Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BroadSign allows advertisers to fill up unsold spots with new Connect service

BroadSign International, LLC, Montreal-based digital signage software and solutions provider, has launched BroadSign Connect. The announcement was made at BroadSign’s Second Annual Client Summit in Las Vegas, prior to Digital Signage Expo.

BroadSign Connect allows digital signage networks running on BroadSign’s standard, advertiser-friendly platform to opt-in and allow unsold ad inventory to generate incremental revenue via Vistar Media’s platform. The service will initially be made available to qualifying US-based networks only.

Programmatic media buying has been a hot topic in the digital signage industry. It is commonly used by buyers of other media and appreciated for its ease, efficiency and delivery of analytics. In the United States alone, programmatic buying of digital media inventory is expected to grow from $7.4 billion to $17 billion by 2017, representing 83% of American display-related digital media spending (Magna Global).

“BroadSign Connect is a game-changer, in that it offers a zero-risk method of accessing incremental revenue streams for BroadSign networks,” said BroadSign’s CEO, Brian Dusho. “It’s easy to install, requires little supervision or maintenance, and delivers a potential associated with programmatic buying platforms that is very exciting for our industry. This solution is yet another innovation bringing BroadSign everywhere.”
BroadSign Connect is backed by full BroadSign support and maintenance, making the new offering a seamless and reliable service.

“Digital place-based media networks have a finite amount of brand-safe inventory; a reality that keeps CPMs high in the sector’s programmatic buying processes,” said Michael Provenzano, co-founder of Vistar Media. “Agencies and digital signage networks will increasingly use programmatic buying platforms to secure incremental revenue due to the efficiency, scale and ROI brought to the table.”

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