Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tim Hortons adding more digital signage with in-store TV

Tim Hortons has told Marketing Magazine that they are planning to expand on a 50-store pilot program that began last year in London, ON, and roll out an in-store TV channel across Canada called TimsTV. Already a leader in the retail digital signage realm with its digital menu boards, they believe they can further connect with their customers creating the new channel and sharing things like news, weather and sports highlights.

TimsTV will appear on TVs in the seating areas of select Canadian restaurants and will be produced by Cineplex/EK3. Localized content is provided by CBC/Ici Radio-Canada and will be streamed daily to each market. TimsTV will also feature promotional content and programming about Tim Hortons’ commumnity involvement.

Glenn Hollis, vice-president, brand strategy at Tim Hortons, said more than 2,000 TVs will start being installed in February with a goal to be completed by this summer.

The Tim Hortons website currently has a page for Tim's TV, albeit blank.

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