Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thirty Canadian Hyundai dealers on ScreenScape platform

We hadn't heard much from ScreenScape (compared to their previous deluge of press releases). They've just announced an important partnership with Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., that would see their platform powering video displays in Hyundai showrooms and parts and service waiting areas.

"We find video to be a very effective way to share the experience of driving and owning a Hyundai," Michael Handy, director of marketing for Hyundai Canada, said. "ScreenScape gives us the ability to deliver video directly to customers inside our dealerships. This helps us coordinate our marketing efforts with local dealers and add value to the experience of buying and owning a new Hyundai."

According to the company, ScreenScape is a software platform that helps businesses engage audiences inside real world places using Internet-enabled digital displays. Using ScreenScape, Hyundai is able to form its own place-based media network consisting of its own dealerships or any other business that is a member of the ScreenScape Community.

We're constantly looking for ways to communicate more effectively with Hyundai customers,” Handy said. “ScreenScape allows us to leverage our existing investments in online video and social media and use them in a very local context. We know that several of our key suppliers also use ScreenScape, and so this gives us another way to work together as industry partners to provide support to our dealers, and value to our customers."

There are more than 192 Hyundai dealerships in Canada. According to Handy, more than 30 dealers are operational on the ScreenScape platform today, another 70 will be added over the next six months, and more will come in 2014.

"We'd like to welcome Hyundai Canada to the ScreenScape Community," Kevin Dwyer, president & CSO of ScreenScape, said. "They join a vibrant automotive community already using ScreenScape which includes new car dealers, tire centers, quick lube operators and parts retailers. It is gratifying to see so many interesting partnerships in this industry being expressed through place-based media."

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