike Abbott, President of ADFLOW Networks.

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