Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ADFLOW entering Latin America through partnership with Logic Supply

ADFLOW Networks has established a strategic partnership with Logic Supply, to offer Latin American clients access to a pre-configured and pre-certified hardware and software solution for digital signage in office, retail, manufacturing and advertising environments.

By working closely with Logic Supply equipment (Logic Supply Industrial MiniPC’s) ADFLOW Networks has been certified to seamlessly integrate with Logic Supply’s line of media players. By completing a rigorous certification process, the companies have established a highly cost-effective solution for their Latin American Digital Signage clients that offers both high-performance and simple implementation.

“As a leading provider of enterprise digital signage software for content management and distribution, we consider our partnership with Logic Supply highly valuable for Latin American customers, as this facilitates immediate access to the latest generation of Logic Supply Video-players such as the DTS-MC600, capable of connecting up to 7 screens. All of the available systems will be configured to perform at optimal level with our content management software,” says Gary Davies, EVP, Sales & Marketing at Adflow Networks.

“By working with ADFLOW Networks to complete their software certification process, we will now be able to offer a fully compatible Digital Signage platform for our clients that eliminates the time and money associated with software verification. We’ve identified a real need in the Latin American market for a validated MiniPC platform and are very pleased that we’ve been able to partner with ADFLOW Networks to bring these pre-certified solutions to market,” says Jairo Blanco, Logic Supply Sales Manager for Latin America.

Source ADFLOW Networks.

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