Monday, December 9, 2013

ADFLOW Networks releases gen10 of digital signage software

ADFLOW Networks Inc., has released the latest version of its cloud-based digital signage platform ADFLOW DMS 10.

One of the major advances in DMS 10 is that it helps eliminate the requirement to update content manually by providing a platform that draws upon data maintained in multiple locations to create “smart content”. Examples are content that changes based on external influences such as prices from point-of-sale data, rate plans, weather feeds and inventory levels. ADFLOW’s DMS 10 connects multiple marketing platforms to enable an automated and more relevant customer experience for any customer touch point, including passive, interactive, video wall and projection displays, and mobile devices.

ADFLOW DMS 10 now has the ability to:

  • influence content playback using data retrieved from external data sources through a collaborative work flow.
  • allow users to incorporate existing information from enterprise POS and or ERP systems into their digital signage, without the need to replicate data or maintain it in multiple locations.
  • easily scale a network from one to thousands of screens.
  • simplify campaign management with intuitive content management interfaces.
  • provide in-store music that can be synchronized to other displays and visual campaigns.
  • provide valuable analytics using audience detection technology to identify by age and gender who is looking at screens, what they are watching and for how long.

“Thirteen years ago, ADFLOW Networks introduced the first cloud-based digital signage solution to the market. Today we have introduced DMS 10 which captures all of the experience gained over the course of those years and nine previous releases. Best of all, we have incorporated it all into a platform that continues ADFLOW’s legacy of providing smarter, faster, and better solutions” said David Roscoe, ADFLOW Networks’ Founder and CEO. “DMS 10 has been deployed to all of our existing clients. It represents the largest investment in software development in our history and, judging from their feedback, our clients love it. DMS 10 gives them the ability to act on a much larger and broader scale. ADFLOW clients have thousands of screens on their networks and we continue to add functionality that automates content management and distribution.”

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