Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scala controls stunning displays at NPR’s new HQ

Washington D.C., USA - December 5, 2013. Scala today announced that its digital signage software has been installed at the new Washington D.C. headquarters of NPR, a media organization delivering breaking national and world news to 26 million listeners in the US each week. Scala Certified Partner, Imperatives, Inc., deployed the software to manage, schedule and deliver dynamic content to multiple displays within the building, including a large mosaic video wall, elevator lobby digital signage, and a digital tower and ticker screens located outside.

“There are so many impressive design aspects to this project. NPR understands the value of digital communication and how to engage and inform audiences,” said, Robyn Ellan, Sr. Director of Marketing, Scala. “They are committed to being at the forefront of digital innovation and making the latest information easily accessible. This installation is testament to the benefits of leveraging Scala’s power and flexibility, combined with NPR’s vision, to produce amazing results.”

The showpiece of the new NPR headquarters is a ‘Mosaic Media Wall’, an impressive floor-to-ceiling video wall comprising of various sized LED screens. A mixture of stunning HD images and messages including music, arts and life, and news, run on partial, single or multiple screens within the wall. Scala software enables simple grouping of items according to their classification, using text or still/moving images, with the option to have ticker information overlaid. Formatting is dynamic with words and images fading in and out, appearing from the side or scrolling in, and appearing at specific times of the day to guarantee continual visual interest.

Outside the building, Scala’s flexibility enables animations and logos of different colors to rotate around an imposing 55-foot tall ‘NPR Icon Tower’, reducing or increasing in opacity according to the prevailing light conditions to ensure constant visibility. On the exterior of the building three ticker screens continuously display NPR RSS news feeds, changing every ten minutes in synchronization with the content running on the internal Mosaic Media Wall. Back inside the building, Scala also controls a display situated outside the lobby elevator, showing the latest communications exclusively for corporate and employee information.

Different inputs including text, images and video, can be grouped and scheduled within Scala to create unique and visually exciting content on each display, running at different times of the day, for specific periods of time, and in varying creative animations and transitions. Content is provided to each individual display, whilst linking particular elements such as the RSS news feed to multiple displays for unified and synchronized communication.

“Scala is a leader in enabling the delivery of captivating content that engages whoever views it,” said Jan Metzger, President of Imperatives, Inc. “Our experience with its functionality, flexibility and ease of use made it the natural choice for NPR’s new headquarters.” Imperatives designed and implemented the necessary scripts, templates and schedules within the Scala system at the outset, training NPR staff to use, modify and create their own, providing the flexibility to become completely self-sufficient and regularly adjust content in-house.

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