Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zoom Media expands fitness network to include all Goodlife clubs

Zoom Media continues to dominate of the digital fitness industry in Canada with the addition of digital signage screens in more than 100 new GoodLife Fitness locations. With this expansion, Zoom now has 1,000 digital screens in all 330 GoodLife Fitness clubs (including Énergie Cardio in the province of Quebec), the largest fitness company in Canada.

Zoom FitTV engages health enthusiasts through Digital and Sight, Sound Motion advertising, relevant gym & health content, and music from a catalogue of 100,000 music videos broadcast through GoodLife’s central sound system.

“This partnership allows us to share exciting and relevant content with our club members. Zoom’s solution enables us to communicate directly to our members with both entertainment and important club information. Zoom’s turnkey approach to the digital network has allowed us to aggressively expand the communication platform to all clubs.” stated John Muszak, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations at GoodLife Fitness.

Zoom has the largest fitness digital network with more than 600 fitness centres across Canada, delivering five million targeted impressions weekly. Advertisers now have an unrivalled access to this robust digital network in health clubs to reach the active lifestyle consumer where they want to be. This highly sought target works out three times per week and spends on average 44 minutes in areas with Zoom FitTV digital screens.

“We are proud of our decade-long partnership with GoodLife Fitness which has granted us unprecedented access to more than one million fitness club members.” said François de Gaspé Beaubien, Chairman and CEO of Zoom. “This recent digital expansion is one of many exciting changes in store for Zoom in 2015 as we remain committed to enabling brands to reach the Active Lifestyle Consumer at a point of passion: where they are and where they want to be”.

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